46. Makeup Remover?

Alex unconsciously touched the spot Logan had given her a cheek-to-cheek kiss. Then, she remembered it was the same one Logan had slapped.

Resisting an eye roll, she left the podium and stood among her classmates. The navy tailcoat she wore with white trouser and black boots gave her an aurae of a prince. The sound the boots made commanded attention and respect.

Her eyes casually met a female classmate, “Leaving you is a thousand times worse than being near you.”

Her classmate blushed under her handsome gaze. It lasted only a second before Alex shifted it to someone else, “A lover goes toward his beloved as enthusiastically as a schoolboy leaving his books.”

Then, she faced the girl next to her. She held the girl’s chin, whispering, “But when he leaves his girlfriend, he feels as miserable as the schoolboy on his way to school.”

The girl almost wanted to wrap her arms around Alex in comfort but Alex already left before she could try.

Noise from the hallway echoed into the room. On instinct, the students turner to the door just when Logan slipped on his heels.

Alex dashed towards him but he already landed on someone else’s embrace.

“My fair maiden” Colin said. His arms shook a bit at his best friend’s weight.

“My knight in shining armor…” Logan gasped, fluttering his eyes at him, “I have a very important question.”

The two remained oblivious from the eyes around them. Unlike the others in their class, Logan did an extra touch up and put on makeup for the play. Alex gave him the entire package—even plucked his eyebrows, a memory she wouldn’t be able to shake away. She went heavy on the blush and lipstick since those were the only ones Logan counted as makeup.

“Yes, milady?” Colin spoke softly, perfectly concerned about his fair maiden.

Logan held the back of Colin’s neck and pulled his face closer, “Do these heels make my butt look big?”

Colin smacked him on his head and gave him a headlock while Logan’s heels clicked on the floor as he tried to escape.


Alex waited outside the men’s room while Logan washed all the makeup off. Since he insisted on using so much, Alex was sure he’d take forever. Luckily, the cafeteria was still open when Alex dropped by. She bought a sandwich and a juice bottle.

She came back about 10 minutes later and Logan still hadn’t finished.

“Alex? You still out there?!” She heard him yell.

“Maybe” Alex answered, taking the last bite of her sandwich. She drank the remaining juice from the bottom and threw it in the trash along with the sandwich wrapper.

“Could you…” Logan asked hesitantly, “Help me?”

“It’s your fault. Why would I help you?” Alex took out her rubbing alcohol and sprayed a little on her hands, massaging them together.

“Alex…” he whined. Although Logan couldn’t see her, she still rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah” she said, grabbing her backpack, “Just wait right there.”

She went towards the gym to find Lauren. She figured Lauren would have some makeup remover or maybe some tips to use.

Lauren had been in the middle of a routine when Alex walked in. All of them wore matching shorts and tight tank tops. They had a Football game on Friday against Burkendall High School. Lauren told her earlier that they doubled their practice during a game week. They were quite the determined bunch.

“Take ten, everyone” The head cheerleader shouted.

Lauren, who was at the top, did a front flip and landed perfectly on her spotters. As everyone else started going down from the pyramid, Lauren smiled when her eyes landed on Alex. She left her fellow cheerleaders and jogged towards her.

“Hey!” she greeted Alex cheerfully. She didn’t even break a sweat, Alex noted. Maybe she herself needed to start a bit of exercise.

“Hey” Alex nodded her head towards the cheer team, “That was pretty cool.”

“Thanks” Lauren giggled and led Alex to the bleachers. She sat down while Alex remained standing. She took out a canteen and drank, “So what brings you here?”

“I need to borrow some make-up remover” Alex shrugged, “Do you have any?”

“Yeah, sure” Lauren put her water back and looked through her bag. Alex waited patiently. A frown appeared on Lauren’s face as she zipped her bag close.

“Wait right here” she stood up and went to their head cheerleader. She had neutral brown hair in a high ponytail, the tips reaching her mid-back, with angular facial features that made her look like a model. Her doe-like hazel eyes were framed by mascara on her lashes and trimmed eyebrows.

Alex finger combed her bangs. They were too short to cover anything but her forehead. She and the head cheerleader hadn’t had the best conversations. Alex also believed some people just naturally intimidate everyone in the room—and the head cheerleader happened to be one of them.

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Alex kept her head bowed as she followed Lauren.

“Carla” she heard Lauren say when they caught up to her, “Can I borrow your make-up remover? I’ll replace it.”

Carla watched them suspiciously—mostly Alex. Alex avoided her stare and pretended to be fascinated by the interior of the gym. Then, she pretended to check out the cheer team. They didn’t like it so Alex went back to looking at the bleachers.

When Carla didn’t say anything, Alex worried. She could feel heavy eyes on her but she didn’t budge. Then, Lauren said, “Deal?”

“Yeah, sure” Carla finally replied. Alex peeped through the corner of her eye. She saw Carla go through her bag. Lauren simply waited patiently.

“Here” Carla said in a monotone, handing over a packet of make-up wipes, “Make-up wipes are more efficient than the bottle and cotton or tissue combo.”

“Thanks!” Lauren said appreciatively and gave them to Alex, “Here you go.”

“Thanks, Lauren” Alex cleared her throat, making sure her voice was deep. She wondered if she should thank Carla as well. She probably should. She took a deep breath and looked at Carla, “Carla…”

“Why do you need it anyway?” Carla asked, arms crossed.

“I don’t. It’s Logan who does” Alex snorted and decided to leave.

“See ya!” She shouted over her shoulder and went out of the gym.

Alex had an unfortunate incident in the past that had her running to the nearest bathroom. Apparently on instinct, she went to the ladies’ room and bumped into Carla. A rookie mistake she made as a newly transformed male student. Alex quickly left the place before Carla could ask her questions.

Alex had formed four theories, 1) Carla just found it odd and left it at that, 2) she thought Alex was a pervert or a peeping tom, 3) she thought Alex was gay, and 4) she thought Alex was actually female.

After some time, she calmed down and hoped for the best, thinking if she confronted Carla, things might only worsen from there.

But could it be…

Alex’ grip on the wipes tightened. She turned around, thinking she should talk to Carla more. After three steps about three steps, she bumped into someone.

“Oof” Alex muttered and stepped back, rubbing her nose. It stung a little. She looked up and saw none other than Jae Parker.

“Al” he smiled at her cheekily. He had his jersey on and smelled like sweat, “What’s my favorite bud doing in my turf?”

Then, his gaze shifted to her hand and raised an eyebrow, “Makeup remover? Are you finally going to admit—

“English Project, Parker” Alex elbowed his ribs and continued to walk towards the men’s room Logan was in, “Besides, I’m not the one who need it.”

“So a double date, huh?” Jae asked, attempting to change the subject.

Alex scoffed, “Not looking forward to it.”

“Are you finally going to—”

This time Alex aimed to smack his head. It didn’t matter if Jae was taller than her, she would make it happen but that didn’t mean Jae made it easy. He dodged all her attack until Alex settled for hitting his shoulder.

“Ow!” Jae pouted, “How dare you try to mess up this beautiful face?”

“Are you finally—”

Jae boomed a laugh, “Nice one, Carter, but it won’t ever happen.”

Alex merely shrugged, “Now you know how it feels to be accused of it.”

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