Chapter 455: It’s Just A Fake

Marquis Ling knew the person kneeling on the ground. He was very familiar with him. They had met a few times, especially recently.

”What’s the meaning of this?” The person had previously greeted him the same before, but he was not looking at him right now but at Xiao Qi Feng.

He was even more sincere than when addressing him. Such a different attitude caused Marquis Xiao to have a bad premonition.

Xiao Qi Feng looked at Marquis Ling who had noticed something, there was an evil smile at the corner of his mouth: “What does he mean? It means that he’s… on my side.”

”Impossible,” Marquis Ling subconsciously retorted, he personally found this person, how could he possibly be on Xiao Qi Feng’s side?

Moreover, the secret order was in his hand, this group of people would only obey the person holding the secret order.

Xiao Qi Feng basically did not have it, how could these people possibly have a relationship with Xiao Qi Feng?

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Xiao Qi Feng did not explain anything seeing Marquis Ling filled with disbelief: “Arrest all who rebelled.”


The person who arrived hurriedly went out and sounds of screams could be heard coming from outside.

Marquis Ling was familiar with those voices, it was his people.

The pungent smell of blood slowly directed into the building. Marquis Ling’s expression changed drastically, one or two deaths would not cause such a pungent smell of blood.

He turned around and headed outside and saw his people had been killed, it was also in the most brutal method.

They should be treated like that because they had rebelled.

Marquis Ling inhaled a deep breath, he looked at the people covered in blood on the ground, his face was really ugly.

”Over…… Everything is over,” Marquis Ling stared blankly at those people.

He had been scheming for such a long time, but it was ruined in the hands of Xiao Qi Feng right now.

Marquis Ling was feeling not satisfied at all, he turned his head and looked at Xiao Qi Feng, he asked with a gloomy expression: “How did you do it?”

Xiao Qi Feng raised his eyebrows, he then said with a smile and yet not a smile: “How you never suspected that the secret in your hands is a fake?”

Marquis Ling’s eyes were slowly opening wide due to Xiao Qi Feng’s words, he found it inexplicable and asked: “What did…… you say?”

”That token in your hands is a fake, the real one is here,” He took out an ordinary-looking black token as he spoke.

”Impossible, yours is the fake. The one in my hand is taken by Xiao Zi Xuan from Xiao Duke Residence. How could this be fake?” Marquis Ling still did not believe it, the life-saving token in his hand was actually a fake.

Xiao Qi Feng revealed a sarcastic smile: “When I knew that the Ling Residence was ambitious, how could I allow you to achieve your goal? But to tell you the truth, I really need to thank you for helping me find this army.”

They had only followed behind Marquis Ling and found that army, it was a simple matter.

”You…… pfft.” Marquis Ling was so angry with Xiao Qi Feng’s words that he vomited blood.

He had never imagined he had been arranging it all for Xiao Qi Feng and the others while he obtained nothing.

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Xiao Qi Feng looked at Marquis Ling’s deadpan expression, his mouth curled into a sneer: “Arrest him, everyone from Ling Residence and Xiao Residence will be executed three days later. Those who sided with Marquis Ling today will have three familial ties beheaded, those beside the three familial ties would be sent to the bitter cold lands.”

The officials who sided with Marquis Ling were completely dumbfounded when they found out the secret order in Marquis Ling’s hand was fake, they directly sat to the ground when they knew they would be beheaded.

”Your majesty, please spare our lives.”

In a short moment, sounds of begging for mercy gradually increased in the main hall, those voices begging for mercy were filled with fear and regret. If they knew things would end up like that, they would definitely not lean towards Marquis Ling. Right now, even Marquis Ling could not protect himself, how could he protect them?

”Drag all of them out,” Xiao Qi Feng did not even bat an eyelid.

For those who had uncertain thoughts, they were currently rejoicing, but they also knew that they would not have any future if they continued being officials.

Fence-sitters during a rebellion was basically a taboo for the Emperor. Xiao Qi Feng was already benevolent for allowing them to remain alive.

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