Chapter 435: Battle Spirit Tyrant Body

The battle between Gu Yifeng and Mu Hanxin was several times more intense than Mu Hanxin’s battle with Shi Fang.

In the sky, sword intent was slashing through while palm intent was blasting across.

But Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could see that in terms of pure attack power, Mu Hanxin was stronger than Gu Yifeng. After all, Mu Hanxin’s palm intent had already materialized while Gu Yifeng’s sword intent had yet to materialize but did have a little fatal power.

This was the incredible factor of earth class martial arts. The intent could be materialized and increase the fatality. Moreover, earth class martial arts contained more mystical aspects than mystic class martial arts.

Of course, Gu Yifeng wasn’t weak either. His Sky Dragon Sword Art was extremely close to earth class low-tier sword art. It was similar to Li Fuchen who had improved the Meteor Sword Art from the mystic class low-tier to the mystic class peak-tier. With sufficient perception and the willingness to spend time, martial art’s tier could be improved.


After sending Gu Yifeng flying with his palm strike, Mu Hanxin said, “Elder Gu, you are not a match for me.”

“Receive another sword move from me. Sky Dragon’s Fury!”

Gu Yifeng yelled out and brandished his refined long sword. Countless sword lights were gathered and had formed into an intimidating giant dragon.

This giant dragon was graceful and formidable. It was obviously a materialized sword intent.

“What a brilliant earth class sword move.”

How could Mu Hanxin not see that Gu Yifeng’s sword move already materialized the sword intent? The power of this sword move was entirely different from before.

With twin palm strikes, Mu Hanxin burst forth with the Dark Cold Palm Intent and froze the air.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

In the sky, there was a hailstorm and a burst of sword qi.


Gu Yifeng was still ultimately lacking a little and was forced back.

Mu Hanxin had also shivered a little and had taken the advantage.

“Elder Gu, thanks for the win.” Mu Hanxin cupped his fist and had a face filled with admiration.

He had cultivated the Dark Cold Palm Art for many years but he was only slightly superior. It was imaginable how deep Gu Yifeng’s sword dao proficiency was.

“Who else wants to challenge Elder Mu?” Li Fuchen questioned.

Everyone was in silence.

Even if Mu Hanxin’s current combat strength on par with You Lie or Ge Yun, it was almost there. None of them had the confidence to challenge and win Mu Hanxin.

“Since that is the case, the Vice-Leader positions will be appointed to Elder Su and Elder Mu.” Li Fuchen immediately slammed on the table.

“Hold on.” Doulin Clan’s Supreme Grand Elder Xiahou Wu stood up.

“Does Elder Xiahou want to challenge Elder Mu?” Li Fuchen looked over.

Xiahou Wu shook his head and smiled, “Elder Mu isn’t a match for me. I want to challenge you.”

“Challenge me?” Li Fuchen laughed.

Li Fuchen could see that Xiahou Wu’s strength was formidable and was probably stronger than You Lie and Ge Yun. The source of his strength was in the tyrannical power in his body.

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, that tyrannical power should be the battle spirit power. Furthermore, the battle spirit power was already at the limits and it was probably at the fledgling stage of developing a divine ability.

Of course, even if Xiahou Wu had developed the battle spirit divine ability, Li Fuchen was confident that he would win Xiahou Wu.

One might be invincible in the same realm with the divine ability, it was a pity that one’s cultivation technique and martial arts had to also keep up.

“Elder Xiahou, do you think you can challenge the Alliance Leader as you please? You have to pass my stage first.” Mu Hanxin had already submitted to Li Fuchen and naturally wouldn’t allow Xiahou Wu to challenge Li Fuchen so easily.

“I only need a single move to deal with you.” Xiahou Wu stood with his hands behind him.

“Boastful words. Bring it on!” Mu Hanxin stood outside the grand hall and glared at Xiahou Wu.

“Since that is the case, I shall allow you to witness, my, Xiahou Wu’s strength.”

Xiahou Wu flew out of the grand hall and stood directly opposite Mu Hanxin.

