Chapter 438: Evil King’s Challenge

“That’s right. Earlier on, I had an obvious feeling that my perception is much better, hence, I was able to awaken the Heart of Blazing Flame at one go. What is going on?”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s awareness entered his mind…

The instant he saw the spirit soul’s sphere of light, he finally understood why his perception had a sudden increase.

In the beginning, his spirit soul was grey before it evolved into pale green, green, pale blue, blue. And now, his blue spirit soul had a trace of pale purple. This meant that the next evolution of the spirit soul was the purple spirit soul.

“Is my spirit soul evolving?” Li Fuchen’s feelings were even more excited now than when he awakened the blazing flame divine ability.

The blazing flame divine ability was still considered external power, but the spirit soul was the origin of his existence.

If his spirit soul was powerful, all other aspects would also be enhanced.

Li Fuchen’s perception had already surpassed the 6-star bone frame and was at least 7-star bone frame when he had the blue spirit soul. If he had the pale purple spirit soul, how much more incredible would his perception be? Li Fuchen couldn’t even imagine.

“If my spirit soul didn’t have the slight changes, I will probably still be stuck at the 49.9% of the blazing flame pattern’s comprehension. I will only be able to comprehend the fledgling stage of the divine ability at most.”

The difference between the fledgling stage of the divine ability and the actual divine ability was rather significant. If Xiahou Wu’s fledgling staged divine ability could advance to a true divine ability, his strength would probably be evenly matched with the Petrified Queen.. The Petrified Queen was so powerful due to her awakening of a formidable innate ability, Petrify.

In fact, the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Battle Heaven Tyrant Body should also be very powerful. But Li Fuchen reckoned that the Battle Heaven Tyrant Body should only be a fledgling staged innate ability and was similar to the fledgling staged divine ability. Of course, due to the possession of the Mountain Pulling Elephant’s bloodline, the Mountain Shaking Elephant had a strong foundation. Once his Rain Of Needles and Battle Heaven Tyrant Body transformed into true innate abilities, his strength would probably surpass the Petrified Queen and would be comparable to the Evil King.

The pale purple traces in the spirit soul had allowed Li Fuchen to have a huge improvement in perception. He was now able to comprehend the blazing flame pattern at a much faster speed.

51%, 52%… 55%.

Once the comprehension of the blazing flame pattern had reached the 50% mark, every additional 1% would increase the blazing flame power’s extraction speed by ten times. Now that the comprehension was at 55%, it meant that the extraction speed was at 550 times.

But even with an improved perception, it was still rather difficult to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent and the High Heave Sword Art to the trance stage in a short period of time.

After all, these two sword arts were earth class mid-tier sword arts. Even Battle Spirit Realm masters wouldn’t be able to comprehend its intent within a short time.

Evil Region… Evil Fist Sect.


In the dark and sinister sky, thunderbolts were crisscrossing and violent winds were howling.

These thunderbolts were purplish-black and seemed to be affected by something.

Immediately after, the violent winds got even more intense and the skies were growing darker. The dark clouds had converged and formed a black shadow that had an indescribably baleful presence. It had suddenly exploded and engulfed the entire Evil Fist Sect.

“Welcome Sect Patriarch back from seclusion.” All of the Evil Fist Sect’s members welcomed in unison while their voices suppressed the sound of thunder.

“Help me to deliver a message. One month later, I will challenge Li Fuchen and the location will be at the Hundred Battle Region’s Hundred Battlefield.” The Evil King’s voice was clear like thunder and was instantly echoed.

“Yes.” One of the Evil Fist Sect’s elders nodded.

In less than one month, the Evil King’s challenge that was issued to Li Fuchen had been spread throughout the continent.

The Evil King was the no.1 expert of the East Unicorn Continent and was able to intimidate the Demonic Ten Regions and the Hundred Sects Alliance with the strength of a single person.

