Volume 5 Chapter 232: The Battle Of The Pamelas Hotel’s Secret Underground Criminal Forces

The fifth-largest city of the Aldridge Empire, the central square of Angus City, outside the Pamelas Hotel.

Today, Pamelas Hotel was suddenly closed for floor cleaning, which left many customers, who were going to visit, at a loss.

“Are you kidding me? How can they close just like that? They’ve not even refunded my money!”

“Keep your voice down. Don’t let the hotel staff hear you. They might double your room price.”

“There’s something off with this hotel. I heard from a buddy who wanted to apply for a job here that the hotel doesn’t accept outsiders. Although the waitresses are beautiful, God knows where they recruited them from!”


“I’ve also heard that some female guests go missing every month at this hotel. I don’t know if that’s true.”


Onlookers from other countries also had the same talent for gossip. Their whispers revealed a lot of rumors about the Pamelas Hotel.


Ariel covered her whole body with a gray cloak. She hid in the crowd of onlookers. She didn’t take any of the underground rumors about the Pamelas Hotel seriously. Now, it seemed that those rumors weren’t necessarily gossip made up by bored people. Some of them might be true.


“Are you… Princess Ariel?”


“No, you have the wrong person.”

Ariel ignored the pretty girl who greeted her and quickly disappeared into the crowd. The beauty wearing the uniform of the Dimiost Academy looked thoughtfully at Ariel’s back as she walked away. On her right arm was the armband of the Student Union President, which was similar to President Alephia’s.

“Princess Ariel, what secrets are you hiding? Today, I must…”

“Miss President, why are you making things difficult for the ugly… for Princess Ariel?”


“Don’t mind me. Watch this place for me. I’ll track Ariel. Also, when the hotel opens, pay attention. President Alephia is also said to be in the hotel.”

The Student President of Dimiost Academy ignored the suggestions of the members of the Student Union. She followed in Ariel’s footsteps and left.

Ariel was going to go around the back of the Pamelas Hotel to see if there was a way for her to sneak into the hotel. Having been with Bella for a long time, Ariel was also keen on all sorts of infiltration operations, just as Bella often did.

In the King Suite on the top floor of the Pamelas Hotel, Bella carried President Alephia to one side of the bedroom.

Bella locked the door of the King Suite from the inside with a bolt. The bedroom in the suite was specially equipped with a bathtub, perhaps to meet the special needs of some couples and guests. Bella happened to be in need of one. The bathtub could be used when she was helping President Alephia dress her wound.


“Duchess Bellina, what are you…”


“Don’t move about, President Alephia. The poison will spread even faster. You can just call me Bella. The word ‘Duchess’ is for outsiders. You’re not an outsider.”

Bella carefully removed the poisonous arrow from Alephia, then placed her into the bathtub filled with hot water to clean the wound.


Alephia had no strength now and could only allow Bella to play with her like a doll. Bella cleaned the wounds on President Alephia’s body as if she were cleaning some exquisite artwork.

“Bella, thank you… thank you …”

President Alephia’s face turned red. She buried her head low and seemed a little embarrassed. The proud president was shy.

Bella took the opportunity to peek at President Alephia’s entire body. Because Alephia’s head had been buried very low, she was still unaware of what she had allowed Bella to see and touch.

In the end, President Alephia also failed to escape Bella’s curse of “Student President Nemesis” and became one of the five presidents of Twelve Ivies whose entire body had been touched by Bella.


“No need to thank me. This is what a knight should do. By the way, ask your boyfriend to save you. There’s something wrong with this hotel…”


“Bella, who said that I have a boy–… I don’t have one. Do you have someone to introduce to me? We’ll talk about this later…”

President Alephia avoided Bella’s strange look. She planned to find out the truth about the Pamelas Hotel.


Alephia’s looked even more cautious after seeing the notebook Bella had sneaked in from the waiter with a problem. She knew about the organization behind these little books. It was only hearsay before. She never thought that the organization actually existed.


This organization was a group of illegal underground hunters, which was similar to the group of illegal hunters who attacked and intended to capture Golden Dragon Princess Laceman. The main business sources of these black hunter groups were nothing more than kidnapping hostages and selling various “special commodities.” In these illegal businesses, the buying and selling of various slaves was the fastest way to get money.

“Bella, we have to find a way to reveal the situation. We must shut down this hotel. We… “


“Okay, Alephia. Stop talking. We don’t have the antidote to the poison. Just stay in the tub and stop moving. I’ll take care of everything. Please believe me…”


Seeing the discomfort on President Alephia’s face, Bella stopped her from talking. The venom of the Deep Sea Demonic Snake had been combined with the Icy Monster Fish. Both were hard-to-treat poisons.

