Chapter 599: Center of Attention

“Did you notice? Her camouflage is the same color as the instructors’ camouflage. She looks like a real soldier, not like a student at all… I worship her now.”

“Oh my god! Didn’t the group complain earlier that the fact that Ye Jian would only arrive today, will drag down their class rankings and scores? It is such a huge irony, see how well she did! How perfect her moves are!”

“She is a female soldier, not a student, right? She truly is amazing!”

“Their marching was neat. If I did not know that the last one was a student, I would have really thought that she was an instructor. Alas, I heard that she arrived here at noon, it was just not long ago! But she did not look like she just learned the steps at all!”

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Among the second and third-year students’ discussion about Ye Jian, if second-year students had forgotten about discipline, they would have already ran to pick Ye Jian up.

Ye Ying’s face was as white as snow. She was not one to get exposed to the sun often. At this moment, her face was paler than that of any of her classmates. She was so soft that her lips were light, and she looked like she had heatstroke.

How could it be, how could it be like that? She really did not expect it… She did not even expect it!

Her plan made her shine! That thunderous applause was all given to her, and all the praises were for her.

The students who questioned Ye Jian like Ye Ying earlier lowered their heads. They were so ashamed that even their necks were red.

“No, it is impossible, how could it be…” She really could not believe what she saw; she could not accept the reality that had made her even more embarrassed.

Her face changed from pale to green, and her beautiful features changed, she looked like a witch in an instant. She wanted to rush to Ye Jian, who became the focus of attention, and pull her out of the army and chase her to the dirtiest place!

Unacceptable, this was genuinely unacceptable! How did Ye Jian still win in the end! This was unacceptable!

Ye Ying bit her lower lip tightly until she could taste the rusty blood taste in her mouth, but she did not loosen her bite. Her dreadful eyes locked on to the figure in the “Running Stand” position, she looked at Ye Jian’s elegant posture, which was better than the instructors. She looked at Ye Jian standing under the sun, radiating the kind of temperament that made her flustered more and more… Faintly, she saw her distance from Ye Jian.

How could this be!

How could the one who was being beaten and scolded by her since childhood, the coward and an incompetent one, the one who was intentionally brought up poorly by her parents, became better than her!

Applause sounded throughout the whole field. When the first applause from the students roared, the coach had immediately notified the team to send a small group to maintain the discipline of the students.

With the guidance of the soldiers, all eight second-year classes sat back down on the left, and all seven third-year classes sat back down on the right. The eighteen troops in the middle stood with courage.

The coach immediately made his decision, the top student soldier and flag guard awards went to Ye Jian! There was no better candidate than her.

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The applause lasted for a long time, because of Ye Jian, even the soldiers who came to maintain the order of the place, had their eyes on Ye Jian, feeling surprised. She was a girl who was more like a soldier than a soldier, so rare!

Yang Heng, a senior from the third year, initially did not recognize Ye Jian was the last instructor. When he saw her at first glance, Ye Jian and the other seventeen instructors were facing away from him. After they turned around, Yang Heng saw the familiar face. He choked on the water that he was drinking until he cried.

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