Volume 3 Chapter 146: The Conclusion of the Beheading Plan in the Obadiah Region

The New Moon Island, Copperfield Island Southern Area, Obadiah Region, Two-Headed Ogre Nelson’s territory, Nelson’s hidden palace district, Nelson’s resting area, in the empty space outside “Pleasure Palace”.

Bella and her two beautiful pet dragons, Dorothea and Amy Beth, were battling the Two-Headed Ogre, Nelson. Due to the tight confines of the battlefield, the two dragons were currently fighting in human form. Dorothea had temporarily sacrificed herself to give Bella a plethora of buffs while Amy Beth acted as a mage, supporting her from a distance.

Earlier, the Hellfire Corps had gone to cover Slime’s “special object” moving team and didn’t come to support Bella. She didn’t call for them either as she wanted to test her current ability.

This time, Nelson’s attack couldn’t even land on Bella. There was no difference in strength between his human form brother and his current form, other than a massive difference in his appearance.

Bella fought smarter this time. She didn’t try to meet force with force and nimbly dodged away from Nelson’s smashing hammer. Behind her, Dorothea and Amy Beth floated in the air using flight magic and provided support.

They were currently in the periphery area of the “night shield” and were free from the restrictions of the forbidden enchantment. The two pet dragons’ magics continuously disrupted Nelson’s offense.

Nelson also wanted to use magic, but Amy Beth’s Oceanic Magic continuously disrupted his focus, preventing him from casting effectively.

Bella imitated swordswoman Kriss’s footwork and successfully avoided all of Nelson’s attacks. This guy was a monster of strength, but his attack speed was strangely slow. Even though every time his hammer impacted the ground, there was a huge shock. However, if he couldn’t hit his target, all of his power was useless.

“You’re such a shameless warrior! Only dodging shows no ability. Show me the courage to face my strike head-on…”

Before Nelson could finish his sentence, Bella stopped dodging and stood directly beneath his steel hammer.

Right as Nelson was about to praise Bella’s bravery, he felt his hammer swing through empty air. The Bella that he had struck was actually just an illusion! This female warrior’s profession was such a mystery. She knew a swordsman’s footwork as well as an assassin’s body substitution art.

Bella’s body substitution art was actually the result of one of Dorothea’s support magics. Her original body had leaped into the air and landed on top of Nelson’s metal hammer. When he tried to lift his hammer, he found that he couldn’t, as if it was weighed down by an enormous weight.

Bella’s armor was currently flowing with black colored energy: the power of a demon king. Previously, when Bella had fought Nelson’s brother, she hadn’t had a chance to use it due to her opponent’s relentless pursuit. Now, she had ample time to gather her energy.

In terms of strength, Bella had surpassed the Two-Headed Ogre, Nelson. She raced up the wooden handle of his hammer, the same way Noreya had run up her puppet silk to sneak attack Dorothea earlier. Bella pushed off of Nelson’s hand and arms, her target being Nelson’s head.

Nelson threw down his hammer in an attempt to shake Bella off. However, she took out the true Great Evil Slaying Sword and threw it like a javelin. The sword became a line of silver light that pierced straight through his skull.

However, Nelson didn’t actually die! Unlike his human form brother, as long as his demon heart was still intact, losing his head wasn’t a problem. Nevertheless, he had clearly underestimated Bella’s tactics.

Bella’s hands, under her partial demon king transformation, pierced into Nelson’s body. Her left hand anchored her at the location of his demon heart, and her right hand pierced directly inside to close in on his demonic core.

“You… You’re not a human! You’re a demon… Please wait, Sir Demon Lord. We can talk this out!”

If Bella clenched her demonic claws right now, Nelson’s demonic core would shatter instantly, and then he would really die! The only thing he could do now was to beg for mercy.

“Nelson, first tell me the location of Poseidon’s Scepter; it’s that golden trident. Also, the girls imprisoned by your brother, where did they come from?”

“Poseidon’s Sceptre was taken by that dryad. They gave it to Siren King McMillan. I don’t have any interest in divine artifacts. The girls were all captured by McMillan; they were from Frederica Academy, and there was also a member of the Oceanic Race.”

“The Oceanic Race? Why would there be any Oceanic Race on New Moon Island? You actually dare lie to me!”

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“Sir Demon Lord, I’m telling the truth! McMillan captured a bunch of people, including a lot of Oceanic Race people. I think there was even the Princess of Atlantis! My brother’s prisoner was a general of Atlantis.”

