Chapter 437: Blazing Flame Divine Ability

“There are too many impurities, I have to dispel them first.”

Now that the dragon elephant power had doubled, the impurities in Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s blood was incredible in quantity, making Li Fuchen very uncomfortable.

After consuming multiple earth class mid-tier purification elixirs, Li Fuchen’s impurities were rapidly reduced.

In just a few more days, the impurities in Li Fuchen’s body was left with less than 10%.

This 10% was made of the impurities from the Vajra Elixirs, the Body Forging Golden Elixirs, and also the impurities from the purification elixirs.

If Li Fuchen wanted to purify everything, he would have to rely on himself.

Of course, if he had a few earth class high-tier elixirs or earth class peak-tier elixirs, he would have less than 10% of impurities. But earth class high-tier elixirs were basically never seen on the market and it wasn’t possible to buy even if one had enough spirit stones.

“In just a week, I had consumed elixirs that are worth 500,000 spirit stones. Even if I eliminated all the impurities in my body, I would need around two million low-grade spirit stones to advance to the next level.” Li Fuchen laughed bitterly.

In order to shorten the cultivation time, resources must be used to compensate. Without relying on elixirs, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level would also reach this level, but he would need another five years, perhaps ten years.

Of course, he wouldn’t be so foolish as his spirit soul was his advantage. Just like those heavenly prodigies with body refinement bone frames, they wouldn’t want to spare on the resources to delay their cultivation.

But even heavenly prodigies with body refinement bone frames wouldn’t be able to advance without restrictions like Li Fuchen.

Firstly, they weren’t able to control the sudden increase in the body refinement level.

Secondly, they didn’t have the earth class high-tier body refinement technique, the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters.

The higher the grade of the body refinement technique, the faster the cultivation of the body refinement martial artist.

“Elder Mu, go and make an announcement. I want to call for the second alliance conference.” On this day, Li Fuchen’s voice transmitted to Mu Hanxin from a distance.

“Yes, Alliance Leader.” Mu Hanxin immediately dispatched the various Reincarnation Realm experts in the Wind Snow Sect to relay the information to all the factions.

One week later, the second alliance conference was also held at the White River Region’s White Cloud Mountain.

Within the grand hall, all the respective factions’ Supreme Grand Elders had arrived.

Cling Clang!

Li Fuchen retrieved four pieces of earth class low-tier weapons and tossed them on the stone table.

“This is my pike.” The White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Xin Wuyuan reached out and drew the black gold spear into his hand.


Qi poured into the pike and it was instantly bursting with unstoppable spear presence that was going to pierce through the clouds.


Xin Wuyuan was madly delighted. He never would have expected to obtain an earth class low-tier pike so quickly. As compared to this pike, what was 100,000 low-grade spirit stones considered?

The High Heaven Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Hua Jianqiu had also reached out to draw the only earth class low-tier artifact sword over.

It was a green artifact sword. When the sword was drawn, an incomparably sharp sword qi emerged and filled the grand hall with chilling aura, causing the scalps to go numb.

“Thank you Alliance Leader.” Hua Jianqiu was in an extremely great mood.

His fundamental strength was almost the same as the Sky Dragon Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Gu Yifeng, but the latter had an earth class low-tier artifact sword, while Hua Jianqiu didn’t have any. Hence, Hua Jianqiu had been constantly suppressed by Gu Yifeng.

The Eternal Spring Valley’s Su Yuanhe and the Thunderbolt Sect’s Tang Yuan had also obtained earth class low-tier weapons.

Su Yuanhe’s mood was better than anyone present. Su Yuanhe had already cultivated the earth class low-tier cultivation technique, the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Technique to the highest rank and had comprehended the Eight Desolation Eternal Spring Intent. His strength was comparable to Mu Hanxin but with the earth class low-tier whip, his strength had reached an insane level. Apart from Li Fuchen, the Evil King and the Petrified Queen, he didn’t fear anyone else.

In fact, if the Black Sky Sect Ruins wasn’t discovered, he had the confidence to contest with the Evil King.

It was a pity that the Evil King had a great discovery in the Black Sky Sect Ruins and was much stronger than before. Had the Evil King not have suffered severe injuries in the Mystic Tools Sect, the Evil Dao would have already invaded the Hundred Sects Alliance.

“Alliance Leader, I wonder where did you obtain these earth class equipment?” Xiahou Wu asked with an intolerable curiosity.

After hearing the question by Xiahou Wu, everyone looked at Li Fuchen.

They were also very curious and they didn’t know where did Li Fuchen obtain so many earth class low-tier equipment.

Li Fuchen used his finger to knock on the stone table and said, “This is my secret and it isn’t convenient to divulge it.”

Hearing the response, Xiahou Wu was slightly disappointed. In his opinion, Li Fuchen must have found an ancient hidden domain and there must be many remnants of artifacts in the hidden domain. If he could enter the hidden domain, he wouldn’t need to listen to Li Fuchen.

But if Li Fuchen didn’t say it, Xiahou Wu couldn’t do anything either as he couldn’t possibly force Li Fuchen to talk.

In the entire continent, there was probably no one that could force Li Fuchen.

After staring at Xiahou Wu and causing his hair to stand, Li Fuchen turned away and said, “Those that didn’t obtain the earth class low-tier equipment doesn’t have to be anxious. I have some earth class low-tier elixirs and each of you will be given one.”

Li Fuchen took out a bottle of elixirs and distributed it to everyone.

Everyone was looking forward to the earth class low-tier elixirs.

The sudden change in era of the East Unicorn Continent was too severe. All the earth class equipment and elixirs were all so rare that one could only help to find them.

