Volume 3 Chapter 147: The Undercover Battle of the Dulles Isle of Sirens Part 1

One of the sub-islands on the eastern region of the New Moon Island – also known as Copperfield Island was the Dulles Isle. This location was a gathering place for the Sirens. Unlike the Obadiah Region which was occupied by the Ogres, this place was entirely filled by the Sirens. There were around three hundred thousand Sirens which could be categorized into two main types – flying and aquatic.

The flying type Sirens belonged to the more advanced Sirens. As strong swimmers, they were able to navigate the seas in addition to their ability to fly. There were only about sixty thousand of such flying type Sirens while the aquatic type Sires were the majority with at-least twenty-four thousand of them, and they made up the core strength of the species.

It was dawn on the third day. Bella and her dorm mates stood on the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth’s back as they advanced towards the Dulles Isle. Under the cover of the New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea’s invisibility magic, the Sirens patrolling the skies did not notice the presence of these intruders.

The Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth moved swiftly and soundlessly while remaining unseen by the aquatic type Sirens patrolling the waters. There were a few Sirens who were a little more clever and realized that there were intruders within their territory. However, they were quickly dragged down into the darkest depths of the ocean and were permanently silenced by the elite Slime soldiers.

Besides Amy Beth, there were thousands of mutated Slime soldiers who were surrounding as she traveled through the water. These soldiers belonged to the Abyss Demonic King’s special forces which were able to move stealthily without being detected by the Sirens.

“Bella, is that the Dulles Isle? It looks just like a human city.”

“Lisha, I’m not sure either. Let’s proceed with more caution!”

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The Dulles Isle was not small, it was roughly equivalent to one-third of the size of Copperfield Island. The Dulles Isle was covered with stone structures that were built in a mish-mash of architectural styles. As far as Bella could see, she was able to identify the architectural styles of every human empire.

Besides, there were many structures as well that Bella had never seen before. Among those that she could identify, some structures had been built in a similar style to the ones that Bella had seen in the ancient ruins of the Romanov Empire in the central region of the New Moon Island.

Various flags belonging to Demon Kings could be seen on the Dulles Isle. It seemed as if these flags were there to serve as a warning sign to anyone who wished to enter, to remind them that this city belonged to the Sirens and that there were no humans here. Before they went ashore, Bella asked Dorothea and Amy Beth, who were from the Dragon Race, to remain behind as the backup while she would venture into the island with Lisha and the others.

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The closer they approached the Dulles Isle, the greater the feeling of trepidation grew in Bella’s heart. The isle was a maritime city with a designated harbor. There were ships of every kind docked at the harbor. Even though they were all made of wood, but the harbor was well equipped with various kinds of ships, from cargo ships to warships that were ready for battle.

Bella could see a multitude of humans on the docks. These humans were all well-built and strong young men. They were all nearly naked except for a piece of cloth that covered their private areas. These young men had all sorts of wounds from being whipped to stabbing scars, and judging from their weary looks, they must have been forced to do these menial tasks for quite some time now.

Standing beside the human slaves were many aquatic Sirens. The Sirens brandished their whips at them, forcing the slaves to keep working. If anyone of them slowed down, they would immediately receive a sound beating. These human slaves probably had been beaten into submission and such could not dare to fight back when one of their own was being beaten up.

“This is a slave island? Could it be possible… that the Siren King McMillan had a much higher IQ than the Two-Headed Ogre Nelson?”

Bella and her dorm mates chose to head ashore in an obscure corner of the harbor. A few mutated Slime soldiers had already gone ahead of them. The soldiers returned with some armor that the Siren sergeants wore. Their previous owners had already been ‘digested’ by the Slime soldiers.

Bella and the other girls changed into the heavy sergeant’s armor before removing the invisibility enchantments that Dorothea had placed on them. They began to make their way towards the highest point of the Dulles Isle. There was a tall tower-like structure at the peak and it was likely to be the Siren King McMillan’s mansion.

Following Bella and the others was a steady stream of Slime soldiers disguised as the Siren soldiers. As they approached the open area of the harbor, Bella already had hundreds of fake “Siren soldiers” behind her.

