Chapter 119: Light Church’s Secret Diplomatic Corps that Came From Afar (Part 1)

Adrian Empire was definitely the unluckiest empire of Victor Alliance during this time period, having suffered heavy losses from Clark Alliance’s two big empires, Augusta Empire and Franconia Empire. Its economy had taken a heavy hit and the prestige of its imperial family had also faced a setback. Many big Suzerains were already wriggling, taking advantage of a favorable situation to gain political bargaining chips and pressure Adrian Empire’s imperial family to offer even more privilege to great aristocrats.

In this period of time, Steinbeck Fief was occupied with reconstruction of itself. Taking advantage of this chance when Adrian Empire was declining, Steinbeck Fief didn’t care about the issue of hostile camps and traded with neighboring Clark Alliance nations, purchasing all kinds of building materials from their hands, and soon, the trade extended to even other common goods.

Due to the enticement of enormous economic profits, these Clark Alliance principalities and kingdoms changed their former hostile attitudes towards Steinbeck Fief. After all, who didn’t like money? Steinbeck Fief temporarily became the safest fief on the border of Adrian Empire. A large number of people evading war in the surrounding areas swarmed into Steinbeck Fief, increasing the population.

However, all this had little to do with Clyde. He was still enjoying his spoils of war in bed. Although he hadn’t taken the final step, his current attitude was not very different from that. Princess Halisi was bright red. Under his wicked guidance, she swallowed his source of evil with her unskilled technique. The complexions of the other beauties were also bright red. They didn’t dare to act rashly in fear of being selected to replace Princess Halisi.

Sacred Moon Dragon Knight Princess Verly and Three-Headed Demonic Dragon Knight Demon Princess Andrea were also on this luxurious big bed. Their blindfolds had already been removed; thus, they were able to clearly see the wicked scenes happening on the bed. These two princesses were completely bare. They knelt on the pink bedsheet with their bodies slightly leaning forward, and both hands bound together behind with red ropes. Their legs were also bound with red rope. On the bed were only bound prey. At present, Clyde only had thoughts of enjoying himself, so he didn’t put his hands on these two white lambs for the time being.

The difference in openness between Human and Demon Race was incomparable. Facing the same scene, Princess Verly was bright red as she strived to lower her head, wanting to avoid the scene, but those wicked and charming voices continuously resounded in her ears. Her complexion was red to her neck. However, Andrea was not particularly red. Basically, shyness couldn’t be seen on her face. She just had an unreconciled expression. After her and Verly’s blindfolds had been taken off, they had only seen Clyde in humanoid form, not in his Great Old One form. As a result, they were unable to associate them together and thought that that terrifying Evil God had casually bestowed them to one of its believers as a gift.

Clyde also didn’t point out the truth, placing magic restriction seals on these two princesses. Unless this magic restriction seal was removed, their true strengths would be sealed. They would be no different from ordinary women. As for how to deal with these two princesses, Clyde was somewhat at a loss. One was from a super empire, and the other one was the princess of an alien race, different from these princesses and misses around him, who were only on the kingdom and principality level and could be easily forgotten.

“Despicable human, quickly release me! If it were not for His Excellency the Evil God… How could you…”

“Princess Andrea, in my place, there is no division between races. Even if you were a Valkyrie, you would still be treated the same!”

“You… aren’t you a human? You actually aren’t afraid of Demon Race? Wait, don’t come! Don’t…”

Seeing that Andrea wanted to flaunt her superiority, Clyde got up with a bad smile and let the other beauties beside him rest for the time being. He moved over, tightly hugged Andrea, and used his finger to touch her sensitive acupoints. Andrea’s white body violently trembled as if she had received an electrical shock. Because he had explored Ancient Demon King Andirsno before, he was very clear about the sensitive places of Demon Race. This time, Andrea no longer had her prior contemptuous look and unintentionally showed fear. She realized that this human before her was terrifying. He actually knew the sensitive places of the Demon race.

“Don’t, don’t make things difficult for Andrea! She is Demon Race’s princess. If she isn’t released, Demon Race might…”

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“Princess Verly, what? Do you want to help her? Or do you want to serve your master in her stead?”

“You…, aren’t you afraid?”

“Princess Verly, no one knows that you are here in this remote place. Even if your honored country comes to investigate, they would just go to Adelaide Kingdom…”

Verly’s face was very red as Clyde used his hand to pull up her smooth chin as if he were examining a precious artwork. Honestly speaking, if this handsome young man in front of her eyes wasn’t playing with her in evil ways and had pursued her normally, then it would not be impossible for her to consider him a little. Nevertheless, her current plight was too embarrassing. Her power had been sealed like Princess Andrea’s. She wanted to summon her flying dragon, but both sides had lost contact. Now, even if her nation wanted to look for her via her mount, the success rate would be very low.

