Chapter 434: Alliance Conference

100,000 feet in the sea of clouds above, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was practicing his sword art.

There were restrictions in the Wind Snow Sect and he wasn’t able to practice without reserve. There were no such restrictions in the sea of clouds. There were only clouds in the vicinity and nothing else.

After countless practices of the High Heaven Sword Art, Li Fuchen’s sword presence flourished and caused the surrounding clouds to tumble. A penetrative sword light broke through the sea of clouds and penetrated the sky. Within the vision was the blue and fearsome sword light.

The third move of the High Heaven Sword Art, Soar Into the Sky.

This move was like the Green Sun Sword Intent but the sword dao’s laws contained within the two moves were entirely different.

Green Sun Sword Intent was like the radiant sunlight, resplendent and glorious.

While Soar Into the Sky had unmatched tyranny and had the will to go against the heavens.

The High Heaven Sword Art’s original intention was to stand atop the heavens.

It might be impossible to stand above the heavens, but the sword intent didn’t allow for any resistance, not even the sky was allowed.

“With the Joint-Heaven Sword, my cultivation speed of the High Heaven Sword Art is just too fast. Perhaps, it will reach the trance stage even earlier than the Green Sun Sword Intent, allowing me to comprehend the fourth move, High Heaven’s Sword.”

Sheathing the sword, Li Fuchen descended through the layer of clouds and landed in the Wind Snow Sect.

“Young Hero Li, the Hundred Sects Alliance’s conference will be happening tomorrow afternoon.” Mu Hanxin reminded Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded, “There is no need to hurry. We will depart tomorrow morning.”

The conference’s location wasn’t too far from the Wind Snow Region. They would only require half a day to reach there.

The agenda of this conference was related to Li Fuchen.

Originally, the Hundred Sects Alliance had three Alliance Leaders. They were You Lie, Ge Yun, and the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder Su Yuanhe. There were seven Alliance Vice-Leaders, they were the respective Supreme Grand Elders of the other top ten elite factions. Mu Hanxin was one of the Alliance Vice-Leaders.

Right now, You Lie and Ge Yun had been killed by Li Fuchen, it meant there were two less Alliance Leaders.

Li Fuchen’s combat strength was exceptional, thus, it was natural for him to take one of the positions as the Alliance Masters.

As such, the main agenda of this Hundred Sects Alliance’s conference was to reappoint the Alliance Leaders and Alliance Vice-Leaders.

On the next morning, Li Fuchen and Mu Hanxin traveled towards the nearby White River Region.

The White River Region’s White River Sect was the first-rate sect that situated in the White Cloud Mountain.

On top of the White Cloud Mountain, a grand hall was constructed there.

This grand hall was none other than the Hundred Sect Alliance’s conference hall.

The various sects and factions had already sent their Supreme Grand Elders here. Even the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect had also sent one of their Supreme Elders here.

They didn’t have a choice. If the Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect didn’t send anyone here, it would mean they wanted to break away from the Hundred Sects Alliance.

There were only two outcomes awaiting those that broke away from the Hundred Sects Alliance. The first outcome was to be eradicated by the Evil Dao or the Demonic Ten Regions. The second outcome would be to surrender to the Evil Dao.

The Thunder God Sect and the Mystic Tools Sect were great sects that had a long lineage. It was impossible for them to surrender to the Evil Dao.

It was close to noon but Li Fuchen and Mu Hanxin had yet to arrive.

“This Li Fuchen is really putting on the airs!” The Doulin Clan’s Supreme Grand Elder Xiahou Wu was silently unsatisfied.

“They are here!” Someone lifted his head and shouted.

From the sea of clouds, two figures descended.

One of the figures was the white-haired Mu Hanxin.

While the other figure was obviously Li Fuchen.

“Everyone must have waited for a long time.” Mu Hanxin cupped his fist.

Li Fuchen scanned everyone, “Mm?”

Li Fuchen had sensed that the Doulin Clan’s Supreme Grand Elder Xiahou Wu’s body contained a tyrannical power. This power was very mysterious and existed in a special form. If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen’s exceptional awareness, it would be hard for him to detect it.

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“Battle spirit bone frame. It is indeed worthy to be a special bone frame, even though it is rather weak among the special bone frames.”

After withdrawing his line of sight, Li Fuchen said, “Let the conference begin!”

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In response, everyone entered the grand hall.

