Volume 5 Chapter 233: The Night Before Leaving Angus City, The Land of Trouble

The basement of the Pamelas Hotel, at the central square of the Angus City, one of the five main cities of the Aldridge Empire. 

Ariel arrived in time to stop Bella from committing a suicidal mission. She had entered the basement through a back entrance, which was in a hidden location that could not be found by most people. 

“Bella, I think that it’s a bad idea to open the stone doors… let’s go and save those girls instead. Don’t you just love saving girls in distress?”

“Ariel, are you absolutely certain that no one followed you?”

“Yeah, I don’t think anyone followed me…”

“Tell me then, who is that beautiful girl behind you?”

“She’s… Gladdis, what are you doing following me here?”

There was a girl in the Dimiost Academy’s uniform following closely behind Ariel. It was Gladdis, the President of the Dimiost Academy Student Union. She was just slightly taller than President Alephia.

As the President of the Dimiost Academy Student Union, President Gladdis was often at loggerheads with President Alephia. Both of them were natural enemies and could not speak to each other without getting into an argument, which made everyone uncomfortable. 

Bella looked carefully at this Student Union President who had suddenly appeared. She had long ebony hair and dark blue eyes. Her features were haughty yet delicate. No matter how you looked at her, she was definitely a rare sight to behold.

President Gladdis stood there, not speaking a single word. Bella and Ariel finally realized that something was not right. Even if one had an aloof personality, it would be extremely rude not to greet someone when meeting them. Regardless of the circumstances of Ariel’s birth, she was still a princess by birth. There was still a basic protocol of courtesy when one were to meet a princess.

As Bella got closer to President Gladdis, she realized that the lass was gritting her teeth, as though she was in a lot of pain. Her face was flushed to the point where it was not normal, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Soon enough, Bella found a few tentacles that had been cut off from demonic beings embedded within Gladdis’ back.

“President Gladdis, what happened to you? Those wounds are definitely from demonic beings.”

“Be careful… behind you… demonic beings…”

President Gladdis could no longer fight the pain and fell into Bella’s arms. The girl was extremely hot to the touch. As Bella held her, she could feel that something was wrong with her.

President Gladdis felt almost as though she was up in flames. This was the complete opposite of President Alephia, who was shivering and was as cold as ice. No wonder the two of them were constantly at odds with each other.  

Since a gorgeous girl made the first move and threw herself into her arms, Bella was in no position to refuse. There was a possibility that being in Bella’s embrace gave girls a sense of security. President Gladdis had fallen unconscious before she could even finish her sentence. Bella found many strange long reddish-brown needles on the girl. Based on that structure, it was clear that it was not left by any human, but instead by the attacking demonic beings. 

“Ariel, I think she took the blow for you!”

“Well… Older Sister Bella, what large demonic beast is coming towards us?”

A giant entity was slowly approaching the other entrance of the basement. As Bella had her hands full with Gladdis, she was stuck and was unable to let go of one hand to use in battle.

As the entity approached, the temperature around them began to rise rapidly. When it revealed itself from behind the stone walls, Bella and Ariel were shocked. This entity that had attacked Gladdis and had every intention of attacking Ariel looked exactly like a Holy Beast. 

This demonic beast that was engulfed in grey flames looked similar to a Netherworld Qilin that Bella had seen in her previous life. Unlike the Qilin, this fake Qilin did not give off an aura of holiness or peace at all. A sense of eeriness and oppression emanated off the beast’s pitch-black skin.

“It’s a hybrid demonic beast… and one that is descended from a Holy Beast…”

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This Netherworld Qilin was intelligent and had blocked Bella and Ariel’s only way out to the surface. Bella felt as though she had fallen into this beast’s trap. When she entered the basement, she did not see any corpses that belonged to the illegal hunter group. Thus, she naively thought that this place had already been cleared by her subordinate, the Abyss Demonic King Skyrme.

Since Skyrme had the habit of eating humans, Bella had mistakenly thought that her enemy’s corpses had been disposed of by her. 

