Volume 5 Chapter 234: The Early End To The Three Academy’s Magic Assembly In Angus City

The Central Square of Angus City, in the underground cell of the Pamelas Hotel, the guards of Angus City opened the unoccupied underground prison.


“Captain Carey, we shouldn’t do this! Didn’t the City Lord say that if the people over there haven’t arrived, then we should leave it here?”

“You idiot! When they arrive, would we still have any money to make? If you want to get rich, then hurry up. If you don’t want to, then get the hell out of here and guard for the night. No one’s going to stop you.”

Captain Carey of the guards had worked in the Angus City guard regiment for several years and was an experienced man. He knew a lot about the various criminal activities carried out by the Illegal Hunter Group in the Pamelas Hotel.

Now that this had happened, the portion of the treasure that the Illegal Hunter Group didn’t take with them was currently unowned. If they wanted to strike it rich, they had to move quickly.


Unfortunately, members of the guard regiment searched the entire underground cell and found nothing but the hidden cell sealed with stone slabs on the door.

“Captain Carey, let’s retreat. There’s really nothing here. Maybe it’s hidden in the hotel upstairs.”

“There are too many guards upstairs. If they see us, we won’t be able to run when the people from the other side arrive. I brought you down to make a fortune because you’re my buddies. It should be hidden in that underground prison. You guys go look for tools at once.”

Unwilling to return empty-handed, Captain Carey targeted the mysterious underground prison that had been sealed off. The dark red demonic beast’s blood on the sealed slate failed to arouse his alarm. It was left by the mixed demonic beast, the Netherworld Qilin, that had been devoured before.

Soon, the members of the guard regiment found tools. Taking advantage of the fact that there were few people tonight and it was their turn to stay at the Pamelas Hotel, Captain Carey arranged his men to open the secret cell that even the Illegal Hunter Group didn’t dare to open.   

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The sealed slab was hard. To pry it open completely, they probably had to spend three-night vigils. During this period of time, Captain Carey was responsible for the night watch mission here, so he had plenty of time to pry it open slowly.  

Captain Carey, who dreamed of making money, was still busy planning where to lay low for a while after digging out the treasure. He didn’t realize that Angus City’s nightmare was about to arrive because of his greed.  

In a small, secret manor in Angus City, in the most hidden bathroom of the manor, a girl on girl scene, so hot that it would make one’s nose bleed, was about to be staged. President Alephia of the Listabel Academy’s Student Union and President Gladdis of the Dimiost Academy’s Student Union were here.

The two Student Union presidents of opposing academies were now completely naked, kneeling face to face in a narrow wooden bathtub. Holding a goblet filled with red wine in her right hand, Bella stood by the wooden bathtub to watch the play.


“Bella… I’m freezing. Quickly pour more hot water…”

“President Alephia, are you thinking of killing me?! Pour more cold water, I’m going to die from the heat.”   

“Gladdis, can’t you say a little less? I’m about to freeze to death…”

The biting cold poison in President Alephia’s body was a combination of the Deep Sea Demonic Snake’s venom and the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s bile. It was characterized by overall paralysis, chills, and weakness. President Gladdis had been injured by the Netherworld Qilin’s infernal flame, which caused weakness and fever.

Their symptoms were the exact opposite. Bella could have saved them by normal means, but that would just be boring. Moreover, normal treatment would take too long, and they couldn’t expose their injuries to outsiders.  

Bella had entrusted Ariel the task of helping President Lucia inform Listabel Academy and Dimiost Academy’s Student Unions that the two presidents would return to the academy tomorrow and because they were temporarily occupied with something outside.


Bella came up with a more erotic yet effective treatment method. The poison in Alephia and Gladdis was the exact opposite, so perhaps she could try that method.


Bella placed them in the narrow wooden tub with unspeakable motives. This tub wasn’t very big, so it was rather a tight squeeze for two people to use at the same time. Alephia and Gladdis could almost touch each other’s bodies.

“You can both bathe together. If you hug each other, this tub will be just right…”

“What?! Bathe with her? Bella, you’re… you’re not doing this on purpose, are you? I don’t want to bathe with this evil mage…”

“I don’t want to bathe with a pretentious mage either… Bella, what are you laughing at… Go away.”  

Bella revealed an ambiguous smile. Seeing her slowly approach the wooden tub, Alephia and Gladdis’ faces turned pale. They had seen Bella, Sylvia, and Serena making out together.

Bella had deliberately exposed themselves to Alephia and Gladdis. After secretly observing them, she noticed that the two Student Union Presidents turned crimson but the look in their eyes was curiosity, not disgust.

Therefore, Bella came to the conclusion that the two Student Union Presidents had the possibility of “bending.” This special treatment was designed to open the door of a new world to Alephia and Gladdis.

“This is so you can treat each other’s poison. What naughty things are you thinking of? Come on, relax, open your hands… You’re both girls. Isn’t it normal for girls to hug?”

