Chapter 601: Unstoppable When Being On The Offensive

Even Yao Jing started stretching her neck; sand had blown into her eyes, Ye Jian was unable to hold on any longer!

Those who were not soldiers would never know how much effort is needed to maintain a military posture. When Principal Chen was training Ye Jian in her military posture, there were needles placed on her legs, as long as she moved, the needles would stab her feet until it bleeds.

There was a cross-fitting waist frame placed on her back; her wrist was even tied with iron balls or sandbags, her eyes much keep facing the front, and never squinting, she would never blink even if the wind blew in her face and sand entered her eyes! As long as the orders had not ended, she could only keep standing even under the storm, lightning, and hurricanes, she would easily stand in an upright manner!  

So what if sand or sweat entered her eyes?

An army must act as an army; a soldier must act like a soldier. They must have an image of a soldier, the loftiness of a soldier! They must have a deterrent effect on their enemies and give the commoners a sense of security; they must be formidable when taking action, unstoppable when being on the offensive.


When putting on their military uniform, they must be able to endure the hardship. Wind and sand, sweat, and tears could be considered negligible.

Ye Jian kept her head up, and she stared at the sunlight which would cause one’s skin to peel, she stood for more than twenty minutes without moving the slightest.

The students who were sitting down began to find it unbearable; they were feeling uncomfortable seated under the sun, how comfortable would Ye Jian who stood still over there be.

” Twenty-five minutes! She did not move!”

” Not only did she not move, I even saw that she did not even blink when the sandy wind blew in her face! Could it be that long eyelashes could block the sandy wind?”

” Have you gone silly? Even long eyelashes can block off the sandy wind? Why don’t you put on some fake eyelashes and give it a try?”

” My eyes are feeling uncomfortable even after rubbing them. You guys look at Ye Jian; she is standing upright. Just this point, us guys cannot be compared to her!”

What’s so surprising that guys cannot be compared to her? If he said that Ye Jian had helped the Public Security Bureau find out the truth within four hours, heh, won’t they be shocked stiff?

Yang Heng, who had finished drinking the whole bottle of mineral water, was clenching the mineral water bottle tightly, his line of sight landed on Ye Jian. Wasn’t Ye Jian attractive like this? Who among all the students from both schools added up could not be compared to her?

One in a thousand? One in ten thousand? It would even be not very easy to find a girl like her among ten million people!

She was still standing; the white sunlight had begun becoming faint golden, her shadow had become longer due to the western-slanting sunlight, her upright figure along with the instructor’s figures was imposing without diminishing.

The previous training had lasted for around half an hour, in addition to the forty minutes right now, which means Ye Jian’s continuous training had continued for almost a whole hour.

An hour was already the limits for the boys, but it still seems easy for her, she wasn’t feeling the slightest exhaustion.

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Yang Heng began laughing as he watched; there was pride and honor in his eyes; see, Ye Jian, who was standing there like a ray of light, was his friend. She was so outstanding that the teachers and students in the school had a whole new level of respect for her over and over again.

Yang Heng secretly felt that Ye Jian would be a member of the famous people of the century in First Provincial High, her photo would definitely be hung in the school’s hall of fame for the juniors to look up to.

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Perhaps, one day when he returned to school, he could point at that famous person’s photo above and tell other people that she was his friend!

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