The female prisoners, who were held captive within the metal cages, were blindfolded. They had a little ball gag in their mouths, and their limbs had been locked tightly by black chains. The prisoners could not see the Qilin that had appeared. However, they could feel the eerily cold aura and was so terrified that they cowered in the corners of the cage, shivering with every breath they took. 

Bella and Ariel retreated towards the sealed stone doors. The Dark Qilin seemed to have its considerations about the sealed secret prison. It had thought of ambushing Ariel and Gladdis. However, it did not expect that Gladdis would have taken the brunt of most of its attack, foiling its plans to attack both of them in one fell swoop.

A long, thick chain was wrapped around the Netherworld Qilin’s neck with inscriptions on it. This was a demonic being that had escaped from the clutches of the illegal hunter group. It had been trapped and trained to be a weapon for a few decades. No wonder it had gone insane.

Finally, it had managed to break free of the chains that had held it captive for decades. The Netherworld Qilin had planned to emerge on the surface and go on a rampage, killing anything and anyone in the Pamelas Hotel. However, things didn’t turn out as planned. Somehow, there was another much more terrifying entity that was currently on a killing spree in the hotel.

The entity that struck fear in the Netherworld Qilin was Bella’s subordinate, Skyrme, one of the Abyss Demonic Kings. Skyrme was vastly different from a regular demonic being. In fact, they were worlds apart. 

The Netherworld Qilin did not dare to go up against the Abyss Demonic King Skyrme. It had no choice but to lie low within the basement and wait for its prey to appear. The Qilin had hoped that Skyrme would miss out on a few live humans, and it could finally have a snack. 

It had never thought that when its prey finally appeared, they would be female as well. This caused the Netherworld Qilin to feel extremely excited. For the past few decades, the illegal hunter group had fed it with the female prisoners who could not be sold. After all this time, it had acquired an inexplicable taste for human girls.

As she retreated, Bella tried her best to think of a strategy. Although President Gladdis was unconscious, she held onto Bella with a death grip, which caused Bella to have some trouble with her mobility. 

“Stop right there, woman. Do not go any closer to the stone doors…”

As Bella and Ariel got closer to the sealed prison, the Netherworld Qilin became rather flustered. The sealed prison behind those doors held an entity that was far more frightening than it was. If it was let out, the Netherworld Qilin would not be able to make it out alive.

“You can speak the human language? Why should I even listen to you…”

“Woman, let’s make a deal. Based on your get up, I’m guessing that you are a bandit! As long as you leave the other girls behind, I will let you go. At the same time, I will reveal where those black-clothed humans had hidden their treasures.”

Was this Netherworld Qilin an idiot? It couldn’t transform into a humanoid form; did it intend to eat all the female prisoners here? Bella was reluctant to make a deal with a beast. Since both parties were dishonest, it was extremely draining to have to go through the motions of a phony transaction like this. 

Suddenly, a small hand appeared on Bella’s right shoulder. This time, she did not dare to turn around at all. Ariel was standing right beside her, with her arms crossed in front of her, which meant that the hand on Bella’s shoulder was definitely not Ariel’s. There was no one else around other than the three girls. The appearance of this fourth hand was rather terrifying.

Fortunately, that was a delicate human hand. Based on its size, its owner must be a loli-sized beauty. However, no additional person was standing around her. Other than the hand on her shoulder, no other part of the loli’s body could be seen. It was as though it had come from another dimension.

The small hand gave a friendly gesture. With an outstretched pointer finger, it pointed gently towards the ground. Following the direction of the finger, Bella saw that there was a large part of the metal chains on the ground that was connected to the Netherworld Qilin’s neck. Suddenly, Bella realized what the hand had been trying to tell her! 

“Fine, I agree. However, you must first tell me where the treasure was hidden.”

“Excellent. Come over here, I’ll tell you. In the meantime, bring that girl whom you’re carrying in your arms to me to prove your sincerity.”


