Chapter 465: Men Can Also Act Coy

”I’ll remain here from now on. But I’ll still leave if anything comes up,” Ning Meng Yao originally felt that they would definitely leave in the future, but after some thoughts, she felt there were still many things they needed to handle, and she quickly added in. 

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Yang Zhi was satisfied when he heard it: “Then I’m satisfied,” His happy look caused Madame Yang to say that the child doesn’t want his mother anymore after he has his elder sister.

However, she shook her head and said: “This younger generation.”

Ning Meng Yao immediately laughed when she heard her words, she called Yang Yi and his wife elder brother and sister-in-law, but their child called her elder sister. Wasn’t he so?

”Zhi’er, in the future, you must call her aunt,” Madame Yang looked at her son and said dotingly.

Yang Zhi muttered softly: “But I prefer to call her Elder Sister Meng Yao.”

She reached out her hand and stroked her son’s head. Madame Yang then explained in a gentle manner: “Meng Yao is the same generation as father and mother, if you call her elder sister, the generations would be messed up.”

Yang Zhi unwillingly addressed her softly after he heard it: “Aunt.”

”Really obedient. No matter whether you call me elder sister or aunt, I’m still me, right?” Ning Meng Yao smiled and explained seeing Yang Zhi’s unstable emotions.

Yang Zhi felt it was true when he heard it, no matter how he addressed her, it was the same person, she would still treat him kindly.

He immediately understood after some thought: “Aunt, I understand.”

”How obedient. Elder Brother Yang, sister-in-law, we’ll be taking our leave now.”

”Then quickly return, you have such a huge belly, you must be exhausted,” Madame Yang urged them to return.

The two of them walked on the quiet path, Ning Meng Yao listened to the rushing sounds by the side, her lips curved up, this place was indeed more suitable for her.

Qiao Tian Chang stood behind Ning Meng Yao and looked at her, there was gentleness and doting in his eyes.

When the two of them returned, Grandmother Qin had already prepared their meals, Ning Meng Yao felt helpless seeing it: “Granny, why are you preparing so much food for me?”

”I thought you all would definitely be back for your meal after going out, who knew that you all returned after having your meals,” It was already very late, they definitely ate outside before coming back.

Ning Meng Yao felt embarrassed, they forgot to inform her that they were not coming back to eat: “Why don’t I drink some soup?”

Grandmother Qin’s soup tasted much better than the imperial chef’s, Ning Meng Yao loved to drink some on normal days. They did not have any soup in the village head’s home, she immediately took a bowl and scooped a little.


After drinking the soup in little mouthfuls, Ning Meng Yao headed upstairs to wash up and got ready.

The sorrow of having no entertainment programs to sleep when there was nothing to do when the skies were dark.

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”Go to sleep, we’ll get up early tomorrow morning to climb the mountains, haven’t you been thinking about it for a long time?” This girl kept mentioning heading to the mountains once she knew they were coming back, she had the opportunity to right now.

Ning Meng Yao’s brightened up when she heard it.


”When have I lied to you?” Qiao Tian Chang found it funny as he looked at Ning Meng Yao.

Ning Meng Yao shook her head.

”Then close your eyes and sleep. If you do not wish to sleep, I can help you out,” Qiao Tian Chang nibbled her earlobes affectionately.

Ning Meng Yao’s face immediately blushed, she felt embarrassed: “I’m…… I’m sleeping.”

Seeing Ning Meng Yao lying down in a panic, her face was blushing but still just as good looking.

He reached out his hand and touched Ning Meng Yao’s belly: “Haih, when will this child be born,” His voice was filled with resentment and pity, it was as if he had been bullied.

Ning Meng Yao held back her laughter when she heard it: “That’s enough.”

Qiao Tian Chang looked eagerly at Ning Meng Yao: “Dear……” His stretched tone caused Ning Meng Yao to shiver, she rolled her eyes at the man with no integrity in front of her: “That’s really enough, you are a grown man.”

”What’s wrong with being a grown man? A grown man can’t act coy with their own wive?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao in a bold and confident manner.

But Ning Meng Yao was already feeling shocked: “You still dare to bring it up.”

Qiao Tian Chang felt depressed as he looked at that large belly, he was calculating the time in his heart, there was still three months.

”Good night,” Qiao Tian Chang laid on the bed, he hugged her in his embrace, he won’t feel annoyed and uncomfortable if he can’t see it.

Able to see but unable to touch, it was really uncomfortable.

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