With ample resources, they wouldn’t be stuck in the Reincarnation Realm and would already have progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm.

Of course, the restriction of heaven and earth qi was also a major factor.

 It had been ten days since the second alliance conference. 

  Li Fuchen had finally comprehended 49% of the blazing flame bone frame’s pattern.

Li Fuchen had a strong premonition that once he comprehended the blazing flame pattern to 50%, he would surely awaken the blazing fire divine ability.

“This last step is probably the most difficult.”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and immersed himself into the blazing flame world.

As Li Fuchen comprehended more of the blazing flame pattern, the root portion of the blazing flame bone frame was burning with intense flames. The blazing flames had already burned up to the 49% mark and he was just one step away from the 50% mark.

Li Fuchen didn’t know that when he was comprehending the blazing flame pattern, the blue spirit soul in his mind had some transformation.

In the core of the blue spirit soul, a trace of pale purple had emerged out of nowhere.

The pale purple portion was extremely pure and flawless. The blue spirit soul had also turned translucent after being affected by the pale purple traces that were flowing like electric currents.

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Li Fuchen was still comprehending the blazing flame pattern, hence, he wasn’t aware of the changes in the spirit soul.

He simply felt that his perception had gotten much better as he developed traces connection with the blazing flame.

49.6%, 49.7%, 49.8%, and 49.9%.

There were violent flickering of spirit lights and the flames on the blazing flame bone frame had reached the 50% mark.


In the next moment, Li Fuchen felt that the blazing flame bone frame’s extraction speed of the blazing flame power was ten times faster.

When the blazing flame pattern was 10% comprehended, the extraction speed of the blazing flame power was ten times faster as compared to the time when Li Fuchen’s bone frame had just transformed into the blazing flame bone frame. When it was 49%, the extraction speed was at 50 times, but at 50%, the extraction speed was 500 times. In the blink of the eye, Li Fuchen saw the flaming sphere in the bone frame spatial zone had expanded by 10%. This flaming sphere was none other than the blazing flame power.

At almost the same timing, a blazing flame crystal was produced in the flaming sphere.

The blazing flame crystal was flawless, so much that it was rather unreal.

On the surface of the blazing flame crystal, the blazing flame pattern was extending at rapid speed.

The blazing flame crystal’s pattern wasn’t as profound as the pattern on the blazing flame bone frame. But the pattern was of the same origin and was similar to the array pattern or martial pattern.

A natural blazing flame wave radiated out.

“This is the blazing flame divine ability?” Li Fuchen was extremely curious.

As the blazing flame crystal was getting condensed, the blazing flame wave was getting stronger. Li Fuchen had even felt that if the blazing flame wave was to explode, it would destroy and incinerate everything.


Li Fuchen soared into the sky and arrived at the clouds that was way above the Wind Snow Sect.

“I wonder about the strength of the blazing flame divine ability.”

Li Fuchen’s awareness entered the blazing flame crystal and attempted to activate it.


Li Fuchen’s body was suddenly ignited with violent flames. His hair, brows, and even eyes had turned into flames. Even his clothes were on fire. But the strange thing was that none of the things on fire had been burned into ashes. It seemed like there was a natural power protecting the hair, brows, eyes, and clothes. The flames were just burning outside of natural power.

“Blazing flame divine ability… Heart of Blazing Flame.”

The instant Li Fuchen activated the blazing flame crystal, he got to know the name of this blazing flame divine ability.


Gripping his right fist tightly, Li Fuchen blasted with his fist.

Huff Huff Huff…

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In the next moment, a flaming fist rushed out and evaporated a huge portion of the sea of clouds.

The blazing flame fist had extreme heat and was extremely condense. This blazing flame fist was produced by the blazing flame power.

It was just like it was related to martial arts and qi. When the qi blasted out, it produced a giant lethality. But after being urged by the martial art, the lethal power was much higher.

The blazing flame power was much more horrifying than qi. The blazing flame divine ability was also much more fearsome than regular earth class martial arts.

When both the blazing flame power and divine ability were blasted out, the power was obviously beyond Li Fuchen’s current strength.

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and wielded it with both hands before slashing.


A massive blazing flame sword qi burst forth and split the sea of clouds into two. The power had even surpassed the blazing flame fist earlier.

“Heart of Blazing Flame allows me to control the blazing flame power freely and substitute my qi with the blazing flame power, bursting out with stronger strength.” Li Fuchen’s feelings were surging.

Before this, he wasn’t able to burst out with so much blazing flame power at one go. The blazing flame power was too violent and intense, if Li Fuchen released too much of it, it would scorch the veins easily and ruin the flesh. But after awakening the Heart of Blazing Flame, Li Fuchen could flawlessly control the blazing flame power and with the enhancement of the Heart of Blazing Flame, he would be able to burst out with more fearsome power.

In other words, only by awakening the divine ability would the martial artist be able to have flawless control of the extraordinary powers and special powers.

“However, the blazing flame divine ability is unable to work together with qi and martial arts.”

When executing the blazing flame divine ability, one would be unable to burst out with qi, execute martial arts, or activate secret techniques.

Blazing flame power could only be combined with the blazing flame divine ability. All other strengths and skills would be expelled.

“The blazing flame power is still too little. Two attacks would use up half the blazing flame power.”

Looking at the bone frame spatial zone, Li Fuchen laughed bitterly after seeing the flame sphere that had shrunk by two times.

The Heart of Blazing Flame was very formidable but it was obviously not suited for extended fights and would only be able to execute four times at most.

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