Chapter 118: The Peaceful and Wicked Morning of Steinbeck Fief’s Suzerain Palace (Part 2)

In the luxurious sleeping quarters deep within the palace, Clyde who had triumphantly returned could finally rest well for a few days. Although he didn’t need to sleep as a Great Old One, his former habits as part of Human Race made him feel it necessary to lie for a while.

Clyde’s younger sister, wicked Bloodkin Lolita Lucifer, carried out a wicked interrogating ritual in that secret room. Clyde wasn’t very clear about the particulars but he had complied. In the Suzerain residence palace, Lucifer was in charge of managing these matters. She herself seemed interested and enjoyed it; therefore, Clyde didn’t prevent her and held the attitude of tacitly accepting.

During the campaign of Atad, over 9,000 soldiers of Steinbeck Fief had been killed in action. However, because Clyde had made a secret evil deal with Divine Realm, Demon Realm, and Ghost Realm, they had come back to life without any price. And since they were tempered by life and death, they had matured a lot. Naturally, the soldiers didn’t really know that they were resurrected because of various insider tradings. They believed that their final battle touched the gods, causing Divine Realm’s Valkyrie Cynthia to resurrect them as Clyde had said.

These sleeping quarters had an ambiguous scene. The maids here were the beautiful female knights under Paladin Alicia. At that time, they had fallen in Hal’s wicked trap along with their Miss and been captured. After that, they had been imprisoned in that wicked secret basement for a period of time. Since Clyde had saved them, their everythings had been transferred to this new master’s hands.

In the sleeping quarters, these beautiful female knights were in bare states. Their treatment was much better than the maids outside the sleeping quarters. At the very least, they didn’t need to wear the wicked collars with pendants around their white necks. Although all had the background of a knight and experienced many battles, they still felt ashamed and blushed. After all, serving their master in a bare state was too shameful.

However, even their lady, Paladin Alicia, was obedient, they had no reason to be stubborn. In addition, Clyde was much better than Hal. He didn’t rely on his status, like those aristocrats of Clark Alliance to trade them as a commodity. This alone was enough for them.

On the luxurious big bed of his sleeping quarters, Clyde comfortably lay, stretching out and enjoying his rare time off. The beautiful knights Aike and Ailu sat on their knees at the lower part of the bed and massaged Clyde’s legs, one on the left and the other on the right. They were also bare and had their heads lowered with red complexions. When massaging their master, their slightly drooping plump and well-developed bosoms would sway lightly, creating a beautiful wicked scenery.

Although Aike and Ailu could clearly feel the gaze of their master focused on their swaying ** many times, they didn’t stop massaging to cover themselves with their hands. In any case, in Earl Harrison’s residence palace at Atad, all had already been seen. They had no secrets in front of Clyde; therefore, Aike and Ailu just had bright red beautiful faces and didn’t dare to look up at Clyde.

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“Aike, Ailu, your faces are so red. Do you want it!”

“Don’t bully them. Wait…”

“Alicia, your face is also red! How about I bully you first?”

“Whose face is red? No… No, you saw wrong!”

Paladin Alicia sat cross-legged at one side of the big bed. She was also in a completely bare state. Clyde rested his head on her white thighs that were intertwined together, enjoying this very elastic and smooth quality lap-pillow. Looking up, he could see those plump and alluring Jade Hares. Alicia’s complexion was also red and burning hot. She was a lot more embarrassed than Aike and Ailu. Merely, she was enduring with her dignity of being a lady and a paladin, nothing more. Her hands were busy massaging Clyde’s shoulders, using somewhat unskilled techniques. All the maids in the sleeping quarters were her subordinates. Giving service to the master in front of them was no different from a public execution.

“Alicia go lower, and let me have a good look!”

“Eh, Master, I… I got it.”

A bashful expression was unintentionally shown on her face. She then lowered her head, letting her master kiss her plump and warm Jade Hares many times. At that time, a certain person reached for a yard after getting an inch, conveniently nibbling those alluring red cherries. The intense stimulation and pleasure coming from her upper body made Alicia unable to restrain herself. Under her bodily instincts, she let out wonderful sounds.

After the Undead calamity of Adelaide Kingdom, Alicia had also been registered among the dead people. She was believed to have been buried together with Hal in Atad’s Undead calamity. Now, it was impossible for her to return. Even if by chance she returned to Grecia Principality, she would just be married off to another person. Perhaps, she would encounter an even more abnormal existence than Hal. Her current state was not bad. At least, she had been able to protect her final chastity until now.