There was also an Oceanic Race princess? Upon hearing the word “princess”, Bella became strangely excited. She, who was addicted to “collecting” different types of princesses, suddenly found that the information on Poseidon’s Sceptre had fallen in priority.

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“Sir Demon Lord, I’ve said everything that I could… No, I’ve already…”

“I’m sorry, but you’re already useless to me. Also, I’m not a demon lord. I’m a Demon King!”

Bella used the Black Tiger Heart Ripping stance to dig out Nelson’s demonic core forcefully. Following the loss of the demonic core, Nelson’s massive frame fell over with a roaring crash, sending up a billowing cloud of dust.

Bella exposed an evil smile on her face as she began planning the kidnapping of the Oceanic Race’s princess. This smile revealed her true self and gave Dorothea and Amy Beth quite a scare. They still didn’t know their new owner well enough.

“Dorothea, Master Bella sure has a scary laugh. Do you think we’ll end up the same way as Nelson?”

“No, she’s different from the previous Demon King. At least, she treats girls well.”

Two-Headed Ogre Nelson’s demonic core, based on quality alone, rivaled that of SSS and higher ranked demonic beasts. Bella weighed the crystal ball-sized black core in her hand. If she brought it back to sell, she could probably get a heaven shaking price.

Bella was a little regretful. Earlier, when she had killed Nelson’s brother, she shouldn’t have used a vicious method such as immolation to kill him. He probably had a similar demonic core that was now nothing but ashes.

With the death of Two-Headed Ogre Nelson, the night’s beheading plan was considered a great success. In the sky, tens of giant demon eagles flew over. Each demon eagle’s back had a space for a human rider.

“Looks like our air support has arrived. Amy, Dorothea, let’s go take care of those elite ogre warriors!”

“Understood, my Master.”

“Lord Demon King, please wait a second, that…”

Right as Bella was about to rush over to Ogres’ cafeteria to fight the final battle, Abyss Demonic King Slime walked out from within the Pleasure Palace.

“What’s wrong? Was there an issue with transporting the goods?”

“That’s not it. The beauty of the Oceanic Dragon Race wants to talk to you about something.”

“What is there to discuss? Her whole person belongs to me now. If she wants to talk, then she can wait until we get back. Wait a second, isn’t she blind and mute? How could you tell that she wanted to talk to me?”

“Lord Demon King, this is one of my innate abilities. In the past… let’s not talk about it.”

Since General Eunice had a request, Bella felt it would be awkward to refuse. Telling Dorothea and Amy Beth to wait, she followed Slime into the Pleasure Palace.

The New Moon Island, Copperfield Island, the Southern area’s Obadiah Region, Two-Headed Ogre Nelson’s territory border. One of the Ogre Race’s three elite warriors, “Iron General” Zach was guarding the Ogre Race’s last line of defense.

In front of Zach stood the heavily armored Dragon Knight Lisha. Her temporary golden dragon mount had already retreated behind her. Golden Dragon Princess Laceman had reverted to her human form, her body covered in multiple wounds. The ogre’s commander, “Iron General” Zach had truly earned his reputation. His body was as hard as an iron shovel.

Next to Laceman, a couple of succubi were treating her wounds. This was a sight that escaped description by mere words. The Golden Dragon Princess cooperating with the Demon Army was something that had never been seen before in this world.

“Lord Laceman, your wounds have already healed. Will you aid Princess Lisha in battle?”

“She’ll be fine on her own; Zach is already done for. Wait… when did I become your Lord?”

“Demon King Bella already decided that her mounts will all be Demon Lords.”

Laceman had never imagined that she’d become a lord one day. Ten thousand years ago, the subordinates of the Twelve Evil Demon Kings were all Demon Lords, and each one was a notorious overlord. Now, she had the same title as those Demon Lords of the past.

However, this title was secretly granted to them by Bella. This female Demon King, wasn’t she afraid that Laceman would rebel… She suddenly realized, to her sorrow, that she no longer even had an inkling of rebellion within her. It really was impossible for her to turn back now.

Zach’s battleaxe was currently in a deadlock with Lisha’s greatsword, the two clashing in a struggle of pure power. Lisha’s strength was overwhelming; she possessed the Demon Dragon Emperor Alisha’s overbearing power. It was clear that Zach wasn’t her opponent.

Suddenly, Lisha forcefully threw off Zach’s great axe. In that instant, while he was off-balance, she slashed her greatsword and left a long deep wound on his body.

Zach’s black armor was already tattered from multiple slash marks. In this duel with Lisha, he had not once been able to keep up with her rhythm. At this point, in terms of direct combat ability, Lisha was the strongest of Bella’s roommates. Her inner personality, Demonic Dragon Emperor Alisha, had already emerged several times. Just due to this aspect alone, she was superior to the rest of her roommates.

