Chapter 598: Ye Jian Is So Manly

Wang Dandan was not the only one who thought so; most girls and boys had the same thought.

After the soldiers were in positioned, the “position” command was given, Ye Jian’s moved her left leg half a step forward, about 50 cm, her toes were about 30 degrees outward. Both her feet were straight, and the way her right leg quickly approached her left foot, it was just so manly. Just looking at her shadow, the crowd applauded loudly.

“Ye Jian! You are really great!”


“My gosh! Ye Jian, you are my idol! My idol! Why are you so powerful!”

“Ye Jian, be my girlfriend! I need such an honourable girlfriend!”

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“So, manly! No ancients before could compare, and no one after could chase after. Ye Jian, why are you so amazing!!!”

Ye Jian remained calm even though the applause sounded; her heart was like the calm water, without the slightest wave. Before the coach gave another command, she kept in a pine-like posture, without a single movement, and without blinking her eyes. She just stared straight ahead.

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At this moment, what the crowd saw was a soldier, a qualified soldier returning from a body covered in blood!

What the crowd saw was a soldier who got everything she had today because of her own efforts and using unswerving steps. She had paved the road to being an excellent soldier as she was today, a unique female soldier, the sun rising from the east.

The coach was accustomed to how the soldiers stand in line, but when he saw Ye Jian’s posture, his expression was calm, but his eyes shone brightly.

This was definitely a girl with a story. She also must be a female soldier who could go to battle!

She had military prestige, fierce and murderous! 


It was the time to test the soldiers’ necessary skills; the applause stopped consciously after the trainer’s command. All the students held their breaths, their eyes focused on the instructors, and stared at Ye Jian.

Marching was the main move to show that the division was the most powerful. It was the military’s spirit being forged into iron; it was a sharp blade; it had the unyielding sense of a brave tiger spirit!

Ye Jian’s manner changed again. She was no longer restrained, but she became completely extroverted. Her eyebrows were murderous, and her firm eyes were as chill as the autumn water and the ray of a double-sword. Her classmates were in awe, daring not to breathe a sigh of relief.

Under the sun, her body was inclined forward slightly, her fingers clenched gently, her elbows bent when her arms swung forward, and her forearms were somewhat horizontal. This action seemed practical and straightforward, but it was all hard work. The lower edge of her wrist was about ten centimeters higher than the lowermost button on her clothes, and about ten centimeters above her body. When she raised her hand, Ye Jian immediately put these numbers into place.

Her left leg kicked forward about 75 centimeters, and her slender legs were stretched straight, her toes were naturally pressed down, about 20 centimeters from the ground. When her whole foot touched the ground, a loud “slap” sound was heard. When she and her instructors lifted their feet once again, even dust appeared!


There was no applause, but pure silence!

All the students were shocked. They saw Ye Jian’s “march forward” pose even better than the instructors, the way she marched awed them, the way she marched made them feel inferior.

It was too up-to-standard, too perfect! It was more accurate than textbooks, more majestic than instructors’ moves!

The applause roared. It rang like thunder. All the students who were sitting on the ground, stood up and applauded and cheered for her valiant posture.

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