Chapter 442: A Great Change in Circumstances

Once the Petrified Queen made a move, the rest of the demonic beasts and demons of the Demonic Ten Regions had also acted.


Before the Evil King had to give the orders, the Extreme Yin Ancestor and the Blood Ancestor had already killed towards the Hundred Sects Alliance’s experts.

With a burst of qi presence, Mu Hanxin yelled, “The Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions are too overbearing. Kill as many of them to show the prowess of our Hundred Sects Alliance!”


Su Yuanhe took out a green whip and had already whipped a silver-masked man to death.

Hua Jianqiu was thrusting his green artifact sword repeatedly and releasing powerful sword qi.

At this crucial moment, none of the Hundred Sects Alliance’s members were stepping back. Once they did, they would have to face destruction.

Compared to the rest, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was facing an even more severe situation.

He had three opponents, the Evil King, Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King.

It was needless to say much about the Evil King’s strength who was stronger than Li Fuchen. The Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique was an extremely incredible innate ability. While the Blood Devil King also had an innate ability called the Blood Thunder Technique.
(TL note: Petrify is changed to Petrify Technique

But for the trio to kill Li Fuchen, it was still a huge difficulty.

Withdrawing the blazing flame power, Li Fuchen’s body was filled with ardent sun qi again.

To weaken the Petrify Technique, the ardent sun field power was definitely the most effective. After all, the Petrify Technique contained the petrification laws while the ardent sun field power contained the ardent sun laws. If he could weaken the Petrify Technique, Li Fuchen believed he could resist the rest of the Petrify Technique.

But the release of the ardent sun field power would need the support of the ardent sun qi. As such, Li Fuchen’s combat strength would decline greatly. 

But Li Fuchen’s most powerful qi was the bronze sword qi and not the ardent sun qi.

The ardent sun qi flowed through the Bronze Sword Essence and instantly transmuted into the bronze sword qi.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen placed the Joint-Heaven Sword horizontally in front of his body. Resplendent green radiance burst forth and enveloped Li Fuchen.

The Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t have any moves or stances. Every move and stance was the Green Sun Sword Intent and it could be used for offense or defense.

Crack Crack!

The moment the green radiance enveloped Li Fuchen, a white light was shining over.

Visible to the eye, the ground was starting to petrify, the dust in the air was starting to petrify, even the qi was starting to petrify.

The Petrify Technique could petrify anything. It was said that the top level of the Petrify Technique could even petrify the void.

Then the Green Sun Intent was invaded by the white light, a part of it had also petrified. A short moment later, Li Fuchen was wrapped by a giant white stone sphere.

“Blood Thunder Technique!”

The Blood Devil King’s hand formed a blood-colored sphere of light. There were flashes of blood-colored sparks as it crashed into the white stone sphere.

The white stone sphere suddenly exploded and Li Fuchen staggered in retreat.

The Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique was extremely mystical. It had sealed Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent and made his defense brittle. Fortunately, it had only made the qi protection brittle and didn’t contact with the physical defense.

“Supreme Black Devil Thunder!”

The Evil King followed up closely and blasted the Supreme Black Devil Thunder on Li Fuchen.

This time, Li Fuchen had suffered serious injuries as his flesh was lacerated and there were charred marks everywhere.

After all, his qi protection had been destroyed by the Blood Devil King’s Blood Thunder Technique. The Silver Scale Armor was only able to weaken a portion of the Supreme Black Devil Thunder. The rest had to be forcefully endured by the dragon elephant power and qi power.

“He is injured?” The Blood Devil King was delighted. He was rather afraid that Li Fuchen wouldn’t be injured.

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“Li Fuchen, today shall be the day of your death!” The Evil King spoke with unfeeling eyes.

“Li Fuchen, surrender now!” The Petrified Queen persuaded.

Li Fuchen grinned and said, “Do you think you have defeated me?”

After executing the Flying Flame Nine Transformation, Li Fuchen evaded the Blood Devil King’s Blood Thunder Technique and blasted thousands of green sword lights at the Blood Devil King.

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The Blood Devil King’s body was repeatedly pierced.

The Blood Devil King’s strength was at most equivalent to regular 14th level Reincarnation Realm. How could he withstand Li Fuchen’s attack?

It was fortunate that the Blood Devil King’s special trait was his tenacious vitality. It was ten times as tenacious as the Horn Devil King and the other class 5 demons.

This was also why he was able to stand on the no.2 spot of the Demonic Ten Regions.

Li Fuchen’s sword lights didn’t just target the Blood Devil King, even the Petrified Queen was within the attack range of the sword lights.

But the Petrified Queen was the no.1 sovereign of the Demonic Ten Regions for a reason. She took out a shield that surged with white light and instantly formed a firm stone wall to block in front of her.

