Chapter 441: Divine Abilities Showdown

“It is over!”

The Evil King felt a little pity as it was rather saddening to kill an unparalleled heavenly prodigy.

It was the same as destroying a priceless artwork.

But this regretful feeling only lasted for an instant. The path of the martial dao was always one where the strong feasted on the weak. By killing Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, the Evil King would absorb more or less of Li Fuchen’s fate.

“Impossible?” Mu Hanxin had a painful expression and a trace of fear.

“Hehe, so what if he is an unparalleled heavenly prodigy? A dead heavenly prodigy is the same as a wild dog.” The Blood Ancestor grinned and laughed loudly while the Extreme Yin Ancestor was nodding.

“Did he ultimately become the Evil King’s stepping stone?” The Petrified Queen sighed.

She didn’t just sigh at Li Fuchen but also for the Demonic Ten Region’s future.

With the Evil King around, the Demonic Ten Region would probably return to before and would have to cower in the corner while waiting for another opportunity.

It was fortunate that demonic beasts and demons had a far longer lifespan than humans. As long as the Evil King didn’t progress to the Battle Spirit Realm, he would still have to die of old age.

All of the spectators were having various thoughts.

Tss Tss Tss…

After the devastation, the thunder sphere that had expanded to a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters wide was slowly starting to crumble and had suddenly exploded. Countless dark purple thunderbolts were roaming the air and plowing the ground again and again. The fine electric arcs had covered a space of over ten miles.

Just this single divine ability would probably be able to kill thousands of Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

Finally, the thunderbolts scattered and the electric arcs vanished.

The resting place of Li Fuchen was a giant crater that appeared in everyone’s vision.

This crater was too huge and could easily fit in a small-scale city. The depth of the crater was 1000 feet and when looked down from above, it was truly frightening.


The Evil King’s face suddenly changed as though he had seen something unbelievable.

Very quickly, the others noticed something abnormal too.

In the center of the crater, a figure gradually got visible.

In normal situations, the Evil King’s divine ability was enough to smash a person into smithereens. Not even the corpse would be left behind, at best, the equipment would be preserved.

But Li Fuchen’s body wasn’t destroyed and one had to admit that it was like a miracle.

Next, something even more miraculous had happened.

Li Fuchen who should be dead had actually moved.


With a bend and extension of the knees, Li Fuchen flew high up into the sky, “Evil King, your divine ability isn’t powerful enough!”

Right now, apart from some charred marks on his body, he wasn’t injured at all and his qi presence didn’t weaken either.

“How did you do it?” The Evil King’s voice was very deep.

“Just like that.” Li Fuchen replied.

“Alliance Leader isn’t dead yet!” Mu Hanxin felt he was going to collapse and felt as though he had experienced death.

“He isn’t even dead after that?” Everyone was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

Especially the Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor. The two of them looked as if they had eaten filth as their faces were extremely unpleasant.

After looking at Li Fuchen closely, the Evil King finally spotted something. The surface of Li Fuchen’s body was glowing with a pale golden halo. This halo contained the qi power waves, but it was several times stronger than qi power. It was obviously an extraordinary qi power that was developed when the body refinement level reached a certain extent.

The Evil King’s body also had extraordinary qi power but it was definitely weaker than Li Fuchen and it wasn’t just one or two levels weaker.

“Evil King, bring out all your trump cards!”

Li Fuchen was confident in returning to the East Unicorn Continent, not because of his strength but mainly due to his overwhelming physical defense.

Class 5 demons had extremely tough physical defenses and were extremely hard to kill unless one had a strength that was far beyond them. Li Fuchen’s physical defenses were even tougher than class 5 demons and it was a few times tougher. Back at the Black Sky Sect Ruins, Li Fuchen’s physical defenses were already at the top level in the East Unicorn Continent.

It was manageable if it was just like that, but Li Fuchen’s qi defenses was also significant as it was enhanced by the Silver Scale Armor.

After the attacks were weakened by the qi defenses, when the attack landed on Li Fuchen’s body, the lethality was already reduced by half.

As such, the Evil King’s devil thunder divine ability was only able to make Li Fuchen look a little pathetic but was unable to truly injure Li Fuchen.

“Supreme Black Devil Thunder.” The Evil King didn’t bother to talk any more nonsense as he didn’t believe Li Fuchen could resist the Supreme Black Devil Thunder twice.

The horrifying Supreme Black Devil Thunder exploded and engulfed Li Fuchen again.

This time, Li Fuchen didn’t even execute the Clear Sky Sword Art. He simply used the High Heaven Sword Art to reduce a portion of the Supreme Black Devil Thunder’s power.

He then directly received the leftover power forcefully.

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There was another giant crater in the ground. Li Fuchen was still standing in the center of the crater and was still unscathed.


The Evil King was furious and had blasted the third Supreme Black Devil Thunder at Li Fuchen.

The devil thunder power in his body had already been accumulated for more than ten years and was far more than Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power. Hence, even if the Evil King executed the Supreme Black Devil Thunder for more than ten times, he was still able to continue.

Fourth time… Fifth time… Sixth time…

The Evil King had executed four consecutive Supreme Black Devil Thunder. That giant crater was deepened from 1000 feet to a few thousand feet. It was so deep that the undercurrents were blasted open and were evaporated into steam by the thunderbolts, before rising into the air.

However, Li Fuchen was still unscathed.

“Evil King, you cannot kill me.”

Li Fuchen’s dragon elephant power was extremely forceful. With the protection of 55,000 strands of dragon elephant power, Li Fuchen’s entire body was impenetrable. Unless his opponent had a method to smash the dragon elephant power, no one would be able to hurt Li Fuchen.