“Greetings, Captain Loren. Lord McMillian has requested your presence in his emergency meeting. As for the other honored captains, you are invited to attend as well.”

“Mm, I understand.”

The Siren language was a variation of the demonic language which meant that Bella and the others could understand it. Neither the Siren soldiers at the guard posts nor the ones patrolling the area suspected that these captains were imposters, and allowed Bella and her group to pass without any trouble through the various checkpoints. She had even taken advantage of her current status as “captain” to obtain information from the soldiers.

However, the Dulles Isle did not have all the three hundred thousand Sirens on it, that number was simply an approximation of their total population count. Most of the Sirens were sent out to the various oceanic regions around the world where they would attack the human business fleets and human-inhabited islands to capture able-bodied individuals. These humans would be used as slaves to complete strenuous and menial tasks.

Only around fifty thousand Sirens were currently present on the Dulles Isle. Among them, twenty thousand of them were flying types while the rest were aquatic types. Putting aside the Sirens that patrolled the perimeter of the isle, its actual inhabitants only consisted of twenty thousand Sirens and approximately ten thousand human slaves.

According to the information that Bella had gathered from the Siren guards, this island fortress was built at the behest of one of the Twelve Demon Kings – the Ocean Demon King, Victoria, and was the property of the Twelve Demon Kings. Also, Bella and the others were extremely lucky to have hit the “jackpot” as Victoria was apparently on the Dulles Isle that day.

It wasn’t as if Bella had never met any of the Twelve Demon Kings in person before. However, the last time was when she saw Ockham – the Demon King of the Heart, and that encounter was cut short when that unlucky Demon King was defeated by Lolita’s devastating power after exchanging a few quick blows. Furthermore, the Demon King of the Heart that they had met was merely a shadow of what he used to be. Bella wondered if the Ocean Demon King, Victoria, would be ‘real’ or not.

The highest tower of the Dulles Isle was deep within McMillan’s mansion. Under the disguise of being Siren generals, Bella and her dorm mates passed the security checks at each guard station with ease. They had finally reached the core region of the Dulles Isle – the Tower of Sirens.

Along the way, Bella secretly sent groups of mutated Slime soldiers to infiltrate various groups within the Sirens and await her further orders. She was unsure if the Ocean Demon King had a complete body and she was worried that Victoria would see through her demonic beings’ disguise.

“Captain Loren, this way please.”

The Siren that Bella was impersonating was a captain and was of a higher rank than Lisha and the others, who played the part of vice-captains. As she walked into the Sirens’ banquet hall, Bella could see the high-level Sirens who had transformed into their humanoid forms. These Sirens were different from the lower-level aquatic Sirens, those who were here were all the flying types who were able to morph into humanoid forms.

As there was only limited space within the entrance hall, the Sirens would not be able to maintain their original enormous forms, otherwise, barely any Siren would fit in the hall. Within this tower, Bella could see many human slaves. However, these slaves were different from the coolies who were doing menial jobs outside. The ones here in the tower were all female slaves.

To prevent any of these women from poisoning their food or concealing any weapons, they were not allowed to wear any clothes. Even though this was a kind of jackpot for Bella, but she was unmoved by their naked bodies. In comparison to the “trophies” that she had acquired previously, these young women were only average in terms of attractiveness and was not a distraction for her at all.

While the Sirens were busy gathering, not many of them paid any attention to the female slaves. The other Siren generals barely batted an eyelid when Bella and the others walked in and continued to drink and play games. As Captain Loren belonged to the group that patrolled the perimeter of the isle for long periods, she did not socialize much with the other generals. Similarly, none of the other generals approached her either.

In the center of the entrance hall, Bella saw the Siren King McMillan in his humanoid form, who looked like a middle-aged uncle. However, since the Ocean Demon King Victoria was nowhere to be seen, Bella could not help but feel a little disappointed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today, we are honored to have the opportunity to host Her Excellency, the Ocean Demon King, here at the Dulles Isle. All the food here are gifts from Her Excellency. Let us raise a glass to celebrate this wonderful occasion!”

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