“Bella, don’t do this… I’m begging you. I’ll wait till I go back to get treated. Wait, Gladdis, why are you…”

“I didn’t move. Bella pushed me. I really wasn’t thinking of… Hey, your body feels so cool. Let me hug you for awhile, okay?”

“So… so warm. Wait, just… just for a bit. Stop touching me elsewhere…”

With Bella’s “assist,” Alephia and Gladdis finally hugged each other. One was cold and the other shiverish, so they complemented each other. Although Alephia and Gladdis said no, their bodies were still very honest.


Looking at the two presidents clinging to each other, Bella poured water mixed with therapeutic medicine into the wooden tub. Alephia and Gladdis were originally just trying to balance the heat difference in their bodies but ended up being addicted to each other’s touch. Under Bella’s deliberate provocation, they finally made out in the tub.


Bella was about to join them when a strange knock on the door stopped her. It was already midnight. Although the nightlife in Angus City was rather busy during this time, this small manor was usually visited by few.

Alephia and Gladdis were being intimate and hadn’t noticed the knocking on the door. The same was true for Sylvia and Serena in the bedroom. Bella was the only one in the manor who had heard the knocking.


Fortunately, the knock on the door soon disappeared. Bella didn’t bother about it either. Outside the yard of the small manor, Devastating Evil Dragon Lolita, Bella’s strongest subordinate had appeared all of a sudden.


Lolita was dressed in a dark gothic loli outfit. She was staring at the hand floating back and forth outside the gates. It seemed to be aware of her strength and didn’t dare to come forward.

A dark loli and a mysterious hand confronted each other at the gates of the manor. The scene had a strange and unspeakable feeling. The hand was the one that had hung from Bella’s right shoulder before. In the outside world, it was just a palm. From a distance, it looked like a severed hand, searching everywhere for its owner in the dark.


Seeing that there was no hope of breaking through, the little hand decided to force its way through the gates of the manor. It quickly burst through the gates and tried to bypass Lolita to enter the bedroom inside the manor.


“You naughty thing, get the hell out of here. My master doesn’t need any extra people.”


Lolita had responded quickly. She pulled out her little black parasol, which hadn’t been opened, and hit the little hand hard. It disappeared after being hit by Lolita’s devastating evil energy, seeming to have run away.

“This energy… It’s her. Master, sleep well then…”


Lolita’s little parasol was also scrapped. The entire thing seemed to be drained of energy by something, leaving only a thin frame.


When the sun shone on the small manor the next morning, Lolita had already left quietly. Like how she had made her way here, Lolita borrowed the help of Interdimensional Demon Noesha and left through an interdimensional door. Bella didn’t know that Lolita had been here last night. She thought the knock on the door last night had been an illusion.


Bella got up from the comfortable bed and looked at Alephia and Gladdis who were lying beside her. Bella wasn’t really thinking when she gently shook them to wake them up. Bella had only hugged them to sleep last night, so nothing had happened between them.


The main reason was that Bella had already indulged in Sylvia and Serena before, so she didn’t really bully Alephia and Gladdis. She gently hugged them to sleep.


“Bella, you… Nothing happened last night. Can you keep it a secret?”


“I feel so much better now… What about Ariel? I helped her, but the result is… “

Alephia and Gladdis who had awoken were a little embarrassed to look at Bella and buried their eyes low. Although Bella had repeatedly stated that she really didn’t do anything, the three beautiful girls had slept together naked all night. Alephia and Gladdis didn’t believe her when she said that nothing had happened. 


However, after the intimacy that lasted from the bathtub to bed last night, Alephia and Gladdis’ relationship has undergone subtle changes. They were no longer so hostile. The two looked stared deep into each other’s eye, revealing a hint of some other emotion. 


When Bella promoted the clothes she had designed to the two presidents, the sale went very smoothly. They readily accepted Bella’s new clothes and agreed to her request to wear them only during specific occasions.

The Magic Discourse Assembly attended by the magic department of the Olsylvia Academy, the Listabel Academy and Dimiost Academy, ended early this morning. President Alephia and President Gladdis who had already been “persuaded” by Bella, tacitly agreed to recognize the final results of the magic assembly. The magic department of Olsylvia Academy was the winner of this magic assembly with an advantage of one point. 


Angus City’s restriction on leaving the city ended earlier today. The main forces of the city guards were busy cleaning up the remains of the Pamelas Hotel. Of course, the earlier they could leave, the better.

In the Olsylvia Academy, the former Midnight forbidden area, the Benedict Manor, looked different after several days of renovation by the artisans. All the old facilities had been dismantled.


There was no such law in the Other World stating that it was a crime to destroy ancient relics. If such a law existed, Bella would probably have to spend the rest of her life in prison. The number of ancient ruins that she had destroyed would make everyone speechless.