Seeing the reassuring look on Ariel’s face, Bella slowly carried Gladdis over to the Netherworld Qilin. Using Bella’s flowing golden hair as cover, that mysterious hand was hidden from Ariel’s direct line of sight. This meant that Ariel had no idea that this extra hand existed. 

Women are so gullible. Since the Netherworld Qilin had been held prisoner in another cell within the underground prison by the seal around its neck, there was no way that it could have known where the illegal hunter group had hidden their treasures. It was just a ruse to get Bella to approach it. Once she walked away from that prison door that made it feel incredibly uneasy, the Netherworld Qilin would immediately capture and devour her.

While the Netherworld Qilin was thinking up the different ways to eat Bella, she pretended to bend down to pick something up from the ground and grabbed the other end of the chain that was wrapped around the Netherworld Qilin.

“What are you trying to do, you foolish woman. Just your power alone… wait, this power…”

Bella let go of the chains and handed it over to the little hand that was still perched on her shoulder. The hand held onto the chains with so much strength that it seemed to come from divine intervention. The Netherworld Qilin, which was nearly as heavy as an adult elephant, was instantly pulled towards the sealed secret prison with ease. 

“No…. You, let go…”

The Netherworld Qilin got desperate and spat out flames as its life depended on it. It wanted to use fire to break the metal chain that was being held by a mysterious force. In the meantime, Bella grabbed President Gladdis and ran outside with Ariel. The power that came from the mystery hand was incredibly powerful. If Bella had been its target, she was not confident that she would be able to escape it for too long. 

“Wait… please help me. I’m willing to become your demonic pet. Hold on… save me… it hurts, my eyes…”

The Netherworld Qilin was dragged over to the secret prison. The doors to the sealed prison had been made of stone. However, the stone doors suddenly turned translucent. Inch by inch, the Netherworld Qilin was slowly being sucked into the stone doors, as though it was being eaten alive by the wall. 

Once its body was fully absorbed, the stone turned back into its original state. The only thing that remained of the Netherworld Qilin was the bloodstains on the stone.

If the Netherworld Qilin had managed to escape into the outside world, based on the rankings by the Adventurer’s Union, it would at least be an S-Grade demonic beast. As it had remnants of the Holy Beast’s bloodline, it had the ability to grow extremely quickly. 

If it had maintained a low profile, there was a possibility that it could have reached the levels of its ancestor, the Holy Beast, after about one hundred years. Its biggest flaw was that it had been too lazy. It had come out to flaunt its power even without fully removing its chain. This ultimately caused the Netherworld Qilin’s downfall. 

Bella contacted the Succubus Queen Aisha and asked her to send her succubi underlings to save those female prisoners. Those prisoners had been held captive for quite some time and did not dare to resist when they were being moved. Obediently, they allowed the succubi to transport them with their metal cages. 

Once this was done, Bella quickly left this horrifying basement prison. Now, it was completely empty except for that strange hidden prison. At this moment, it was still quietly waiting for its next victim to turn up.

There was no way for Bella to verify what demonic being was being imprisoned inside that secret prison. Apparently, this basement prison had existed long before the existence of the Pamelas Hotel. Any record of the illegal hunter group’s evil experiments for the past few generations had already been destroyed. 

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After Bella got out of the basement, she blocked off the entrance with a heavy wardrobe. As she was leaving, Bella’s sixth sense kept her on edge as she somehow felt as though there was a strange pair of eyes on her, which came from that mysterious sealed prison.


The Pamelas Hotel had been closed for most of the day, and it was now the wee hours of the night. The customers had lost their patience and were fuming. They decided to make a “police report.” However, the Angus City Security Team had taken their time and had only just arrived. 

The security team had been working in cahoots with the Pamelas Hotel. Initially, they had thought that the hotel had really been doing some deep cleaning. When they arrived and smelled the blood in the air, they finally realized that they had a serious problem on their hands. 

When the security team broke down the doors of the hotel for further investigation, they found many corpses inside it. That night, the Pamelas Hotel was immediately sealed off by the Angus City Security Team. No information had been released to the public. From time to time, the public who had been gathering around the hotel could only see some occupants of the hotel being escorted out.


