Chapter 440: Devil Thunder Divine Ability

The Evil King wouldn’t know that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s Sword Essence secret technique would be able to stack with most of the other secret techniques. If it could be stacked with the Sect Origin Swords, then it would naturally be able to stack with the Shadow of Scarlet.

In fact, the Sword Essence secret technique was already not considered a normal secret technique. Instead, it was a secret technique that reformed the skeleton.

If it was a normal secret technique, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to activate both secret techniques at the same time.

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But when two secret techniques were stacked together, Li Fuchen felt that his qi was being consumed at an increased speed.

Just the usage of the Shadow of Scarlet had already used up a lot of qi. After stacking together with the Bronze Sword Essence, the qi consumption speed was greatly increased.

After all, Li Fuchen was only at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. No matter how formidable his strength was, he was unable to hide the fact that he had a limited capacity of qi.

Of course, even if his volume of qi wasn’t that high, it was still several times and up to 100 times more than the blazing flame power. Hence, there was no need to consider the problem of qi depletion, unless he used sword moves that consumed extreme amounts of qi like the Green Sun Absolution.

“I would like to see how long can you last.” The Evil King spoke calmly.

Despite the fact that Li Fuchen’s strength had exceeded his expectation, Li Fuchen was still ultimately weaker.

Furthermore, combat was very exhausting.

Be it Li Fuchen’s qi or extraordinary power, they were all lesser than the Evil King. If this fight dragged on, Li Fuchen would be the dead individual in the end.

Li Fuchen naturally didn’t wish to have an extended fight with the Evil King. Up until now, he had yet to execute the third move of the High Heaven Sword Art, Soar Into the Sky. It was time to do so.

The Joint-Heaven Sword was glowing with light as Li Fuchen slashed with an absolutely powerful sword move.

This sword move didn’t consume as much qi as the Green Sun Absolution, but the prowess was comparable. It had also contained the sword dao’s laws and was extremely mystical. One portion of strength could burst out with three times the lethality.

This sword move might be straightforward but it was so fast that the Evil King didn’t have time to face the attack with his full strength.

Without a choice, the Evil King had to burst out with the core devil thunder power. The dark purple thunder on the surface of his body had turned into black thunder. The power was stronger and it didn’t only withstand Li Fuchen’s sword light, it had also destroyed the sword light instantly.

When bursting with the core devil thunder power, the Evil King’s strength was almost at the 19th level of Reincarnation Realm.

“Evil Hammer Smash!”

The core devil thunder power would affect the extraction rate of the devil thunder power, thus, the Evil King didn’t plan to squander so much of the core devil thunder power. As such, he instantly executed the most qi consuming and most fearsome move in the Extreme Evil Fist, Evil Hammer Smash.

The Evil King leaped into the sky and arrived above Li Fuchen. He then clenched both his fists, while two black spheres appeared above his fists.

Buzz Buzz!

With a speed that was barely visible, the Evil King’s left and right fists smashed down.

At this moment, ripples could be seen in the air. The black ripples were radiating towards Li Fuchen.

The extending speed of the ripples were too fast and the range was extremely wide.

The ground below Li Fuchen had instantly shifted like an earthquake.


Sensing the ferocity of the fist, Li Fuchen immediately burst out with the core blazing flame power and slashed with his sword.

Layers and layers of ripples were split open. Ultimately, Li Fuchen was still smashed by the ripples and had been smashed into the ground.

“Such a terrifying move.” The Petrified Queen believed that she wouldn’t be able to withstand the Evil King’s fists.

Of course, as the no.1 expert of the Demonic Ten Regions, she wasn’t so foolish to forcefully resist the Evil King’s most powerful kill move.

Hence, even if the Petrified Queen couldn’t defeat the Evil King, she was confident that she could protect herself.

“How can he be so powerful?” The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s eyes were contracted while he had a shocked expression.

Back when he crossed moves with Evil King, the Evil King was already able to suppress him but was still unable to kill him instantly.

However, the current Evil King was able to kill him instantly. Even if the Mountain Shaking Elephant activated the innate ability, Battle Heaven Tyrant Body, he would still be turned into a mist of blood by the ripples. There was no what if, it was a definite outcome.

As for Li Fuchen’s strength, it had also shocked the Mountain Shaking Elephant.

Previously when he fought against the four of them, it was already very frightening. But now, the strength that Li Fuchen was bursting out was pale into insignificance when compared to back then.

“The situation of the East Unicorn Continent is transforming too quickly!”

At this current moment, even the Blood Devil King was scared witless. The Evil King and Li Fuchen were both existences that would break the balance. With these two individuals around, the Demonic Ten Regions wouldn’t have the chance to stand out.

He couldn’t help but recall a saying that was circulated among the humans: The river that flows to the east for thirty years will flow to the west for the next thirty years.

Previously, the Demonic Ten Regions had awe-inspiring prowess but after the Evil Dao emerged, they had instantly ceased. Right now, even the Hundred Sects Alliance were catching up.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen wasn’t going to survive today, otherwise, the Demonic Ten Regions would be the bottom feeders. They wouldn’t dare to offend the Evil Dao, they would also not dare to offend the Hundred Sects Alliance.

After seeing Li Fuchen getting smashed into the ground, Mu Hanxin’s heart had tightened.

He didn’t expect the Evil King to be this powerful and he knew about Li Fuchen’s strength better than anyone.