Li Fuchen was the most astounding and talented heavenly prodigy in the history of the East Unicorn Continent. He wasn’t even 30 but had the strength to suppress the elites.

The battle between the two would be considered the summit battle in the centuries of history of the East Unicorn Continent. Whoever won this fight would rule supremacy on the continent.

Once this news was out, the continent had flared up.

At the Wind Snow Sect, Mu Hanxin had a worried expression as he knew that the Evil King wasn’t easy to deal with.

The Evil King had cultivated the earth class low-tier Evil Dao’s cultivation technique and also the earth class low-tier Evil Dao’s martial art. After the Black Sky Sect Ruins were discovered, he had also obtained earth class gloves and cloak. No one knew the extent of his strength. Had he not been careless and had suffered severe injuries from the array pagoda of the Mystic Tools Sect’s dilapidated battleship, the Hundred Sects Alliance would be almost fully invaded before Li Fuchen had returned.

“Alliance Leader, this fight is going to be treacherous. Preparations must be done with caution.” Mu Hanxin reminded Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded lightly, “This battle would have happened sooner or later. It is good timing as I wish to know the extent of the Evil King’s strength.”

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Li Fuchen wasn’t certain he could defeat the Evil King. Back at the Black Sky Sect Ruins, he had personally witnessed the Evil King obtaining the gloves and cloak.

His Silver Scale Armor was an earth class mid-tier artifact armor, hence, it was very possible that his gloves and cloak were also earth class mid-tier.

Of course, he might not be confident in defeating the Evil King, but it wouldn’t be that easy for the Evil King to defeat him too.

“Elder Mu, here are six sets of equipment. Distribute them to the Sect Matriarch and the other Supreme Elders.”

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Li Fuchen retrieved six pieces of earth class low-tier weapons and armors from the storage bag.

The Wind Snow Sect had a total of seven individuals with cultivation above the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm. They were the six Supreme Elders and the Wind Snow Sect Matriarch, Shi Huawei. All of them cultivated the Dark Cold Palm Art and weren’t considered weak. With the artifact armors and weapons, they would be able to settle many things at the crucial moment.

“So many earth class equipment?” Mu Hanxin was shocked.

He assumed that Li Fuchen had already distributed all the earth class equipment during the second alliance conference. He didn’t think that Li Fuchen still had a secret stash.

But Mu Hanxin understood the reason after pondering. The alliance still had different opinions, if Mu Hanxin was in Li Fuchen’s shoes, he wouldn’t allow everyone to have earth class equipment either.

Li Fuchen had provided six sets of earth class equipment, it meant that he wasn’t worried about the Wind Snow Sect and had treated them as his own people.

“Alliance Leader, you are worried a battle might occur?” After keeping the equipment, Mu Hanxin asked with hesitation.

Li Fuchen replied, “We need to be on guard.”

During the battle between him and the Evil King, all the elite experts would definitely be present. If Li Fuchen didn’t plan for the worst, it was inevitable that he might suffer a great loss.

“Alliance Leader doesn’t have to worry. The Wind Snow Sect shall pledge our lives to you until death.”

With six sets of earth class equipment, Mu Hanxin was extremely confident. As long as they didn’t need to face the likes of the Evil King, Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King, they didn’t have to fear the rest.

In the blink of an eye, one month had passed.

On this day, figures were flying over from the horizon and arriving at the Hundred Battle Region’s Hundred Battlefield.

The Hundred Battle Region was the most chaotic region in the East Unicorn Continent and also the largest region. The size of the region was several dozen times larger than the previous Azure Water Region.

This region was unregulated and since the Evil Dao, Hundred Sects Alliance, and the Demonic Ten Regions had split the continent into three, this region was where all the conflicts happened.

The Hundred Battlefield was once a battlefield for the absolute experts.

No one knew how powerful the absolute experts were or what extent did their strength reach. But they knew that the hundreds of battles had caused extreme destruction to this place, making it extremely dangerous. It was so dangerous that Reincarnation Realm experts would be in danger if they went inside.

