Chapter 436: Burst in Personal Wealth

After confirming the positions of the alliance. As the Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist made a request.”

“Everyone, this leader requires spirit stones for cultivation. If everyone can provide a certain number of spirit stones, this leader will promise to distribute and bestow one or two suitable earth class low-tier equipment within the next few years. Of course, the more spirit stones you provide, the faster you will be able to obtain the earth class low-tier equipment. Next up, everyone can privately transmit messages to me.” After thinking for a moment, Li Fuchen said, “Of course, if anyone doesn’t trust this leader, I will not force anyone and definitely will not make things difficult for everyone.”

After finishing, Li Fuchen smiled and glanced at everyone.

There was utter silence in the grand hall as everyone was contemplating if Li Fuchen’s words were worthy of their trust.

The White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder took a glance at Mu Hanxin’s earth class low-tier gloves. He gritted his teeth and transmitted a message to Li Fuchen, “Alliance Leader, my White River Sect is willing to contribute 100,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

It didn’t matter if Li Fuchen was going to keep to his words, the White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder wanted to strive for the earth class low-tier equipment.

His White River Sect was the first-rate sect and if he could obtain an earth class low-tier equipment, he would be able to establish a firm foothold among the elite experts. It had an important significance.

In other words, if Li Fuchen deceived him, he would only 100,000 low-grade spirit stones and it wasn’t a huge loss for the White River Sect.

If Li Fuchen didn’t cheat him, then it would a huge gain.

Earth class low-tier equipment were priceless artifacts that couldn’t even be bought with spirit stones on the East Unicorn Continent.

“Good. I wonder what kind of earth class low-tier equipment do you need?” Li Fuchen transmitted a reply back to the White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder.

The White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder revealed a delighted expression. If Li Fuchen was asking with such details, it would mean he was going to hold true to his words. The Supreme Grand Elder quickly replied, “For the first equipment, I definitely want a weapon. Either a lance or pike.”

“Not a problem.” Li Fuchen nodded.

“Alliance Leader, my Flourishing Sect is willing to contribute 80,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“My Thunderbolt Sect is willing to offer 120,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

None of the top ten factions had spoken. The ones to speak first were the first-rate sects or the surviving second-rate sects. As for the third-rate sects, they were either eliminated by the Evil Dao or had surrendered to the Evil Dao, or had become a vassal for the major sects. They weren’t even qualified to participate in the alliance conference.

Soon enough, the top ten factions couldn’t resist anymore.

“Alliance Leader, my Tri-Absolute Temple is willing to offer 150,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“Golden Extinct Hall is willing to give 150,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“High Heaven Sword Sect will contribute 180,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“Sky Dragon Sword Sect will offer 150,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“Eternal Spring Valley contributes 200,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

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As the voices echoed in his ears, Li Fuchen’s smile was getting increasingly bright.

He didn’t expect these factions to be all so wealthy. The low-grade spirit stones contributed by a single elite faction was enough for him to return to the Seven Color Continent.

But it was rather normal after thinking about it.\

The East Unicorn Continent might be barren and had lesser spirit stone ore veins. But everyone here was a formidable faction that controlled a region. Offering 100 to 200,000 low-grade spirit stones was actually an easy thing. In the Seven Color Continent, a major clan of the city would already be able to offer 100 to 200,000 low-grade spirit stones if they gathered all their wealth.

If the influential factions in the East Unicorn Continent were to gather their wealth, they would probably be able to bring out 500,000 low-grade spirit stones. But it was unknown if it would affect the operations of their factions.

After all, the factions would have to issue low-grade spirit stones to all the Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists, while Reincarnation Realm experts would need low-grade spirit stones to cultivate as well.

Apart from all that, the factions had to supply energy to the arrays, especially the sect defending arrays. All those arrays required spirit stones to activate as the effect of the arrays would suffer a huge decline if they relied on the scarce heaven and earth qi.

“My Thunder God Sect is willing to offer 500,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“The Mystic Tools Sect is willing to contribute 500,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

Finally, the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had also reported a number.

These two sects had a grudge with Li Fuchen, hence, they believed that Li Fuchen wouldn’t give them any earth class low-tier equipment. But they were afraid that Li Fuchen would settle the scores at an opportune moment later. Without a choice, they had to contribute an amount of spirits stones that wasn’t too much or too few.

There was a total of 36 factions. Li Fuchen calculated mentally and obtained a total of 4.08 million low-grade spirit stones. It was an extremely shocking number and even in the Seven Color Continent, most of the Battle Spirit Realm masters were probably not as wealthy as him.

It was rather obvious, Battle Spirit Realm masters had to rely on themselves to earn spirit stones, while Li Fuchen could earn spirit stones through the entire continent.

It was a guaranteed profitable business and it was free for the taking.

Li Fuchen’s was smiling so resplendently in his heart.

After everyone transmitted the messages, Li Fuchen spoke seriously, “For the first batch, I will issue five earth class low-tier equipment. The factions that will obtain it will be the Wind Snow Sect, the Eternal Spring Valley, the High Heaven Sword Sect, the White River Sect, and the Thunderbolt Sect. Will all others please wait for the good news. In addition, for the rest of the factions, I will be bestowing some earth class low-tier elixirs that will aid you in your cultivation or mental state. As of the earth class low-tier equipment, you will need to wait a little longer.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to satisfy everyone at one go. The harder it was to obtain the equipment, the greater the value. He was going to bring up their appetite and make them obey him. If he was to satisfy everyone immediately, there might just be trouble.