At present, Bella only relied on the hot water in the bathtub to temporarily suppress the cold poison in President Alephia. Bella placed several demonic cores of demonic beasts with fire properties under the bathtub to heat it up. When everything was ready, Bella lifted President Alephia’s chin and handed up the demonic core of a precious fire type demonic beast.


“Bella, what are you… I got it. But I hope you can help me keep a secret about what happened this time. As for your reward, please wait until we are safe. I will give you anything you want as long as it’s within my means.”

President Alephia opened her mouth and sucked on the precious high-level fire type demonic beast’s core. This was to suppress the combined cold poison in her body. The size of the demonic was just about the same as a ball gag.

From a distance, it looked like President Alephia had a red ball gag in her mouth. It wasn’t difficult to imagine wicked things. Bella seemed stunned for a moment. It wasn’t until President Alephia looked at Bella reproachfully for some time before Bella went back to normal.

As expected of the number one beauty of Listabel Academy, her suggestive pose tempted Bella to use a real ball gag to block President Alephia’s mouth. See if she still dared to seduce Bella with those bewitching eyes.


Before Bella left the bedroom, President Alephia stretched out her hand and grabbed Bella, as if to remind her to be careful.

Due to the red demonic core in her mouth, President Alephia couldn’t say anything to remind her. Bella gave Alephia a look that told her not to worry, and gently touched her head. This affectionate head-patting was Bella’s way of encouraging her.

“Aisha, Skyrme, stop playing. There’s someone… No, there’s a’ colleague’ who’s here to mess with us! Come out and deal with them with me!”

In the hidden chamber of the King Suite, Succubus Queen Aisha, who was busy training the beauties, came out with Skyrme. They were some of the Abyss Demonic Kings who were Bella’s trusted aides.


Bella casually glimpsed into the secret room that had all kinds of special props. Those beautiful girls, covered with black blindfolds, mouths stuffed with black ball gags, were being trained by the two perverted Abyss Demonic Kings.

It seemed that forty percent of the beautiful girls had given in, twisting their bodies to cater to their one-on-one succubus teachers who trained them separately. Succubus Queen Aisha was indeed a master in this sort of training.

“What? This hotel has people of the same profession. The world of the Human Race is really interesting. I really like the human cities. The people in the underground world of the city are all talented.”

“Aisha, you’ll get a lot of toys after the job is done. Don’t worry now. This time, you’re responsible for collecting and guarding my property. Skyrme and I will attack.”

After arranging their tasks, Bella and Aisha moved separately. Succubus Queen Aisha led her succubi to help Bella guard the girls in the King Suite. To keep things under wraps, Aisha only guarded the bedroom door. If there weren’t any danger, she wouldn’t enter unless she had to.


In this way, President Alephia wouldn’t find out Bella’s connection to the demons. Bella didn’t want too many foreign students to know about this secret.


Bella stripped the three beautiful hunters who had passed out on the big sofa. She skillfully tied them up with red rope and threw them into the bath filled with warm water to deal with them.


The Illegal Hunter Group had already locked the hotel’s doors. The hotel was now in a state of temporary isolation, which was exactly what Bella wanted.

It was normal for people to “call the police” and involve the Angus City defense guards, but Bella preferred to deal with the problem more violently. This “illegal shop” had been open for more than ten years. Bella didn’t believe that they weren’t colluding with the city defense guards.

In the corridor outside the King Suite, another group of illegal hunters, armed with poison arrow launchers, were sneaking quietly.


“Be careful, the female guests in that room are a bit strange. We’ve already sent five female hunters and haven’t seen them send the goods back after waiting for so long…”


“That’s strange, where did this water come from… You guys…”

The illegal hunter team hadn’t yet discovered that they had stepped into a trap. The water, which appeared for no reason, was set up by Abyss Demonic King Skyrme.


When they had all stepped on the water, a horrible scene happened. Suddenly many sticky humanoid slime figures emerged from the water, attacking the illegal hunters from the front and back.


Before the illegal hunters could respond, they were killed by the slime who grabbed their heads from behind. Another one pierced their hearts with sticky liquid demonic hands from the front.

The whole process took less than a minute before the illegal hunters were completely wiped out. The few beautiful hunters who survived had all their equipment dissolved by the slime and were then imprisoned on a thick jelly-like column.

“Skyrme, your techniques are skillful! Could it be that you often did such things before…!”

“Mistress Bella… time is short. I’ll command the slime. Don’t worry. I know who should be captured and who should be silenced.”


Abyss Demonic King Skyrme turned into a pool of water out of embarrassment, merged into the water on the ground, and disappeared. Bella was right. Skyrme had used this sort of sneak attack to destroy the exploration teams that entered the Black Basin of her territory in the previous world.

