Chapter 117: The Peaceful and Wicked Morning of Steinbeck Fief’s Suzerain Palace (Part 1)

The southern region of Ximengsi Continent, Steinbeck Fief’s central region, Stanley City where the Suzerain’s residence is located

It had already been a few days since the Undead calamity of Atad. Adelaide Kingdom whose vitality had been greatly damaged had no way to create trouble for Steinbeck Fief. Basically, all the nations of Clark Alliance in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief had suffered various degrees of damage. Kruft Kingdom along with Cromwell Principality would be unable to disturb Steinbeck Fief for a short time due to their losses. Therefore, Steinbeck fief was in a relatively peaceful state.

At present, the attention of all the interior human nations of Ximengsi Continent was focused on the Undead calamity erupting in Norton City. With Light Church acting as a go-between, Clark Alliance, Victor Alliance and the Neutral Alliance reached a temporary peace agreement and signed the short-term <Wilde Pact>. Until the Undead calamity was dealt with, there would be a ceasefire.

 Naturally, <Wilde Pact> had several great flaws and limitations. The four strongest border super empires of the Human Race had not participated. If it were not for their focusing all their strength to resist the invasions of different races, they wouldn’t have given any face at all to Light Church. Without their participation, this treaty couldn’t be regarded as a unified agreement by the Human Race.

<Wilde Pact> had several intentionally designed loopholes. The treaty only restricted wars between empires, but kingdoms and principalities weren’t limited at all; therefore, they could war in this restricted period without violating the treaty. If the empires of the three forces wished to battle, then they only needed to withdraw behind the scenes, secretly instigating and controlling those kingdoms and principalities to mobilize and fight a proxy war.

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However, all this had little to do with Clyde. In any case, he was safe for the moment. The kingdoms and principalities of Clark Alliance in the vicinity of Steinbeck Fief had already been taught a painful lesson, so it was very unlikely for them to look for trouble in the short term. After robbing Earl Harrison’s private collection coupled with inheriting the wealth of the Lamina Dynasty with the help of Undead Queen Lafania and Curse Queen Mephis, Steinbeck Fief had wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation. In terms of wealth, Steinbeck Fief crushed Adrian Empire and had even surpassed the two nearby empires of Clark Alliance, Franconia Empire and Augusta Empire.

Only the four border super empires of Ximengsi Continent had the chance to compare Lamina Dynasty in terms of wealth. Now, rich and imposing, Steinbeck Fief began large-scale constructions. Because Clyde had a large number of demonic creatures without employment under his leadership, he arranged for these demonic creatures to come and participate in construction works for free. With all kinds of demonic creatures working day and night, Steinbeck Fief underwent a rapid expansion. The speed of construction even on the outskirts of Stanley City was incredible.

With the ingenious arrangements of Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer, these demonic creatures avoided the sight of the church members within Stanley City who were occupied with building the branch cathedrals of Light Church. “Punishment Saintess” Tiffany and “Light Saintess” Maria never even noticed that the workers building outside the city walls were actually demonic creatures. They believed that Steinbeck Fief has spent a large amount of money to recruit workers who continuously toiled from morning till night. Therefore, a strange harmony appeared in Steinbeck Fief. Light Church worked beside all kinds of demonic creatures. That scene, in the eyes of many people, was simply unbelievable.

All the collections Clyde had obtained from that mysterious wicked basement along with those spoils of war were transferred to the palace and arranged. In Adelaide Kingdom, they were already considered dead due to Atad’s Undead calamity. Now, it was impossible for them to return; therefore, they could only choose to accept their fates and stay in Steinbeck Fief.

Hal has already ground off the arrogance of these misses from illustrious and aristocratic families. Practically none had any resistance to the arrangements of their new master. Although the slave imprints on their white butts couldn’t be removed in the short term, those wicked R rings on their alluring cherries were removed, and healing magic was used to deal with the aftermath. However, they had already accepted their new statuses and declined to remove their slave imprint. They were worried that without this imprint, they would completely lose their sense of identity and risk being abandoned by this new master.

Moreover, these white lambs didn’t intend to wear any clothing. They had already become accustomed to staying bare. Clothing felt somewhat uncomfortable. However, the most crucial thing was that all the maids in the palace were naked. Women with clothes were different level existences. Clothes were a symbol of a heir position. They didn’t dare to overstep.

