Chapter 604: Focus Of The Crowd

However, Ye Jian was here; she was also so incredible, she found it hard to swallow the truth.

She was already so amazing and even occupied all the teacher’s resources, causing her to feel even more frustrated. She thought of using this military training to let her suffer. As a result, she was put in an awkward position.

The remaining nine people wished to find a hole to crawl into. Luo Ran, who had been pressed down by an unknown instructor, had eaten a mouthful of dust. His head was still pressed to the ground; his facial features were already deformed; his body again could not move.

He was unable to watch Ye Jian’s performance over the last forty minutes; he could only hear cheers which were getting louder and louder. Luo Ran could only hate himself for being pressed down by this soldier, or else, he would rush over to boo!

All the instructors had already returned to the classes they were training, sounds of the student’s applause welcomed them, even when they clapped until their hands ached, they still were unwilling to stop.

Yao Jing’s clapping was only for show; there was not a single sound coming out.

How could she feel happy that the person she disliked won so beautifully?

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She had no way of feeling happy; she only wished to destroy, wanted to ruin that person who became the focus of the crowd, hide all her radiance and warmth in darkness, having no fate with the limelight in this lifetime!

Wang Dandan, who was standing beside her, smirked as she glanced at her. She, who had shifted her gaze, continued applauding as she welcomed their instructor’s return, she was also praising Ye Jian, a girl she admired.

” Jing Jing, I think this Ye Jian is not simple. From my point of view, just let what happened between you and her pass,” Wang Dandan smirked, it was as if she had an ordinary conversation, she was not worried Yao Jing would become hostile, “You can see, how could she have such skills from twenty or thirty minutes of practice?”

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” How is it possible? From a glance, it’s impossible to have such solid necessary skills without a few years of training. Please don’t stick out wrongly, not only would you offend Ye Jian, but you would also need to worry Yang Heng distancing himself from you.

Yao Jing’s eyes sank. She wiped the sweat on her forehead, she then smiled and said: “Dan Dan, your words are a little deep. Why? Do you think I would land a heavy blow to Ye Jian?”

” Are you certain that you would obtain satisfying results just like in middle school if you deal her a heavy blow?” Wang Dandan turned her head and revealed a sweet smile; she had a pair of distinctive incisors; her teeth looked sharp when she smiled with a hint of playfulness. Although her rosy cheeks could not be compared to Yao Jing’s oval face, she looked as sweet as candy, “Didn’t your parents come to school the last time? What was the result?”

“I’m only advising you because we are friends, of course, it’s up to you to listen to it. I feel that Yang Heng might not like a girl like Ye Ying; there’s no need for you to love him and love his dog.”

She blinked her eyes as she spoke; it was as if she was pointing something out.

Yao Jing retracted most of the smile on her face as she looked at her best friend with a cold gaze. After a while, she smiled and said: “Love him and love his dog, it could be understood as so, who asked Yang Heng to personally tell me that he was interested in Ying Ying. He is my older brother.”

Wang Dandan no longer spoke; her beautiful eyebrows were slightly frowning; she no longer advised her.

She and Yao Jing knew each other because their families had a good relationship, she understood Yao Jing quite well, she had already advised her, but she was still not clear-headed, it seems that only Yang Heng could advise her on this matter. 

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