The members of the Hundred Sects Alliance wasn’t looking too good. They might not have acknowledged their allegiance to Li Fuchen and were unwilling to yield, but Li Fuchen was still the Alliance Leader of the Hundred Sects Alliance. If Li Fuchen perished, the Hundred Sects Alliance was also done for. No one was able to stop the Evil King.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as Li Fuchen’s wasn’t dead and he wasn’t even injured.

Rising from the ground, Li Fuchen rushed out.

The Evil King’s fist force was merely 10% or 20% stronger than him, it wasn’t enough to injure him yet.

The Evil King frowned hard with devilish light bursting from his eyes. Li Fuchen’s defense had simply exceeded his expectations.

He didn’t think that his fist force was able to kill Li Fuchen, but it should at least be able to injure Li Fuchen!

But actually to the situation, even if he executed dozens of fist strikes, he might not be able to kill Li Fuchen.

 But if he executed dozens of fist strikes, his core devil thunder power would at least be depleted by half.

“This cannot drag on.” The Evil King had resolved himself.

“He still isn’t hurt after all that?” The Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor had wide opened mouths but was unable to utter a word.

After breathing out a turbid breath, the Evil King sized up Li Fuchen’s Silver Scale Armor that was visible from the tattered cloths. He then said, “Your artifact armor must be at least earth class mid-tier right?! Otherwise, you should have suffered serious injuries from that fist earlier.”

“That’s right.”

Li Fuchen didn’t even bother to lie. Since no matter what he said, as long as he was defeated or perished, he wouldn’t have a positive outcome. If he didn’t lose, there was nothing wrong with exposing the Silver Scale Armor. Who would dare and who would be able to snatch it from him?

“Earth class mid-tier artifact armor!”

The Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor had revealed avaricious expressions, but they were quickly disappointed.

With the Evil King around, once Li Fuchen perished, they wouldn’t have their turns to obtain the artifact armor.

On the Hundred Sects Alliance’s side, they were filled with shock and envy.

They didn’t even have enough earth class low-tier equipment but Li Fuchen already had an earth class mid-tier artifact armor. How many fated opportunities have Li Fuchen encountered so far? Why didn’t they have such fated opportunities?

“Your artifact sword should also be of the earth class mid-tier.” The Evil King carried on talking.

Right now, everyone was numbed.

Li Fuchen was simply the proud child of the heavens and was adored. He had an entire set of earth class mid-tier equipment while they were still struggling to obtain earth class low-tier equipment.

“Your fate is truly heaven-defying. If you have more time, the entire East Unicorn Continent will probably be under your rule. It is a pity that you encountered me.” When talking, the Evil King withdrew the black devilish qi in his body and replaced it with the violent devil thunder power that filled his body.

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes. Generally, extraordinary power were unable to fill up the body and could only be burst out along with qi. Furthermore, there could only be a limited amount of extraordinary power that could be burst out to avoid damage to meridians and flesh.

But now, the Evil King’s body was obviously filled with devil thunder power and his body was unharmed. This meant that the Evil King had awakened a kind of devil thunder divine ability.

“This is your true trump card?” Li Fuchen was moved.

The Evil King smiled while his body suddenly emitted dark purple thunder light. The violent qi presence had caused the weather to change. The ground was unable to endure such pressure and had started to crack. Pieces of rock and soil were rising and suspending in the air.

“You are very unfortunate. During my seclusion, I have awakened a devil thunder divine ability. With this divine ability, I am confident to fight against a regular 1st level Battle Spirit Realm master.” The Evil King’s voice was extremely confident.

Battle Spirit Realm masters would have definitely cultivated earth class cultivation techniques.

But if they didn’t have extraordinary bone frames, they wouldn’t have divine abilities. It meant that they were regular Battle Spirit Realm masters.

If it was a 1st level Battle Spirit Realm master who only cultivated earth class low-tier cultivation technique, the Evil King was really confident to win the fight.

The source of the confidence came from the devil thunder divine ability.

As for 1st level Battle Spirit Realm masters who cultivated mystic class peak-tier cultivation techniques, it would be basically impossible.

The Evil King knew clearly that if one didn’t cultivate earth class cultivation techniques, it was impossible to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm.

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“Fight then!” Li Fuchen took a deep breath. He had indeed belittled the Evil King, but he had trump cards too.

“Supreme Black Devil Thunder!”

The Evil King made his move. At the moment he made his move, his body was flourishing with thunder light. Thunder patterns were flowing in the thunder light and this was the divine ability pattern.

Spreading out his right hand, a massive dark purple thunder sphere was produced. The Evil King swung his hand and blasted the thunder sphere at Li Fuchen.

The thunder sphere was swelling at extreme speed and the power had reached the extremity. The fearsome thunder power had turned the suspended rocks and soil into grey ashes. The roaming thunder pressure had acted on everyone’s body and causing paralysis while they were all sent flying back.

“It is too dreadful. This is the power of a divine ability?” Everyone was terrified.

There were records in ancient texts saying that once a martial artist awakened a divine ability, they would be unmatched in the same realm. This saying wasn’t just for show.

“Clear Sky Sword Art!” Li Fuchen activated the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern on his wrist and faced the Evil King’s devil thunder divine ability.

The resplendent and boundless sword light burst out and had also formed a sphere.


The entire place lost its color and the only thing visible was the devastating dark purple thunder and the resplendent sword light.

The Evil King’s devil thunder divine ability had its own circulatory system as the devil thunder power was flowing and was able to maintain its complete form. Li Fuchen’s Clear Sky Sword Art was ultimately inferior and was about to crumble.

Immediately after, the massive and terrifying thunder sphere had engulfed Li Fuchen.

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