It was Li Fuchen’s qi that was in chaos. The 5-star secret technique, Shadow of Scarlet was already scattered by the first Supreme Black Devil Thunder. Afterwards, Li Fuchen was relying entirely on the protection produced by the Silver Scale Armor as the first layer of defense.

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Every time the protection was destroyed, his body’s qi would suffer an impact.

It was fortunate that his body refinement level was unyielding enough. Li Fuchen simply had to spare a small portion of dragon elephant power to suppress the chaotic qi.

If it was someone else, they would have already exploded to death.

“This is impossible.”

The Evil King was panting a little. Even if his devil thunder power was very robust, he had executed too many Supreme Black Devil Thunder at once. There was a feeling of getting drawn out completely. But Li Fuchen didn’t suffer a single injury, how was the Evil King able to stay composed?

“Evil King, you have a divine ability. I, Li Fuchen also have a divine ability.”

It wasn’t Li Fuchen’s style to take a beating. The berserk blazing flame power surged from the bone frame spatial zone into the body. Li Fuchen had instantly turned into a flaming man and his qi presence wasn’t inferior to the Evil King at all.

Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power might be inferior to the Evil King’s devil thunder power, but Li Fuchen could exploit it better.

This was mainly due to the fact that Li Fuchen cultivated the earth class mid-tier Ardent Sun Divine Technique.

The higher the grade of the cultivation technique, the more meridians were opened up. There were some meridians that would only be found when circulating a technique. Otherwise, it would be hard to find it even by scanning with the awareness.

The blazing flame power was just like qi. It had to be circulated through the meridians to burst out with power. The more meridians it was circulated through, the burst power of the blazing flame power would be stronger.

Blazing flame pattern were extending throughout the flames on the surface of Li Fuchen’s body. In the next moment, Li Fuchen raised the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed at the Evil King.


The violent blazing flame sword qi felt like it was going to blast the void open while it cleaved down at the Evil King.

The Heart of Blazing Flame was very unique. Unlike the Supreme Black Devil Thunder which was only released in one method.

The Heart of Blazing Flame could be released in all sorts of shapes and forms. It was because the Heart of Blazing Flame would finish its final transformation inside Li Fuchen’s body.

If the Supreme Black Devil Thunder was described as a martial art, then the Heart of Blazing Flame was like a cultivation technique.

The former was transforming on the outside, while the latter transformed on the inside.

“Heart of Blazing Flame!”

The Evil King’s face had changed while he quickly executed the Supreme Black Devil Thunder.


In the radius of a few miles was split open by the sea of thunder and the sea of flame. The fearsome presence had many everyone speechless.

The divine abilities showdown was too terrifying. If a description must be given, it was like the showdown of two individuals with earth class high-tier martial arts.

Ultimately, the blazing flame sword qi was slightly inferior and had been extinguished by the Supreme Black Devil Thunder.

But the Supreme Black Devil Thunder had lost most of the power and crumbled without doing anything to Li Fuchen.

“How is that possible? His blazing flame divine ability is actually able to contest against my Supreme Black Devil Thunder?”

The Evil King had an extremely gloomy expression. He suddenly recalled something.

The extraordinary power must be burst out with meridians. If Li Fuchen’s blazing flame divine ability was able to contest with his Supreme Black Devil Thunder, it must mean that Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique’s grade was higher than his cultivation technique. Therefore, Li Fuchen divine ability was strong because of more opened up meridians.

Boom! Boom!

The two divine abilities clashed again and again.

After executing the fourth blazing flame divine ability, Li Fuchen laughed bitterly in his heart.

The amount of blazing flame power in his body was only enough for him to execute the Heart of Blazing Flame for six times. It was merely two times more than when he just awakened the Heart of Blazing Flame.

The Evil King must have significantly more devil thunder power than him.

It was fortunate that the Evil King had already executed six times of his divine ability. With this additional four times, his devil thunder power must also be depleting.

“Li Fuchen, you are not bad at all. You can actually contest me to this extent.” The Evil King didn’t execute any more divine ability.

So what if he could deplete Li Fuchen’s blazing flame power? With Li Fuchen’s defense, it was impossible for the Evil King to kill Li Fuchen in a short period of time. Once the fight extended for too long, even if he managed to kill Li Fuchen, he would be overly exhausted and others would have chances to kill him.

If he wanted to kill Li Fuchen, he would need to rely on the help of others.

No matter how tough Li Fuchen’s defense was, there was still a limit. With frequent attacks, a wooden block would also be able to smash a boulder.

If Li Fuchen was able to rely on solely his physical defense to resist the Evil King’s attacks, the Evil King wouldn’t hesitate to leave immediately.

But Li Fuchen’s physical defense had yet to reach that level as he required the qi protection as the first layer of defense.

Li Fuchen felt a little strange and was on alert.

“Petrified Queen, if you don’t make a move now, when will you?” The Evil King suddenly looked at the Petrified Queen’s direction and yelled out.

“I know when to make a move.” it was unknown when had the Petrified Queen appear a few miles behind of Li Fuchen. She slammed both her hands towards Li Fuchen while a white radiance enveloped Li Fuchen.

Innate ability… Petrify.

Petrify was a little lacking in attack but even the Evil King wouldn’t want to be enveloped by the Petrify ability.

Back then, You Lie had only been slightly contacted by the Petrify ability and suffered from severe injuries.

The Petrified Queen was apprehensive of the Evil King, but she was more afraid of Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen was too young and if he had enough time, he could conquer the entire East Unicorn Continent, By then, the Demonic Ten Regions would have to face the calamity of destruction.

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