Clyde also didn’t force them to wear clothing. From a different perspective, many people craved this so much that they would even dream about it. Making excuses seemed very hypocritical; it was better to be sincere. Although most of them came from illustrious and aristocratic families, there were some Hal had trained as special maids among them. Under their direction, these ladies were soon able to perform ordinary and simple maid jobs. For identification, they wore collars around their necks forged in silver. Compared to the red leather collars the maids with ordinary origins wore, the difference was clear. Even the thin attached chains were made of silver. 

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The origins of the maids in Steinbeck Fief’s castellan palace already crushed many orthodox Clark Alliance nations. It was difficult to imagine that this fief belonged to Victor Alliance, which adhered to an antislavery system. The Suzerain palace was not open to outsiders, and the nominal Suzerain of Steinbeck Fief was still Princess Saras. Clyde hid behind the scenes and secretly controlled everything. Basically, no one would think that the residence of a female Suzerain would have so many special maids imprisoned.

A small portion were dissatisfied. Although they had some resistance in their hearts, they were unable to persist. The Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer personally confronted them and carried out various kinds of training. In a special room deep within the palace, these white lambs stood side by side, assuming “” shameful standing postures. Their hands were raised above their heads and bound together with red ropes to force them to maintain this very shameful posture.

The prey nervously looked around the secret room and saw wicked erotic tools that gave them a sense of déjà vu lying everywhere. Their complexions turned red, seemingly recalling those shameful memories from Hal’s secret wicked basement. However, red balls sealed their mouths, so they could only look at the wicked Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer with a pair of small black devil horns in her black gothic Lolita dress. With a wicked smile, she walked toward a white lamb and temporarily removed her wicked red ball, allowing her to speak.

“Quickly, release me quickly! I, however, am… wu!”

“This Big Sister, you still don’t seem to understand your plight. What a fragrant taste! If it were not for Big Brother Clyde’s instructions to not do that, I would…”

“No, don’t eat me. I… I beg you!”

“Humph, you have to be obedient here. Otherwise, I will punish you!”

The white lamb’s persistence didn’t last long. Lucifer walked toward her side and opened her cherry mouth, revealing her fangs. Kissing her prey’s white neck, she hungrily **. At that time, her face unintentionally showed her craving for food, and her eyes filled with greed as her fangs almost pierced the tender flesh. Although she didn’t bite, this pitiful white lamb was so scared that she **, and her ** flowed down her white legs, forming a strange water pool on the ground.

Because Clyde had instructed her in advance, Lucifer wouldn’t truly suck their blood; she was merely scaring them, nothing more. Otherwise, these disobedient prey would have already been sucked dry and transformed into blood servants. As a Bloodkin, she was most skilled in this kind of play. Although she couldn’t truly perform the act, she still took delight in doing this. Her hobby appeared to be bullying prey and watching them show frightened expressions.

“You all should recognize this! Although it is not particularly painful, I don’t imagine you all will want to wear these!”

“That’s not. Don’t… It’s better to talk. Don’t…”

When they saw Lucifer with her evil smile walking towards them with wicked erotic R-rings, these ladies were so frightened that they nearly passed out on the spot. They quickly yielded and, like the others who had already submitted, wore the silver collars, prepared to serve as maids in the palace.

Before they were rescued, these white lambs had been lucky enough to not experience the R-rings. However, those terrifying items had given them a deep impression. Their entire bodies trembled when they saw them. At that time when Hal had put those wicked items on their companions, they had clearly seen everything. Therefore, upon seeing those wicked items, they trembled and felt an indescribable fear.

“That’s more like it, but although this is not necessary, the imprints are a must. There’s no need to worry. Compared to your former master, I’m much more reliable. It will not hurt and will be over in just a moment.”

Before the white lambs had the time to beg for mercy, Lucifer sealed their mouths with red balls. They could only look with terrified faces as a glowing-red hot, special wicked tool for imprinting slave marks on prey appeared behind Lucifer. Then, this bloodkin Lolita blindfolded them and imprinted enslavement marks on each of their pert butts. Clyde had not instructed this, but Clyde wouldn’t blame her in any case.

In the mysterious room, illuminated only by dim candlelight, the shadows of those white lambs revealed on the wall violently trembled as if their owners had been electrocuted. Every one was eventually imprinted with special enslavement marks. This time, these white lambs completely accepted their fates and no longer tried to go against the wicked Bloodkin lolita’s various wicked commands. Under her guidance, they turned into qualified special maids.

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