They didn’t think anything of Li Fuchen’s attitude. After all, Li Fuchen was far superior to them and were on totally different levels.

Inside the grand hall, there were long stone tables. Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate to sit at the first seat of the stone table while the others side on both sides of the stone table.

After everyone sat down, Li Fuchen said, “Previously, the Hundred Sects Alliance had three Alliance Leaders and seven Alliance Vice-Leaders. This time, I have decided to only have one Alliance Leader, two Vice-Leaders, and eight doyens. The position of the Alliance Leader shall be assumed by me while the Vice-Leaders shall be Elder Mu and Elder Su. The rest of the original Vice-Leaders will take the responsibilities of the doyens. I wonder what is everyone’s opinion.”

Su Yuanhe frowned. He didn’t have any objection to Li Fuchen being the Alliance Leader, but he didn’t like the idea of getting demoted to the Vice-Leader position.

The Alliance Leader and the Vice-Leader might only have a difference of one word, but the authority was entirely different. As the Vice-Leader, he would have to comply with all of Li Fuchen’s instructions, otherwise, it would mean betrayal to the Hundred Sects Alliance.

He admired Li Fuchen’s strength, but acknowledging allegiance to Li Fuchen was a totally different matter.

Su Yuanhe wasn’t the only person that was unsatisfied, the rest of the original Vice-Leaders were also extremely unsatisfied.

‘It is fine for you, Li Fuchen to be the Alliance Leader, but you actually supported Mu Hanxin to be one of the two Vice-Leaders? Mu Hanxin’s strength should be about the same as the rest of the Vice-Leaders or even weaker. How can he stand above them? Isn’t this overly biased?!’

“Alliance Leader, I do not have any objections to you being the Alliance Leader. But for the position of the Vice-Leaders, please reconsider.”

The Golden Extinct Hall’s Supreme Grand Elder Shi Fang stood up and swept a glance at Mu Hanxin while he spoke.

Li Fuchen revealed a pretentious smile and said, “Oh? It seems like Elder Shi isn’t convinced by Elder Mu. Elder Mu, why don’t you spar with Elder Shi?”

“Elder Shi, please.” Mu Hanxin flew out of the grand hall and stood in the sky outside.

“So be it. Who is afraid of you?” Shi Fang flew out and battled with Mu Hanxin.

Boom Boom!

In the sky above, qi forces were blasted out and were flickering.

“Dark Cold Palm Art!”

After a few moves, Mu Hanxin executed a palm strike. The Dark Cold Palm Intent broke Shi Fang’s defense and the latter was sent flying.

“Earth class low-tier gloves.” Shi Fang was astonished.

“That’s right.” Mu Hanxin smiled.

Earth class equipment were extremely rare in the East Unicorn Continent. The Black Sky Sect Ruins had them but the ruins were too dangerous. Any careless mistake would result in possible death.

Originally, Shi Fang and Mu Hanxin were comparable in strength, but now, Mu Hanxin was on a higher level. After all, Shi Fang didn’t have any earth class low-tier weapon and he had only cultivated an incompleted earth class low-tier martial art like Mu Hanxin.

“Earth class low-tier weapon?” Everyone couldn’t help but look at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen had a great harvest in the Black Sky Sect Ruins. It had caused You Lie, Ge Yun, and the Evil King to make a move on Li Fuchen.

In their opinion, Mu Hanxin must have obtained the earth class low-tier weapon as a gift from Li Fuchen.

“What great fortune.” The Celestial Star Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder’s eyes was burning with envy.

If he could also obtain an earth class low-tier weapon, he would be able to contest against the middle tiered demons from the Demonic Ten Regions.

It was a pity that the East Unicorn Continent only had a few earth class weapons.

“Elder Mu, let me try your skills.” The Sky Dragon Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Gu Yifeng walked out.

Gu Yifeng was one of the rare few individuals that possessed earth class low-tier weapons.

Before Ge Yun and You Lie had perished, his strength would be at least the top five.

Mu Hanxin’s expression turned grave when he saw Gu Yifeng coming out. Gu Yifeng might not have cultivated any earth class cultivation technique or martial art, his sect’s Sky Dragon Sword Art was one of the most incredible mystic class peak-tier sword arts. In the hands of Gu Yifeng, the Sky Dragon Sword Intent was already close to an earth class low-tier sword intent.

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