“Duchess Bella, thank you for finding the Seed of Life. The Elven Race…”


“Princess Delias, I’ll find another way to open the box. Don’t worry, I’ll cover the past few days’ expenses.”


Bella changed back into the conservative school uniform of the Olsylvia Academy and showed up at the Benedict Manor’s construction site with Moon Elven Princess Delias. After returning from Angus City, Bella rushed here to join the Elven Princess and also brought her good news.

President Nina of the Rose Society followed them. She looked at the astrological compass in her hand, appearing somewhat hesitant to speak. According to the astrological compass, something big was about to happen.

Bella’s fate couldn’t be predicted. President Nina president looked at the vague hints on the compass and guessed that nine times out of ten, Bella was involved. She wanted to remind Bella but this was the construction site. As the president of the Rose Society and astrologer of the project, it wasn’t convenient for her to make speculative remarks in such a public location.


According to various intelligence, the other thing that Bella was looking for was located in the St Louis Church Academy area, which was also another midnight forbidden area of Olsylvia Academy.


Now that classes had begun and there wasn’t enough information about the area, Bella decided to wait for more information before hunting for treasure. The matter of helping the Moon Elven Princess open a new shop would have to be postponed for a few days.

Bella met Noreya at the Olsylvia Academy’s Society Activity Mission Center. Noreya, who was wearing a black cloak and mask, was submitting the society’s missions.


The students around all hid far away from her, leaving a huge empty circle between them and Noreya. Rumors of Noreya’s disfigurement and ugliness were still circulating. The reason other students at the Olsylvia Academy didn’t like Noreya was also due to this.


Noreya seems to be accustomed to this sort of treatment as she silently handed in a bunch of missions.

Noreya turned around and saw Bella. After a moment of standing there in silence, she tacitly followed Bella away.


“Isn’t that the Rose Society’s Vice President, Duchess Bellina? How could she have such a good relationship with the disfigured Princess Noreya?!”


“Don’t you get it? People like us will never understand how the rich think.”


Bella left the Society Activity Mission Center with Noreya. From time to time, various speculations about their relationship sounded from behind them.


Bella felt somewhat helpless at the thought that she too had become the protagonist of the campus gossip, but she wasn’t very bothered by it. Caring so much about what others thought wasn’t her style.

Bella and Noreya found a little bridge that was inaccessible to others as a covert discussion location. Because Noreya wanted to conceal herself, she didn’t remove her mask and reveal her real appearance.


“Vice President, you’re back… Did the Magic Assembly go well? I heard that there was a student in our academy who had inexplicably gone mad from fear.”


“It’s okay, Noreya, you’d better call me Bella. It’s really awkward when you call me vice president.”


Bella took out the bottled drink she had bought earlier and handed it to Noreya. It was similar to the canned drinks from the previous world. Bella had gotten it specially for Noreya.


During Bella’s absence, Noreya had contracted all the mission activities of the Rose Society. Kriss and the others wanted to help, but Noreya declined.


The reason for her refusal was very simple. The other Rose Society members should have jobs that were more suited for them. This was better left to a more professional assassin like her.

However, this was merely a superficial reason. The real reason was that the two rival societies of the Rose Society, the Golden Legend Society and the Mask of Darkness, had been sending people to secretly interfere with the Rose Society members on their missions.  

Carlos knew that he couldn’t defeat Bella, so he used dirty tricks instead. As an assassin, Noreya comes and goes without a trace, so she was the most appropriate to carry out the society’s missions.

“It’s been hard on you, Noreya. You’ve been helping me these past few days. When I get back, I’ll ask President Nina to give you a promotion to Secretary…”


“Bella, come on, why would I want that position?! Tell me, what evil thing do you want me to do this time… Wait, don’t move about!”


Noreya had unscrewed the drink and was about to gulp it down when she suddenly found something wrong.


Noreya placed the drink aside and went over to Bella. She took out a small bottle of white powder and sprinkled the powder all over Bella’s right shoulder.


On Bella’s right shoulder, a hidden small black handprint was revealed by the white powder. This was a very hidden location tracker that the average human assassin might not be able to find. It was purely an accident that Black Savior Noreya had bumped into this.


Noreya helped Bella remove the location tracker, although the person who placed the tracker probably had no malice. It was a rather ordinary tracker.


However, as a top-level assassin, Noreya couldn’t just leave the tracker there once she saw that her close friend was marked with one because it violated her principles.


“Mmm, Noreya, my clothes are very clean. I don’t need your help.”


“Who’s helping you wash your clothes?! Bella, you have to keep an eye when you go out. Take this Concealment Pearl and remember to have it on you at all times. Just return it in three days.”


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“Isn’t this your personal treasure? Why give it to me all of a sudden… “


“Want to know why? When I’ve finished this bottle, go buy me another one and I’ll tell you.”

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