In addition, the White River Sect and the Thunderbolt Sect might not have handed over more spirit stones than the other elite factions, but Li Fuchen had put them in the first batch. It was to stimulate the other factions, especially the elite factions.

While speaking, Li Fuchen took out an earth class low-tier artifact armor and handed it to Mu Hanxin, “I just happen to have an earth class low-tier artifact armor.”

Back at the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen had obtained plenty of earth class low-tier armors and weapons. He had basically sold all of them and turned them into low-grade spirit stones. This earth class low-tier armor was obtained from the Scarlet Fire Fist. The gloves that Li Fuchen gifted to Mu Hanxin was also from the Scarlet Fire Fist.

“Artifact armor?”

Mu Hanxin was overjoyed. With the gloves, his strength was at least at the top 15 even if he wasn’t at the top 10. With this earth class low-tier artifact armor, his overall strength would at least be top ten. If he was to fight against Xiahou Wu again, he would have the strength to fight back and wouldn’t be injured so easily.

“Earth class low-tier artifact armor?”

Including Su Yuanhe and Xiahou Wu, everyone had envious expressions.

They didn’t even have earth class low-tier weapons but Mu Hanxin had obtained an artifact armor. It was truly furious to compare oneself to others.

But it was inevitable as Mu Hanxin was closer with Li Fuchen.

“Congratulations to Elder Mu.”

All the Supreme Grand Elders were looking at Mu Hanxin’s artifact armor with eyes that were burning with flames of jealousy.

“Haha, same to everyone.” Mu Hanxin grinned and laughed loudly.

“Alright, the alliance conference will end for now. Everyone should return and prepare the spirit stones!” Li Fuchen waved his hand as a signal to the end of the conference.

For the next few days, he had to make a trip back to the Seven Color Continent. Of course, before returning, he had to wait for the factions to deliver the low-grade spirit stones first.

One week later…

The various factions had delivered the spirit stones.

There were some factions that changed their mind at the last moment and mentioned to contribute more low-grade spirit stones. They were hoping that Li Fuchen could put them in the second batch of receivers.

In regards to this, Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t refuse.

As a result, the original 4.08 million low-grade spirit stones turned into 4.6 million low-grade spirit stones.

“With so many low-grade spirit stones, I will be able to make 20 over return journeys.”

After using up 210,000 low-grade spirit stones, the Teleportation Board’s qi pool was filled up. Li Fuchen activated the qi pool and turned into a stream of light before vanishing from the East Unicorn Continent.

Seven Color Continent, Violet Flower Kingdom’s South Forest City…

In a single day, half the earth class low-tier equipment were bought from the South Forest City.

At the same time, the Violet Flower Kingdom’s earth class elixirs were also depleted by half.

With a massive number of spirit stones, Li Fuchen had nearly bought everything he had laid his eyes on. There were some that were for the factions, some were for the Azure Water Sect, some were for the Li Clan. Of course, the most valuable ones were for him.

After a final tally, just the earth class low-tier equipment had spent 600,000 low-grade spirit stones.

Because Li Fuchen had bought 150 pieces at one go. 80 were weapons and 70 were armors.

Was the Demonic Ten Regions very powerful? Wasn’t the Evil Dao very tyrannical?

For the next few years, once the Hundred Sects Alliance was fully equipped with earth class low-tier equipment, they would be able to suppress the two other forces. As for the elite enemies, Li Fuchen just had to stall them.

One day later, Li Fuchen activated the Teleportation Board and return to the East Unicorn Continent again.

“Let me wait a moment longer. I will hand them the earth class low-tier equipment after a period of time.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to initiate the second alliance conference.

“After two teleportations and filling up the qi pool of the Teleportation Board again, I have spent a total of 630,000 spirit stones. After buying all the things, I have spent a total of two million spirit stones. This rate of usage is really quite fast.”

Li Fuchen looked at the 2.6 million low-grade spirit stones stacked up in his wrist protector’s spatial zone. It was the first time he felt that the Teleportation Board was just like a divine tool and he could be considered as a continent merchant.

If he had to rely on himself, it was unknown how long would he need to accumulate a few million low-grade spirit stones.

“200 Vajra Elixirs and 200 Body Forging Golden Elixirs should be enough for me to advance my body refinement to the next level.”

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400 earth class mid-tier body refinement elixirs had spent 440,000 low-grade spirit stones.

In fact, even without body refinement elixirs, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level was also gradually advancing.

After consuming the elixirs, Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power increased by 25,000 strands and was already at 26,000 strands now.

Body refinement martial artist might require a lot of resources, but they didn’t use it as fast as Li Fuchen.

This was mainly due to Li Fuchen’s powerful spirit soul and awareness, allowing him to control more qi power or extraordinary qi power. If it was some other body refinement martial artist, even if they had sufficient resources, they wouldn’t be able to advance so quickly as they weren’t able to control it and forcefully consume so much body refinement elixirs. It would only cause their qi and blood to mutated and would explode to death.

Li Fuchen didn’t have such restrictions and as long as he had a method to expel the impurities in the body, he would be able to constantly use the body refinement elixirs to advance his body refinement level.

An unrestricted advancement speed had caused Li Fuchen to use up body refinement resources at the speed that was a few times or even ten times more than others.

As each of the Vajra Elixirs were consumed, Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power rapidly increased.

28,000 strands… 30,000 strands… 35,000 strands… 40,000 strands…

50,000 strands… 55,000 strands.

Within a few days, Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power had climbed up to 55,000 strands.

Due to the huge amount of dragon elephant power, whenever Li Fuchen circulated the dragon elephant power, his body would glow with a golden luster. It looked as though he was like a golden sculpture that emitted indescribable pressure.

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