“Admit defeat! You’re merely a mantis raising its limbs to block a car!”

“You actually know how to speak the Demon language… So you aren’t a human warrior. After all, a human Dragon Knight cannot possibly have this much power without their mounts. It looks like I didn’t lose unjustly.”

“Then, do you surrender?”

“No! I am Two-Headed Ogre Nelson’s number one warrior, and I shall let you witness my final dignity!”

Iron General Zach’s body suddenly expanded, swelling from six meters to ten meters tall. This was a rare racial ability of Ogres, known as “Gigantification.” Only the most talented of ogres could possess and control this ability. After using it, not only would their bodies double in size, but their strength would too.

Zach was now fighting with his life on the line. After using Gigantification, he would die regardless of the outcome of the battle due to exhausting all of his energy. An opponent like Lisha was worthy of him using his full power, and this next strike would likely be his last.

Lisha did not interrupt Zach as he prepared his final blow. She decided to match force with force and use her own supreme ability. Her greatsword was wrapped with dark golden energy before becoming a lance! This was an energy lance and was similar in nature to a light sword.

Zach moved first, his hands raised his enormous axe and chopped down at Lisha. This was his supreme attack; in the past, he had used it to slay a colossal dragon. Lisha’s body was wrapped in a strange draconic aura that was remarkably different from that of regular Dragon Knights. This dragon-slaying chop of Zach’s could be said to be targeting her weakness!

Unfortunately, Zach’s final blow could not land on Lisha’s body. The axe was stopped cold by an invisible array. The enormous power in the attack raised violent ripples across the transparent barrier but could not break through it.

“This barrier array… Only the Demon King ranks… You’re actually…”

Before Zach could finish his words, he was pierced through by a beam of dark-gold light, dying instantly. That beam of golden light had come from Lisha’s energy lance. She had thrown her energy lance, turning it into a beam of dark gold light that had killed “Iron General” Zach in an instant.

The killing power of this light beam was astonishing. It directly disintegrated Zach’s upper body before continuing on to explode in the sky before finally dissipating into several smaller streamers of light that fell back toward the ground.

It was as if the entire Obadiah Region had come under attack by a meteor shower. As each streamer of light impacted the ground, an explosion would roar out. Even Lisha was a little stunned. Maybe her supreme attack had gone a bit overboard.

“Lisha… your attack of mass destruction was a little bit much… Luckily you have me here; otherwise, Bella and the others would definitely curse you to the ground.”

“Lisha, are you already this vicious? You ended him before he could even finish his final move.”

Above the various Allied Demon armies, dark-purple defensive arrays appeared, blocking the aftereffects of Lisha’s light beam. Kriss and Ariel had arrived after finishing their own extermination missions, just in time to prevent friendly fire from the fallout of Lisha’s attack.

“Thank you, Ariel. I went a little bit overboard there. Did you girls finish your missions?”

“Of course. “Great General” Pearson turned out to be a vegetable; Kriss killed him in a couple of attacks.”

Kriss and Ariel were standing nearby. Lisha could see that in her hand, Kriss held a dark-red colored demonic core, which should have belonged to Pearson.

Kriss and Ariel’s silver hair floated in the wind, their expressions relaxed. Their group’s assassination mission had actually been the most normal of the lot.

“Great General” Pearson was a pure magic focused Ogre Commander. Out of all three Great Ogre Commanders, he was the weakest in close combat. When Kriss and Ariel had attacked, he had been sleeping.

In the end, Pearson didn’t even have a chance to retaliate before Kriss nailed him to the ground with tens of magic swords. By the time he opened his eyes, Ariel’s “helping hand” had already arrived, killing him instantly.

The battle in the Obadiah Region lasted for a full three days. By the end of the first night, Bella and her roommates had already eliminated Nelson and his three Great Ogre Commanders. They did not participate in the mop-up in the following two days because a new mission had arrived for them.

This new mission was to rescue the human race caravan captured by Siren King McMillan. Bella didn’t tell them about her prior rescue of the female students from Frederica Academy as well as the information provided by General Eunice. For now, only Abyss Demonic King Slime knew about that.

Currently, there was only one day until the end of Olsylvia Academy’s “Great Hunt”. Bella had accepted the request of General Eunice to rescue the princess of the Underwater Holy City of Atlantis, Princess Tina. Of course, she couldn’t tell her roommates that her real goal was the princess. Instead, she told them that they were going to recover Poseidon’s Scepter.

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