Chapter 600: Unable to Find A More Suitable Praise

Ye Jian… was truly herself!!!

In addition to having super active memory and godly observation, she even had such a hidden ability!

Were Luo Ran and Yao Jing both blind to provoke her!?

“Isn’t Ye Jian the girl who punched Luo Ran until his whole face was bloody and the one who kicked a basketball as if it was a football?” Even the students in the senior third-class knew her. Who knew Ye Jian would have done such an extraordinary thing on the basketball court that day, astonished the school students, it was not something ordinary people can do.  

When Yang Heng heard this, he frowned, and said in a severe tone: “She did not mean to do it, she just accidentally hit the ball when she wanted to return it.” If this were rumoured, it would only make Luo Ran more likely not to let Ye Jian off.

“I did not say she did it on purpose, Besides it is quite impossible if you think about it. Yang Heng, why does it seem to me that you know her? What does she look like? This junior seems not bad; she could let others fall for her.”

Boys and girls who studied until the third year of high school were well-aware. This was the time if they wanted to fall in love, or to bury their heads in studies, ignoring things that were not related to them, strictly focusing on their revisions.

For students who were unable to achieve high grades, they would relax and pay attention to the hot topics in school.  

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And Ye Jian’s name was quite heard frequently, but no one knew her much. However, at this moment, her popularity had become apparent, so this person was Ye Jian!

Yang Heng was always impatient with this kind of gossip. He glanced at the boy in his class, looking at the pimples on his face, he laughed, “Why, you want to try your luck? Have you seen Ye Jian’s skin or not? Even the sunlight reflected by her skin, she was as fair as an egg. You, your face is covered with pimples. I think it is better that you do not disturb her; you might even spread it to the mites!”

His words were quite funny; all the other boys around him heard him clearly, even the soldiers who kept the order of the place, could not hold back his laughter.

What he said was true though.

Other people sweat dirt, but Ye Jian was still as clean as the melting white snow, immersed in the clear, as comfortable as to how the water felt when she sweated.

When the sunlight shone in her dark eyes, her eyes were like a crescent moon hanging high on a laurel tree, so bright as if they wanted to be the one chasing the moon.

Her appearance alone was enough to amaze the boys, but her temperament was as cold as a sword and as proud as a green pine. She had a kind of military skill that the boys looked up to, but they could only look from a distance, cannot be profaned. 

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“Her beauty is like rosemallows, classy, having both ability and moral integrity, smart and athletic… I cannot believe that such a person really exists. Finally, studying in this high school is no longer a waste of time.” Compared to the science stream boys, the boys in the liberal arts class were much more implicit.

They could sum it all up with just sixteen words; this praise could not be any more suitable.

The initial 15-minute break got extended for another five minutes; Ye Jian had also been in the “Standing Military Position” for that five minutes. The veterans were impressed by her determination to stand in line!

The standing military posture was the primary military position. Soldiers had to suck in their abdomen, lift their chest, put their head up, have their eyes forward, both shoulders back, and their body must be as strong as steel. Only then, it would show the tenacity of a real soldier!

At 3:11 in the afternoon, the wind was strong, and it blew the yellow dust from the field. Someone shouted, “ah yeah,” as he quickly used his hand to wipe the dust from his eyes. All of the students had to have their eyes wide open, which made almost half of them blinded by the sand.

Some students who had fast responses like Yang Heng had closed their eyes and waited for the wind to blow the dust away before opening their eyes. When they opened their eyes, they saw the wind blowing the dust around a person standing motionless in the middle. …It had been 10 minutes… the person should have some reaction by now.

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