If Li Fuchen didn’t kill You Lie and Ge Yun, Xiahou Wu was preparing to take one of the positions as the Alliance Leader. But it wasn’t too late now as well. Even if he wasn’t able to defeat Li Fuchen, as long as he was evenly matched or slightly inferior to Li Fuchen, he believed that Li Fuchen wouldn’t be shameless enough to take the position of the Alliance Leader alone.


The first clash between the two was already sky-shaking. The surging qi waves had nearly shattered White Cloud Mountain.

In the midst of the qi waves, a figure was sent flying.

Everyone focused their eyes and realized it was Mu Hanxin.

Mu Hanxin had a grave expression as he didn’t think that the battle spirit power in Xiahou Wu’s body was actually so powerful. His Dark Cold Palm Intent wasn’t even able to get near Xiahou Wu, instead, he was forcefully repelled and his palm was feeling numb.

“Elder Mu, if it was in the past, I will certainly not be a match for you. But a few months ago, I had increased my battle spirit power to the limits and developed the fledgling stage of the divine ability.” As Xiahou Wu was talking, his body burst forth with a yellow and resplendent halo.

The fledgling stage of the battle spirit divine ability… Battle Spirit Tyrant Body.

“Fledgling stage of the divine ability?” Mu Hanxin had an awful expression.

Individuals who had control of divine abilities were all extremely powerful. Within the same realm, they would be considered as invincible.

Xiahou Wu might only have control of the fledgling stage of the divine ability, it was still very formidable.

“Receive another palm from me.” Mu Hanxin wasn’t convinced and had sent another palm strike at Xiahou Wu from far away.

In the air, a black palm strike was emitting boundless icy qi and freezing the air. It had instantly appeared in front of Xiahou Wu.

Mu Hanxin had exerted all his strength this palm strike without any reserve.

“Come on then.” Xiahou Wu laughed and blasted a fist back.


The black palm strike was instantly exploded. The materialized Dark Cold Palm Intent had only caused that yellow halo to shake a little. Instead, it was Mu Hanxin who wasn’t able to tolerate Xiahou Wu’s fist force. His body shook violently and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Battle Spirit Tyrant Body was the fledgling stage of the divine ability. It didn’t simply increase the defense, it also contained mystical laws.

When executing a fist in the Battle Spirit Tyrant Body state, the fist force would also contain the mystical laws.

If it had to be described, the Battle Spirit Tyrant Body was similar to an earth class body refinement technique intent. It was extremely dominant.

Of course, Xiahou Wu’s Battle Spirit Tyrant Body was only at the fledgling stage. If he was able to obtain full control of this divine ability, its power would reach unknown height.

“Elder Mu, stand down!”

Li Fuchen was rather interested as he sized up Xiahou Wu.

This was his first time witnessing a divine ability, although it was just at the fledgling stage.

“Alliance Leader, please give you some guidance.” Xiahou Wu was smirking.

“Elder Xiahou. It doesn’t matter if you are a match for me. You will still be offered a position as the Vice-Leader. Of course, if you can defeat me, I shall hand over the Alliance Leader’s position to you.”

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Li Fuchen flashed and appeared outside the grand hall.

Everyone moved outside the grand hall too.

They might be able to observe the fight with their awareness from within the grand hall, but how could it be compared to observing the fight with their eyes.

“Alright.” Xiahou Wu was delighted. He was at ease with Li Fuchen’s statement.

After all, he didn’t have any certainty to defeat Li Fuchen. If he was slightly inferior to Li Fuchen and if Li Fuchen bore a grudge against him, it wouldn’t be good.

High up above the White Cloud Mountain, there were violent winds and meandering thunderbolts that could strike down from the dark clouds.

Li Fuchen stood one mile away from Xiahou Wu.

“Alliance Leader, be careful now.”

Xiahou Wu’s yellow halo was growing brighter and a tyrannical qi presence rushed into the sky.

“You just have to do exert your full strength.”

Li Fuchen felt that Xiahou Wu’s Battle Spirit Tyrant Body was similar to the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s innate ability, the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.

