Chapter 603: Fainting From Anger

Ye Ying was already feeling annoyed and angry, her eyes seemed to be spitting flames, but her heart seemed to be splashed with cold water. When she heard An Jiaxin’s voice while tormented by ice and fire, she turned her head and glared at An Jiaxin while feeling enraged.

She turned her head, and An Jiaxin coincidentally saw her pale face. Aiyoyo, she had been enraged! It felt so good! She had angered her like this! She had heart disease, and it seems like she was about to have a stroke!

She looked at An Jiaxin, who always opposed her, Ye Ying said sternly, “Stop being so complacent over here, we still don’t know who would have the last laugh! All of you wait! Just wait! I will not let Ye Jian off!”

”You better know what’s best for you! Ye Ying! If you dare to do anything to Ye Jian, I, An Jiaxin, would be the first person who would not let you off!” Even reasoning didn’t work, An Jiaxin who was holding back, her temper started reprimanding her, “Who do you think you are! You cannot be compared to Jian’er in studies and strength! You can’t even be compared with Ye Jian in upbringing! Wait? Fine! We’ll wait! I’ll wait for you to fail miserably!”

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From a glance, An Jiaxin knew Ye Ying who got caught up in the madness and bigotry would not let it go. She watched as her best friend, Ye Jian, had become the focus of the crowd, her anger towards Ye Ying slowly disappeared, she smiled and said: “I really need to thank you for this time, allowing Ye Jian to be so impressive. In the future, all the teachers and students in school would know about Ye Jian from class one of the eleventh grade! Thank you, Ye Ying!”

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You can threaten and warn Ye Ying, but you must not thank her, it was because she had personally allowed Ye Jian to display her accomplishments, time, and time again.

It was undoubtedly ironic for her; Ye Ying had no way of accepting it, An Jiaxin’s words were like a sword stabbing into Ye Ying’s heart, causing her to feel hurtful.

”Shut your mouth!” Ye Ying’s voice had become distorted; she glared at the figure who was bending her back and returning to her position, she who was filled with anger clenched her fist tightly and suddenly leaned over and landed softly on Meng Wen just when An Jiaxin returned to her original position.

She was annoyed and angered, in addition to feeling not reconciled; she finally…fainted for real.

She had fainted from anger.

Meng Wen had been sitting next to her; she did not lift her head when An Jiaxin spoke her first sentence, she moved her body to the side, she did not wish to hear those words which caused her to feel embarrassed. 

However, when Ye Ying fell like that, she who had a guilty conscience suddenly screamed. Unfortunately, the applause was too loud; only the girls by her side heard her screaming, even the classmates behind her did not listen to it.

Fortunately, the ten students who picked on Ye Jian were standing in front; when Ye Ying fainted, the soldier maintaining order was the first to notice it, it was a common occurrence for female students to faint during the few days of training, the soldier did not panic, after contacting the medical staff, he went over, carried Ye Ying and left.

It was a good thing she fainted, at least she could avoid the coming storm.

Nobody paid attention to whether Ye Ying fainted due to her heart disease or not; all the student’s attention was focused on Ye Jian, who had come back, they were hissing and cheering loudly, giving their warmest applause to Ye Jian who everyone revered.

Meng Wen also wanted to leave; she usually liked to go against Ye Jian, if it were not because of Ye Jian, she would have fewer strong competitors in the class. She would have a higher chance of entering a key university.

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