Princess Halisi and the three golden daughters of Earl Harrison, Eldest Miss Sophy, Second Miss Rebecca and Third Miss Vignia, were also here in the sleeping quarters. The openwork style gem undergarments they had originally worn had been removed. They lay on this big bed, restlessly awaiting their master’s love. Their hands were bound behind their backs with red ribbons, so they couldn’t even cover their bosoms. They could only let Clyde admire their beautiful and alluring bearing with embarrassed expressions.

“You all also come over. I will make arrangements for you all. Don’t worry. Everyone here is on the same side. There’s no need to worry about being noticed. Princess Halisi, like this…”

“Master, that is too… Can you chose someone else.”

“No, give it a try. You will start liking this feeling soon. By the way, Princess Alyssa was fine with it. She, however, is Adrian Empire’s princess; she didn’t mind it and was able to easily perform. You are a kingdom’s princess. Can it be that you can’t compare to her?”

“I… okay. I will try my best.”

Under Clyde’s wicked guidance, Princess Halisi seemed to gather her thoughts. Then, after Clyde removed the red ribbon that tied her hands to her back, this princess climbed to Clyde’s lower position with a red face. Afterward, imitating Adrian Empire’s Princess Alyssa, she lowered her head and used her cheery mouth to hold his source of evil. Although her technique was not skilled, it was comparable to Princess Alyssa’s. Both these princesses had not experienced human affairs before. If their technique was proficient, that would be abnormal. Besides, unsmooth techniques brought another kind of splendor.

“Mas… Master. Weren’t you talking about arrangements?”

“Vignia, what do you think? This, however, is the first job!”

“Master, I… I still haven’t prayed today. Can you…”

“Sophy, you can pray here! Go to other places to do anything else, but pray here from now on. Rebecca, don’t urgently study alchemy. There is a lot of fun to study here.”

Under his wicked commands, the three ladies had no way to escape Clyde’s claws. They could only do as he asked. After the red ribbons tying their hands were removed, they also climbed to the side of their master and accepted the erotic assignment. Vignia and Rebecca lay down on the left and right side with red faces and let his evil hands hug their slender and smooth waists to explore their bodies to his heart’s content. Clyde could clearly feel that when they stuck to his body, their plump bosom trembled slightly.

Sophy also truly complied with Clyde’s request. She parted her white legs and straddled her master’s waist. Although her complexion was red and boiling hot, she was able to maintain a praying posture with both palms together. The holy and pure praying ritual was interwoven with a wicked state, which made Clyde have a certain kind of indescribable taboo feeling. He almost couldn’t help wanting to interrupt Sophy’s prayers several times; however, upon seeing her blushing face and her little mouth muttering the daily prayers of Light Church, Clyde gave up.

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At this moment, Sophy had not thought that this shameful prayer ritual she had unwittingly initiated had dug a pit for those beauties of Light Church that Clyde would obtain in the future. Without knowing that Sophy was the one who had initiated this, several great saintesses would follow her steps. Naturally, this was a part of the story that was to come. After the wicked prayer ritual ended, Sophy followed Clyde’s wicked command and lowered her body with a red face, letting her master taste and enjoy her delicious red cherries after Paladin Alicia’s plump bosom.

The Assassin Jenny and Army Commander Natalie also knelt on the left and right of their master. Although they were bare, they didn’t need to give wicked service to their master. They just needed to kneel and hold a silver tray full of delicious foods, making things convenient for Clyde to access. The complexions of these two beauties were not inferior to others; they did their best to clamp their white legs, attempting to conceal their embarrassing instinctual reactions after seeing the wicked scene before them. Clyde also didn’t bluntly point it out, watching their resisting appearance was also a kind of enjoyment.

“Jenny, Natalie, open your legs and change your posture!”

“Master, we… we…”

“Be obedient, change your posture, and open your legs. Otherwise…”

“Okay, Master!”

Under his sudden wicked command, the complexions of Jenny and Princess Natalie became bright red. They shyly opened their legs, letting their master enjoy their alluring and embarrassed looks. After opening their white legs, they put down the silver trays in their hands and held their hands on the backs of their head, assuming very shameful “H” kneeling postures. This was one of the frequently seen wicked postures in erotic movies.

At this moment, at Lawrence River’s bank at the periphery of Steinbeck Fief, Light Church’s secret special envoy squad to award Clyde the “Light Knight” medal had arrived. They were passing the temporary floating bridge. Looking at the two leading figures from the distance, it could be seen that they were girls. Among them, one was Clyde’s acquaintance, “Radiant Saintess” Suhiya.

“What’s up? Suhiya, didn’t you say that you have seen that Suzerain’s administrator and commander of her guard regiment? I heard he is a handsome young man and that you two have a very close relationship.”

“No, it’s nothing. I just felt a chill instinctively; it should be fine.”

“Let’s go then. There is no danger. Tiffany and Maria are building their branch cathedrals here; lp; it is impossible for an evil existence to be here.”


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