“You… What price do you want? Can we discuss this? I…”

“I haven’t thought about it for the moment. You two can stay here for several more days. My sleeping quarters are pretty big; there is no problem even if a few more have to stay.”

“Oh, that’s right. The conflict between you two hasn’t been resolved yet, right? I will help mediate between you two.”

“Wait, don’t… It’s weird.”

“No, you are a devil!”

After a short while, Verly and Andrea were tied together facing each other. Clyde then extended his evil hands and gently pushed the backs of their heads. The complexions of these two arch-rival princesses reddened. Because their soft and elastic bosoms were squeezed together, a very weird and peculiar feeling quickly spread throughout their bodies.

Verly and Andrea looked at each other and hesitated before shyly sticking out their fragrant tongues, tongue-kissing each other. Clyde complacently enjoyed the beautiful scene as his devilish hands felt about their smooth backs. These two lambs were quickly unable to resist the continuous double stimulations and gave out strange sounds. Soon afterward, Clyde made Knight Aike and Ailu press their shoulders together from behind, making Verly and Andrea maintain the highly sensitive state until they thoroughly submitted themselves to their bodily instincts.

Verly and Andrea soon became engrossed in each other’s softness. For a moment, they forgot about their hostile identities. A mysterious fragrance permeated these sleeping quarters, making people do many absurd things as if it were a hallucination. It had an outstanding effect on girls. From the time they had first been imprisoned, they had already fallen into an inescapable trap.

The only matter that made Clyde feel somewhat unfortunate was that Death Angel Somar and Death God Melis had returned to Divine and Ghost Realm respectively after the Undead calamity of Atad was dealt with. Divine and Ghost Realm had used summoning magic to forcefully recall them. Otherwise, there would be two more delicious white lambs on the big bed now.

“Lord Clyde, did I disturb you? If I have disturbed you, then I’ll withdraw for a while.”

“It’s okay, Saras. Come in. Everyone here is one of our people. Do not be alarmed.”

Just as Clyde was preparing to further engage in all kinds of taboo plays, Princess Saras, the acting Suzerain of Steinbeck Fief, came in carrying a pile of official documents. After obtaining his permission, Princess Saras entered this sleeping chamber filled with an unusually ambiguous air. Her face instantly became a little red, but she was long accustomed to seeing various kinds of wicked plays. Merely, upon seeing Princess Verly and Princess Andrea, she unintentionally showed surprise. The statuses of these two princesses was so high that it was beyond her expectations.

Princess Saras wore princess-specific formal evening wear, but there were no straps on her exposed, smooth, white, fragrant shoulders. It was very likely that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath her upper outerwear and skirt. After Princess Saras noticed Clyde’s gaze was somewhat strange, she smiled, sat on the bedside, and placed the official documents on a bookcase beside the bed.

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“Lord Clyde, you already have enough people here! Don’t tell me… you want to add more people!”

“Say, what matter made you look for me? There shouldn’t be any matters major enough for me to deal with in person. You should be able to handle everything.”

“It’s like this: the special envoys of Light Church have come to award you the “Light Knight” medal. They have already arrived at the outskirts of Stanley City. Do you want to…”

“What’s the big deal? Isn’t it fine for you to receive the medal in my stead? If I go to receive the medal in person, that would be weird.”

While reporting the situation, Princess Saras snuggled in Clyde’s arms. Under her intentional coordination, Clyde’s mischievous claws didn’t still. Not waiting for her to finish her report, this prey who had taken the initiative to throw herself into his arms was stripped naked, turning into a white lamb. Clyde’s former guess was right. When Princess Saras had come to report, she had intentionally not worn any undergarments. After taking off that outer layer of fabric, he could directly enjoy her.

“Wu, Lord Clyde, wait a moment… There’s no… Wait for me to finish speaking!”

“Saras, your face is so red. You can still give the report later.”

“No, Lord Clyde, the matters of the Needham Plains have changed. Adrian Empire seems to have given the Needham Plains to another aristocrat. Light Church’s special envoy came to explain this to us in passing.”

“What! Going back on their words. That old fox Bishop Nichols took tens of thousands of gold coins from us, and he actually went back on his words! Where is the special envoy?”


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