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This was all part of Skyrme’s embarrassing history. Now that she had followed her new mistress, Bella, she has automatically forgotten this part of her memory. The beautiful hunters who were caught alive were lucky. Back then, in the Black Basin, all the female adventurers caught by Skyrme were used as materials to cultivate all kinds of demonic beings until they were completely destroyed.

Inside the Pamelas Hotel, a duel between the dark forces was silently happening. One was the demonic forces headed by Bella and Skyrme, and the other was the dark underground forces of the Human Race with the Illegal Hunter Group as the main participant.  

The underground world’s farce of “foreign criminal underworld” vs. local “black inn” was unknown to all because of the early closure of the Pamelas Hotel.


This time Bella had a more intuitive understanding of the terrifying power of Abyss Demonic King Skyrme.


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Bella was dressed in black knight armor and a black mask. In her hand, she was holding a super-long machete used by warriors, which seemed to give a sense of disharmony.


Bella, the temporary “black boss”, didn’t have a chance to slice down on people along the way because her subordinate was too strong. Under the attack of Skyrme, the Illegal Hunter Group faced devastation.

Along the way, there were illegal hunters who had been killed by the slime. None of the hunters could sound a warning to their companions about the danger. This was a silent killing performance directed by Skyrme, and the entire Illegal Hunter Group built on the grounds of the Pamelas Hotel was annihilated.


The remaining few female hunters of the Illegal Hunter Group were packed into special “human-shaped jellies” by Skyrme and transported back to the storage room next to the King Suite as trophies and temporarily held them there. Given Bella, Skyrme didn’t do anything else to them.

The beautiful waitresses in the Pamelas Hotel were all expert hunters trained by the Illegal Hunter Group. Bella didn’t want to waste resources, so she caught them all. When the time came, it was better to give them to Succubus Queen Aisha than to send them to prison. Bella didn’t approve of the “police stations” of this Other World.


In the management office area of the Pamelas Hotel, Bella saw the behind-the-scenes boss, the nominal head of the Pamelas Hotel. She never expected him to be an acquaintance. It was the young master Els who had coveted Sylvia.


Els was so scared by the mutant slime that he had turned pale. The mutant slime turned into humanoid beings and surrounded Els into a corner. Despite Els’ magic attacks, three mutant slimes stood up when one fell and surrounded him continuously.


“Monsters… Die, you monsters!”

Els was scared out of his mind. Because he had exhausted all magic, he could only wield his staff desperately, trying to kill the humanoid mutant slime who came close to him.


Skyrme really knew how to frighten people. Those humanoid mutant slimes were really just walking in place. Due to the visual impact, Els had mistakenly assumed that these humanoid mutant slimes had gradually surrounded him and were going to eat him.


Bella was no longer interested in playing with this crazy young master. She turned and left. On a large desk in the office area, Bella found documents signed by Els.

It looks like Els was secretly the head of the illegal hunter’s branch in Angus City. This time he had been dissatisfied with Bella’s interference in meeting his agreed fiancee. Sylvia, the object of his political marriage, was also a daughter of a mage family.


Els couldn’t swallow Bella’s act of making an object-of-derision out of him. As a result, he hid Bella’s identity as a Duchess from the top echelons of the organization and later captured Bella as ordinary prey.


This sort of private use of organizational power to solve his personal grievances had directly led to the total destruction of the illegal hunter division stationed in Angus City.


After Bella read these documents, she threw them into a stove and burned them. Bella burned any records regarding herself. After that, the Illegal Hunter Group wouldn’t think that she had anything to do with this.

In the basement of the Pamelas Hotel, Bella found the female guests who had disappeared in the hotel recently. Most of them came to visit Angus City from other countries. They were mostly daughters of rich families, mainly ordinary merchants.


In the Other World, merchants engaged in ordinary goods had the least power. If the daughter of their families had mysteriously disappeared, the Angus City guards wouldn’t really search this place because of their underground deal with the Pamelas Hotel. Many missing cases had been dragged on and eventually had no results.


The dark basement was designed like a dungeon, where the female prisoners were held separately. One girl per iron cage. These female prisoners who used to be indulged ladies were robbed of their valuables, including clothes, by the illegal hunters.


In the depths of the dungeon, there was a mysterious prison cell sealed with stone slabs. Bella wondered why a cell would be sealed. Just when she was going to find out, a hand gently touched her right shoulder to stop Bella’s risky actions.


“Older sister Bella, don’t worry about it. Quickly save these girls!”


“Ariel, it’s you. You scared me. Next time, can you call me first? I thought it was…”

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