Swish Swish Swish!

There were constant air-piercing sounds and the first to arrive were the experts from the Demonic Ten Regions.

They were the Petrified Queen, Blood Devil King, Mountain Shaking Elephant, Devil Pattern Tiger, Power Devil King, Horn Devil King, Ground Rat King, Winged Devil King, Green Devil King, and the Grey Devil King.

Every one of them had brought along multiple subordinates as well.

“It is best for both the Evil King and Li Fuchen to suffer losses in this fight.” An imposing rat-headed figure burrowed out of the surface and laughed sinisterly.

The Ground Rat King was the sovereign of the Ground Rat Region of the Demonic Ten Regions. He wasn’t strong but had tenacious survivability. If he had the intent to escape, no one would be able to kill him.

“It still isn’t enough for both sides to suffer losses. It will be best if one perishes and the other is at the brink of death.” The Grey Devil King who was grey-skinned and 40-foot tall had commented.

The Grey Devil King’s strength was around the same as the Horn Devil King.

The Demonic Ten Regions’ most powerful sovereign was naturally the Petrified Queen, followed by the Blood Devil King and the Mountain Shaking Elephant, then the Devil Pattern Tiger and the Power Devil King. The rest of the sovereigns were almost at the same strength.

“Don’t belittle the Evil King. His strength is probably in another realm.” The Petrified Queen spoke with a grave expression.

Before the Evil King obtained the gloves and cloak, the Evil King’s strength already superior to her, even though they didn’t go all-out during that fight and was only mutually testing each other.

“That’s right. The Evil King is more worthy of our attention, I hope that Li Fuchen is strong enough.” The Blood Devil King had the same grave expression.

“They are here.” Just as the Blood Devil King finished talking, there were air-piercing sounds that echoed from the horizon.

Experts from the Evil Dao and the Hundred Sects Alliance were all here.

The Evil Dao was led by the golden-masked Evil King whose had a monarch-like qi presence. On his left, was a pale-looking and indifferent old man. On his right, it was an imposing old man with red hair and eyes.

The two old men were the Evil King’s left and right hands, the Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor.

Behind the trio were numerous high-leveled Reincarnation Realm experts. Those wearing the silver masks were from the Evil Fist Sect, while the others were from the Extreme Yin Cult and the Multitude Blood Cult. All of them were at least above the 6th level of Reincarnation Realm.

On the other side, Li Fuchen flew over while leading the experts from the Hundred Sects Alliance.

Li Fuchen was wearing a green robe and had a longsword by his waist. He was absolutely refined and elegant.

Mu Hanxin was full of mettle as he flew on the left side of Li Fuchen.

The Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder Su Yuanhe was smiling and flying on the right side of Li Fuchen.

Behind them were Hua Jianqiu, Gu Yifeng, Xiahou Wu, and others.

“The qi presence of the Hundred Sects Alliance feels a little different!” The Blood Devil King couldn’t help but comment.

“What is the difference? I don’t feel any difference. Perhaps with Li Fuchen around, they are more confident.” The Mountain Shaking Elephant responded with disdain. Apart from Li Fuchen, he didn’t even put the others in his eyes.

When looking at Su Yuanhe, the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Since the last war, he had lost a descendant and because of Su Yuanhe, the Mountain Shaking Elephant was unable to take revenge.

“Li Fuchen, there is still a chance for you to surrender and admit your mistake. Otherwise, my Evil Fist Sect will eradicate your entire clan.” On the right side of the Evil King, one of the many silver-masked men yelled out arrogantly.


Li Fuchen instantly drew the Joint-Heaven Sword.

Thousands of sword lights that were like the sun’s radiance had instantly penetrated this silver-masked man’s body.

The Evil King wanted to stop the attack but the silver-masked man was too far from him and the sword lights were too fast. It took just a spark and the Evil King had already lost the chance.

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