Chapter 602: You All Made An Error In Judgement

Yang Heng was a smart man; he understood in his heart that as long as he wholeheartedly treated Ye Jian as a friend, she would also do the same, he could feel rest assured just like how he treated his siblings.

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Compared to Yao Jing and Luo Ran, Ye Jian was someone worth befriending.    

Thinking about Luo Ran, who pranced around, coldness appeared on Yang Heng’s tender and handsome face. This man lacked a lesson; he needed to find an opportunity to warn him after the military training was over.

As for Yao Jing, a warning would be useless; he had to find other ways to handle her.

The other guys were thinking of ways of trying to get to know Ye Jian, and he was already thinking of helping Ye Jian settle her problems.

Five more minutes had passed, the instructor from the first-class looked at the time and said to the trainer: “She currently has the results of members of the new soldier’s company.”

”Results of the new soldier’s company? You made an error in judgment,” The trainer smiled, they were all standing under the sun, he who was covered in sweat even without moving look at the figure who was standing as straight as a spear, “She is an old soldier.”

Old soldier? The instructor was astonished, “You mean to say she is a soldier?”

”She’s not a soldier, but she is definitely secretly trained by a specific unit, our anti-chemical unit…… Sigh, we’re slower by a bit, slower!” The trainer let out an unfortunate sigh, too late, too late, she was already trained to be a qualified soldier; it would be difficult for their anti-chemical unit to pull her in.

Although the instructor did not feel the same way as the trainer, he also thought that it was a pity their unit was unable to recruit a student who was like a soldier.

After half an hour, the trainer finally spoke, “Attention, at ease, rest in position.”

Applause rang out when the sixteen figures walked over neatly, louder and livelier each time, it was as if welcoming triumphant heroes, applauding her heroism.

However, half an hour was like three minutes for Ye Jian, a few years of training had trained the Qi, muscles, and bones to an optimum state. Her coordination and balancing of her Qi and strength were perfectly displayed; she could easily last the next half an hour without feeling the slightest discomfort. 

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A student standing in military posture could only last fifteen minutes. The trainer intends to increase the time by a bit; he wanted to suppress those students in the first class who deliberately rejected her and were afraid of being dragged down. He wanted them to know finding fault in others was foolishly conceited, letting them feel ashamed of themselves!

An Jiaxin who was clapping until her palms were red turned her body and looked at the figure sitting at the left side of the first row. Anger flashed in her eyes, and she smiled once more, she gently walked past the two teams and arrived behind Ye Ying.

”Ye Ying, did you see that? Do you think Jian’er is afraid of your petty tricks? Are you feeling regretful right now? Hahaha, you thought of embarrassing Ye Jian, you even thought of inciting the whole class to reject her, you are blind.”


The loyal An Jiaxin came over to make her angry; she wanted Ye Ying to know that her own wicked thought would only make Ye Jian even more radiant in the end.

”How does it feel lifting a stone and smashing your own feet? Does it feel good? Ye Ying, persisting in evil would only bring self-destruction! Ye Jian has always known her own bounds; she only smiled at what you did; she is generous and kind! Stop being condescending over here; if she really wants to calculate, you think you can smoothly finish high school?”

An Jiaxin was warning her to know her bounds; Ye Jian does not calculate with her right now does not mean she would not figure with her in the future. If she still dares to use such underhand methods, it was not confident who would be the unlucky one!

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