Chapter 439: Devil Thunder Bone Frame

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The silver-masked man was instantly destroyed.

“Such strength.”

The Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor were shocked and were apprehensive.

Just this single sword move was enough for them to know they were not a match for Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

“This kid truly has a heaven-defying fate. Damn it.” When thinking about the matters that happened in the Black Sky Sect Ruins, the Blood Ancestor was still tolerating his anguish.

The gold-masked Evil King snorted, “This sire is truly a tyrant. A mere statement had incited you to kill him.”

Li Fuchen responded, “Those that threaten my family should naturally be slaughtered. It is unrelated to being tyrannical or not.”

“My subordinate threatened your family and you killed him. What shall I do with you for killing my subordinate then?” The Evil King’s eyes were bursting with devilish light while he emitted imposing qi presence.

Li Fuchen laughed indifferently, “If you have the capability, you can do as you please. But I am afraid you don’t have such a capability.”

“Such courage.” The Evil King had laughed angrily.

Since he exited from seclusion, this was the first one someone spoke like this to him. He really didn’t know if Li Fuchen was confident with his skills or ignorant.

“Is this Li Fuchen really a youth prodigy that isn’t 30 years old yet?” The Petrified Queen was rather astonished.

A person was able to burst with strength in an instant, but the experience and the bearing was something that was hard to achieve. Li Fuchen’s indifferent and composed attitude wasn’t like a young man at all, he was more like a veteran of the battlefield who was able to smile even when facing a strong foe.

“Evil King, enough of the nonsense. Let’s fight!” Li Fuchen took a step forward in the sky and the sword qi was starting to gather.

“As you wish.” The Evil King had also taken a step forward while the horrific Evil Dao qi presence rushed at Li Fuchen.


Both of them were swift and decisive individuals. Once the murderous intent surged in their hearts, they immediately made their moves.

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In the air, there were two figures crossing moves, while a surge of qi wave exploded instantly. Behind the Evil King, the ground had split open with a clean cut. Behind Li Fuchen, the surface of the ground also had a deep crevice that was caused by the fist force.

“Battle has started.”

Everyone retreated and opened up a battle area of more than ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters radius for the two individuals.

“Great sword art! Receive a move of my Devil Wind Shower!”

The Evil King yelled out and there was a vicious shadow that appeared behind him. In the next moment, a sky-filled with fist shadows had burst out. Each fist shadow had the power of a thunderbolt and contained unparalleled evil dao fist intent. When the fist was executed, half the sky had turned dark and were in the chaos.

Earth class low-tier evil dao technique, Black Devil Technique

Earth class low-tier evil dao fist art, Extreme Devil Fist.

“Good timing, Fish in the Water.”

Li Fuchen drew his Joint-Heaven Sword across the sky and countless blue sword lights were shot out like a school of fish that blocked the fist shadows.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The qi forces exploded with horrifying shockwaves.

“Devil Sun in the Sky!”

A black sun rose up slowly and it turned into a pellet that was suddenly launched at Li Fuchen. The speed was so fast as though it had teleported.

Li Fuchen’s eyes were sharp. He lifted the Joint-Heaven Sword above his head and slashed down. The brilliant sword light looked like it was going to slash apart everything and flashed across the expanding black sun.

There was no sound or presence.

The black sun was split into two and flew passed Li Fuchen on both sides.

Boom Boom!

Two giant deep ravines were produced behind Li Fuchen. 

If there was a 16th level of the Reincarnation Realm, the Evil King’s combat strength should be around the regular 16th level of Reincarnation Realm.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation was at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm but the quality of his qi had already reached the regular 6th level of Reincarnation Realm. With the blazing flame power, he would reach the 7th level of Reincarnation Realm. When coupled with the perfection staged Green Sun Sword Intent or the High Heaven Sword Art, he would reach at least 10th of Reincarnation Realm. If the enhancement of the earth class mid-tier Joint-Heaven Sword was included, it wouldn’t be difficult for Li Fuchen to be at the 13th level of Reincarnation Realm.

Finally, it was the Bronze Sword Essence which would be able to increase Li Fuchen’s strength by another three levels.

Hence, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was evenly matched with the Evil King. If they didn’t use their trump cards, it wouldn’t be easy to decide a victor.

As for the core blazing flame power, Li Fuchen intended to use as little of it as possible. Different from the normal blazing flame power, the core blazing flame power was the essence of the blazing flame power. Using too much of it would affect the extraction speed of the blazing flame power. Otherwise, his strength would be further increased to the 17th level of Reincarnation Realm.

But there wasn’t any significance to have this additional level of cultivation. He felt that the Evil King had yet to attack with his full strength.

Furthermore, with the same level of combat strength, Li Fuchen was confident he could defeat anyone because he had exceptional awareness.

The ground was breaking and qi waves were sweeping outwards.

The battle area of the duo had been expanding.

Unknowingly, the duo arrived at a desolate mountain that was 2000 feet in height.

On one end of the desolate mountain stood the Evil King and the other end was where Li Fuchen was standing. They were unable to see one another but their awareness could sense one another.

Black lightning surged violently as the Evil King penetrated the desolate mountain with a single first. There was a deep and abstruse tunnel in the middle of the mountain and Li Fuchen was standing on the opposite side.

It was a pity that Li Fuchen only left behind an afterimage.

Subsequently, the desolate mountain was split in two. The blue sword light that had a heaven-defying power had suddenly extended and enveloped the Evil King.

The Evil King frowned while the cloak on his back had shaken like a dark cloud.

Strangely, the Evil King’s body had suddenly vanished and when he reappeared, he was already behind Li Fuchen and blasting a fist over.