The rumors spread like wildfire, with many different versions. The one that was the closest to what actually happened was that an unknown evil had suddenly attacked the Pamelas Hotel, and every single person who worked in the hotel had been killed. Furthermore, they had died in the strangest way. It looked as though their hearts had all been pierced by a liquid, and then they were beheaded. 


When the person in charge of the Pamelas Hotel, Master Els, was rescued, he had already been scared out of his wits. Other than the word “Demon,” no one could get anything else from him. The other occupants of the hotel had somehow fallen unconscious during the incident and had no clue that something terrifying had occurred within the hotel premises. 

The Angus City Security Team did not announce that the beauties who had been the staff at the Pamelas Hotel had mysteriously gone missing. Firstly, they did not find any of their bodies. Secondly, they had also received a request from the illegal hunter group to keep this under wraps. 

Bella and the others had already slipped out of the Pamelas Hotel before the security team cordoned it off. They were currently in a more secure, private location in a small manor within the Angus City. Not many people knew that Ariel had secretly bought this place under an alias. 

Before she escaped, Bella had destroyed any records of her staying at the Pamelas Hotel. Anyway, she did not plan to pay for the time that she had spent in the King’s Suite. Her experience in the hotel had been atrocious, and the hotel was lucky that she did not leave them with a bad review.

Every single door in the small manor had been locked tight. Bella was now taking a break on the large bed inside one of the many bedrooms. 


“Serena, I have already removed the Icy Poison from your body. No need to thank me!”


“Bella, stop it… Sylvia too… Don’t do this…. I haven’t thought this through…”


“No need to think any further, just feel it. Trust me, you will come to enjoy these sensations…”

Together with Sylvia, Bella was currently taking advantage of the famous beautiful female mage of the Olsylvia Academy’s magical faculty, the “Scarlet Red Five Pages.”

Sylvia had Serena’s hands pressed tightly behind her back while Bella ravaged her from the front. Having intimate relations with a beautiful girl after a crisis was Bella’s favorite way to celebrate. Serena was now stuck between Bella and her best friend and had no way of escaping their sensual administrations. 


The hot-headed beauty with fiery red hair had softened significantly. Once Bella was done with her, she pushed Serena onto Sylvia. At this point, Sylvia was already extremely aroused and did not care who it was. Immediately, she wrapped Serena in her arms, and they tumbled deeper into the bed. 

Looking at Sylvia and Serena, who were entangled with each other, a pleased smile appeared on Bella’s face. Now, she was not limited to taking advantage of the girls around her. She had a new goal, which was to convert them into her sexual orientation.

Bella could not be around every single girl in her harem at all times. Allowing them to have special relations with each other was not a bad idea at all. 


Walking around like the cat who ate the canary, Bella did not bother to put on any clothes before rushing to the bathroom. There were two more important girls who needed Bella’s personal attention. At the same moment, Ariel bumped right into Bella, carrying a tray of refreshments.


“Bella, relax, have a cup of tea. There’s no way for them to escape.”

“Ariel, why don’t you join in the fun as well! You seemed distracted when you were making the tea.”

“No… No way! It was because you all were being too loud. Right now, I do not wish for them to see my true appearance. Later, I will report to President Lucia that the other two Student Union Presidents are safe and sound.”

“Right, you better do it as soon as possible. Word on the street is that the security team had found a mysterious basement under the Pamelas Hotel. I think that might be the one that we had sealed off.”

Under normal circumstances, that security team would not have been so efficient in their investigations. It must have been because they thought that the illegal hunter group must have hidden treasures there! Recalling that mysterious hand on her right shoulder in the basement, Bella had a sneaky thought. 

The Succubus Queen Aisha had already helped Bella to train that batch of beautiful girls into the Darkness Sacred Region’s spies within the Listabel and Dimiost Academies. Right now, Aisha was bringing those female hunters and the female prisoners back to the Darkness Sacred Region for a more in-depth “full body check up.” In fact, it was about time for Bella to leave this land of trouble behind her and move on. 

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