Chapter 464: Worry

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, he then left with Ning Meng Yao. They went around the whole village and headed to Yang Zhu’s home after passing their gifts to some familiar families.

Yang Zhi had already returned from school when the two of them headed over, his eyes brightened when he saw Ning Meng Yao: “Elder Sister Meng Yao, you’re back. I really miss you a lot.”

”Elder sister also misses you. Have you been obedient and listened to your teacher?” Ning Meng Yao immediately smiled and asked, she really liked the naughty boy.

Zhi’er quickly nodded his head: “Of course, the teacher really likes me. Elder sister, let me tell you……”

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The whole courtyard could hear Zhi’er and Ning Meng Yao’s conversation, the other people stood by the side and listened to their conversation, especially Qiao Tian Chang.

But he became distracted after listening for a while. Would his child be just as cute when he grew up? If it’s so, he would really be happy.

Ning Meng Yao saw Qiao Tian Chang’s gaze flickering, he seemed to be thinking of something, she headed over and asked softly: “What are you thinking about?”

”I was wondering if our child would be so intelligent like Zhi’er.”

”He definitely will be,” They would naturally teach their child properly.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, he placed his hand on Ning Meng Yao’s belly, the child moved just as he placed his hand, that feeling caused Qiao Tian Chang to be filled with joy, he was also feeling really blessed.

Their public displays of affection while ignoring everyone else in the surroundings caused Ning Meng Yao to feel slightly embarrassed, she touched her own nose awkwardly, there was a slight flicker in her eyes.

”Your relationship is still as good as always,” Madame Yang chuckled and said as she looked at the two of them.

She then thought of her own daughter, Yang Le Le. Haih, that child would soon be eighteen-years-old, she would always say to hold on when marriage was mentioned, she was already a young lady. Everyone in the village was pointing at their family, saying their daughter was still not settled down and nobody has taken a fancy on her.

They wanted to ask their daughter not to go out to work anymore, but seeing their daughter so happy, they were unable to say those words.

”Aunt Yang, what’s going on? What is on your mind?” Ning Meng Yao felt puzzled when she saw Madame Yang’s sad look.

Madame Yang let out a sigh: “It’s all because of Le Le, she is almost eighteen, although our family is getting more and more prosperous, people in the village are saying many things, saying Le Le is becoming an old woman and will not be married.”

Ning Meng Yao immediately felt speechless when she heard it: “Aunt Yang, just be at ease, Le Le will definitely get married this year.”

”What are you saying?” Madame Yang was spirited when she heard it, could it be that there is something they didn’t know?

Ning Meng Yao gave some thought and told Madame Yang what Lei An asked her, she then told Madame Yang that Lei An was currently at the battlefield and will definitely come to propose when he returns.

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Lei An and Yang Le Le had been getting along well during that period of time, Yang Le Le had also mentioned to her what happened between them, she felt that the two of them would sooner or later be married.

Madame Yang was immediately relieved when she heard it was Lei An: “I’m at ease if it’s that child, Lei An, but why is he at the battlefield? The swords and spears on the battlefield do spares no one.”

”He will be back soon. Aunt Yang, there’s no need to worry.”

”Okay, then I’m at ease,” Madame Yang was thinking in her heart, Lei An was actually an official but he really did not seem like one. Those people will be envious of her in the future, having an official for a son-in-law, she would see who would dare to laugh at Le Le.

Ning Meng Yao found it funny as she looked at Madame Yang fully displaying her emotions, she was unable to restrain her smile. This Madame Yang was too cute.

”I’m going to cook,” Madame Yang felt embarrassed seeing Ning Meng Yao smiling and looking at her, she hurriedly got up and entered the kitchen.

Her escape while panicking caused Yang Zhu and the others to laugh.

Yang Zhu was also worried about his daughter’s marriage. Now that he knew Lei An had such thoughts, he naturally would not allow Madame Yang to search for other candidates, compared to those people they were unfamiliar with, the familiar Lei An was more reliable.

In the evening, Yang Yu and his wife saw Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang, they then chatted for a while.

Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang returned together after the skies turned dark.

”Elder sister Meng Yao, are you all leaving after this?” Before they left, Yang Zhi pulled the two of them and asked with pitiful eyes.

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