Li Fuchen’s mirage was shattered and he had escaped over 100 feet away. With a sudden thrust, thousands of green sword lights gathered and burst out.

The cloak fluttered like the dark cloud and the Evil King vanished again.

This time Li Fuchen had clearly sensed that the Evil King’s speed had instantly increased by several times. Perhaps, it would be better to say that the air resistance was reduced by several times. This cloak obviously had the effect of sound elimination, allowing the Evil King to not only move with an extreme speed that was almost like teleportation while being soundless and without presence.

“This cloak is incredible. It must be a cardinal artifact.”

Li Fuchen executed the Flying Flame Nine Transformation and had instantly avoided the Evil King’s attack.

The Flying Flame Nine Transformation was a mystic class peak-tier light body technique. At the Seven Color Continent, Li Fuchen might not be able to cultivate earth class martial arts casually, it was still rather easy for him to find a suitable mystic class peak-tier light body technique.

Once the Flying Flame Nine Transformation was cultivated to the perfection rank, Li Fuchen was able to move at astounding speed for short distances. With the complements of his exceptional awareness, it was basically impossible for the Evil King to launch a sneak attack. After all, the Evil King was truly teleporting and every time he entered a high-speed movement, his cloak would have to shiver.

The Evil King seemed to realize that he wasn’t able to attack Li Fuchen from behind. He soared and stood at high altitude.

“Li Fuchen, I have to admit that you are the strongest adversary I have ever encountered. The golden mask was blocking the Evil King’s face, but everyone could hear the admiration in the Evil King’s words.

Li Fuchen had also soared up and directly faced the Evil King from a few miles away, “Evil King, show your true capabilities!”

The testing phase had ended, it was time for the true battle.

The Evil King didn’t make a move immediately, “Li Fuchen, I heard that you originally possess the 1-star ordinary bone frame. But I don’t know when did you obtain the blazing flame bone frame and had even activated the blazing flame power. If you didn’t have the blazing flame power, you would have already died earlier.”

Li Fuchen didn’t express an opinion.

The Evil King continued talking, “Since you have the blazing flame bone frame, how can you not know that I too have the devil thunder bone frame. I shall let you witness what is the devil thunder bone frame.”

The devil thunder bone frame was the mutated thunderous bone frame

In this world, there were plenty of types of bone frames. There were the extraordinary bone frames, the mutated extraordinary bone frames, the special bone frames…

Mutated extraordinary bone frames were very rare and were almost as rare as special bone frames.

In fact, it was hard to say if the strength of mutated bone frames would be comparable to special bone frames.

After all, the strength of the bone frames were dependent on the possessor.

Bang Crackle!

Dark purple thunderbolts were surging out of the Evil King’s body.

The dark purple thunderbolts were fusing with the black devilish qi, causing the Evil King’s qi presence to rapidly grow stronger. It was as though his entire body was the source of the dark purple thunderbolts. Countless dark purple thunderbolts were sweeping out in and ravaging in all directions.

“This is the Evil King’s true strength.”

Everyone held their breaths and had unpleasant expressions.

When the Evil King was fighting with Li Fuchen earlier, the strength that he had exhibited was already enough to suppress them. With the addition of the devil thunder bone frame, the Evil King was able to kill them like slaughtering chickens as they wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Devil thunder bone frame uh?” Li Fuchen’s face had a slight change.

He might not have heard of the devil thunder bone frame before, but just by hearing the name, he knew it was an incredibly powerful thunderous bone frame. In comparison, the devil thunder power must surely be superior to the thunderous power, while Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power was inferior to You Lie’s thunderous power. After all, his blazing flame bone frame was only 4-star but You Lie’s thunderous bone frame was 6-star.

“Devil Wind Shower.”

The fist was executed and overwhelming dark purple fist shadows of thunderbolts had enveloped Li Fuchen.

Against such a large area attack, Li Fuchen’s would have difficulty trying to evade with the Flying Flame Nine Transformation. He had no choice but to endure it.

Crackle Bang!

Li Fuchen burst in retreat while the surface of his body was covered with dark purple electric arcs.

The Evil King’s strength had obviously increased by around two levels, Li Fuchen would have suffered severe injuries with just this fist attack had it not been for his dual cultivation of qi and body, furthermore, his body refinement was stronger than his qi cultivation.

“Mm? He is fine?”

The Evil King took a deep breath and burst out with the Extreme Evil Fist’s finishing move, Devil Sun in the Sky.

Like a pellet, the black sun that was mixed with the dark purple thunderbolts had been launched. When it was approaching Li Fuchen, it had already expanded to over a few hundred meters in size. It was simply inescapable and there was nowhere to hide.

“Bronze Sword Essence, Shadow of Scarlet.”

After circulating the 5-star secret technique, Shadow of Scarlet, Li Fuchen’s bronze sword qi were released in a mystical manner and had formed a bronze shadow.

When Li Fuchen brandished his sword, the bronze shadow had also brandished its bronze sword shadow.

In the next moment, the giant bronze sword light had reversed the flow and slashed at the black sun.

The bronze sword light had exploded and the black sun was still approaching.

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But the power of the black sun had already diminished by half and was shattered by Li Fuchen’s palm strike.

“What? Stacking of secret techniques?” The Evil King had sharp eyes and was able to sense the changes in Li Fuchen’s qi.

Li Fuchen’s qi quality was at best 6th level of Reincarnation Realm but after he executed the powerful secret technique, the qi quality had increased to the 9th level of Reincarnation Realm. After stacking with another secret technique that was for both offense and defense, the power of the secret technique had already exceeded far beyond its original limit. The Evil King was unable to estimate the strength of the secret technique as he had never seen such things before.

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