In the tyrant body state, the spirit essence would reach the pinnacle. At the same time, be it defense, offense, or speed, everything would be drastically improved.

In the air, there was a yellow rainbow that suddenly appeared.

The yellow rainbow was actually Xiahou Wu blasted a fist at Li Fuchen with a speed that was hardly visible.

This fist had a highly concentrated spirit essence and unstoppable intent.

When the fist was executed, the entire air seemed to freeze. A dominant intent enveloped Li Fuchen and the fist was expanding in Li Fuchen’s eyes.

“It contains the power of natural law. It is much stronger than the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with splendor.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant was already powerful. After activating the innate ability, Battle Heaven Tyrant Body, his strength was even stronger and was even superior to You Lie and Ge Yun.

Xiahou Wu wasn’t especially powerful but after activating the Battle Spirit Tyrant Body, his strength had actually surpassed You Lie and Ge Yun.

It was imaginable, how powerful the Battle Spirit Tyrant Body was and it was definitely superior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Battle Heaven Tyrant Body.

It was a pity. If Li Fuchen could suppress the Mountain Shaking Elephant with ease, he would naturally be able to suppress Xiahou Wu too.

Li Fuchen was going to defeat Xiahou Wu convincingly without using his Joint-Heaven Sword.

Drawing the Scarlet Blood Sword, the ardent sun qi was transmuted into the bronze sword qi. Along with the blazing flame power and the dragon elephant power, they were all poured into the Scarlet Blood Sword.


Li Fuchen’s sword cleaved on Xiahou Wu’s fist.

Xiahou Wu who was originally very confident had a violet change in expression after making contact with this sword. The sword contained horrific power and it was simply able to split the sea or mountain.


Like the flicker of the candle flame, Xiahou Wu’s Battle Spirit Tyrant Body had been shattered. The sinister glove on his fist were also turned into rags.

He vomited fresh blood violently and was sent flying.

Xiahou Wu was defeated in a single sword move.

“Defeated so simply.” Apart from Mu Hanxin, the rest of the people were flabbergasted.

Xiahou Wu was able to defeat Mu Hanxin easily, while Mu Hanxin defeated Shi Fang easily. Li Fuchen defeated Xiahou Wu in a single sword move. What kind of strength was that?!

Mu Hanxin was the only person who knew Li Fuchen’s strength was far beyond this level. If Li Fuchen drew out his upgraded sword, just the sword presence would be enough to frighten Xiahou Wu and make him lose all the will to fight.

Li Fuchen shook his head, “This Xiahou Wu actually fought me at close range.”

How could Xiahou Wu have known that Li Fuchen was strongest in close combat? Let alone a single Xiahou Wu, even four Xiahou Wu would still be eliminated.

The Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder Su Yuanhe took a deep breath and let out a bitter smile. His initial dissatisfaction was currently nonexistent.

What a joke. Li Fuchen’s strength wasn’t just one level stronger than Su Yuanhe, it was at least two levels.

If Su Yuanhe was in Li Fuchen’s shoes, he wouldn’t give himself the position of the Alliance Leader either. It was already good enough for Su Yuanhe to have a Vice-Leader position.

“Alliance Leader has unparalleled sword art, this old one, Su Yuanhe is filled with admiration.” Su Yuanhe cupped his fist and said respectfully.”

“Alliance Leader has unparalleled sword art, it is the blessings of our Hundred Sects Alliance.”

The rest of the people regained their senses and bowed respectfully with cupped fists too.

They had some opinions earlier, but now, they didn’t have a single thought.

In front of absolute strength, there wasn’t a need to have an opinion, it would be the same as inviting mockery.

Mu Hanxin sneered, ‘These people only know how to lower their heads now.’

Sheathing the Scarlet Blood Sword, Li Fuchen said, “I have mentioned earlier. It doesn’t matter if Elder Xiahou loses or wins, I will still give him a position as the Vice-Leader. Right now, I shall appoint Elder Xiahou as the third Vice-Leader. Does anyone have any objections?”

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“We do not.”

“Good then.”

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