The stone wall was naturally unable to block the penetrative sword light but it was still able to reduce most of the power. The remaining power was no longer enough to threaten the Petrified Queen.

This was all happening at rapid speed and within this moment, Li Fuchen had already approached the Blood Devil King.

When facing the trio’s united attacks, the only thing Li Fuchen could do was to tangle up one of them.

Otherwise, if he was constantly attacked by the trio, he would die of exhaustion sooner or later.

The Evil King naturally saw through Li Fuchen’s thoughts. He didn’t bother about the consumption of his devil thunder power and blasted another Supreme Black Devil Thunder at the flying Li Fuchen.

Crackle Bang!

No matter how fast Li Fuchen was, he wasn’t as fast as the thunderbolt. He was immediately struck and his qi protection crumbled while he was sent into the ground.

“Haha, Blood Thunder Technique.” The Blood Devil King tossed out a sphere of blood thunder that exploded on Li Fuchen’s body.

The corner of Li Fuchen was oozing with blood.

His defense was split into two layers. When both the layers were still there, no one in the East Unicorn Continent could hurt him. But if one of the layers was destroyed, there were only a few individuals who could injure him and the Blood Devil King was one of them.

The Evil King knew that he must not miss this opportunity and released the 12th Supreme Black Devil Thunder.

Immediately after, the Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique had also enveloped Li Fuchen.

“Even if he doesn’t die, he should be almost finished!” The Blood Devil King opened his palm and continued to gather the blood thunder.

Li Fuchen was indeed seriously injured. He might have executed the Green Sun Sword Intent’s defense at the first moment, but he was still seriously injured by the Supreme Black Devil Thunder. The Petrified Queen’s Petrify Technique had turned his wounds into rocks and it was trying to enter through the wounds. If it invaded Li Fuchen’s body, he was surely going to become a rock statue.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen burst out with blazing flame power again. When the explosive blazing flame power, the petrification was dispersed and the rocks on the surface of the wounds had also exploded.

Even though it had made Li Fuchen’s wounds worse, it was better to end it now than later.

After doing everything, Li Fuchen activated the healing ring. When enveloped by the green halo, Li Fuchen’s injuries were healing at a rapid speed.

Thus, when the Blood Devil King’s blood thunder was blasted over, Li Fuchen had already recovered significantly and immediately slashed at the blood thunder.

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The blood thunder was split open and the rest of the blazing flame sword qi had slashed on the Blood Devil King, causing him to scream miserably. It was as if his body was on fire while green smoke was fuming.

“What? His injuries have recovered?” The Petrified Queen took a deep cold breath.

Even if the Blood Devil King wanted to recover such injuries, he would need a certain amount of time. How did Li Fuchen do it?

The Evil King’s face had turned gloomy again. Li Fuchen had too many hidden trumps and it wasn’t something that a young man should possess. Li Fuchen was more like those old monsters who had lived for many years and had plenty of trump cards. Not until the end, no one would know how many trump cards did Li Fuchen possess.

When Li Fuchen was in a tangle with the three enemy experts, the Hundred Sects Alliance were having an intense battle with the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions.

“Damn it, where did they get so many earth class low-tier equipment?” The Blood Ancestor cursed loudly.

The Blood Ancestor was going against the High Cloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Hua Jianqiu.
(TL Note: I changed High Heaven Sword Sect into High Cloud Sword Sect because there seem to be clashes of names)

Originally, it was impossible for Hua Jianqiu to be a match for the Blood Ancestor. However, it was unknown when Hua Jianqiu obtained an earth class low-tier artifact sword and also an earth class low-tier artifact armor. All of the Blood Ancestor’s vicious techniques could deal with Jian Huaqiu. Instead, the Blood Ancestor was in a pathetic state. Had it not been for a large number of blood corpses, the Blood Ancestor would have been injured by now.

The Extreme Yin Ancestor was also very gloomy. His strength was stronger than the Blood Ancestor, but his opponent seemed to be even stronger than Hua Jianqiu. It was the originally unassuming Wind Snow Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Mu Hanxin.

When suppressed by the Dark Cold Palm Intent, the only thing the Extreme Yin Ancestor could do was to defend.

The Evil Dao was very depressed, while the Demonic Ten Regions were even more depressed.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant wanted to take revenge and had immediately sought out the Eternal Spring Valley’s Supreme Grand Elder Su Yuanhe.

As a result, he was stunned by Su Yuanhe’s whip.

That’s right, he had awakened two innate abilities of the fledgling stage and had a burst in strength.

Logically, he should be able to crush Su Yuanhe.

Who would have expected Su Yuanhe to have an additional earth class low-tier whip and earth class low-tier artifact armor? With a lash of the whip, the Mountain Shaking Elephant’s Battle Heaven Tyrant Body was already at the brink of collapse. Furthermore, Su Yuanhe’s whip art was at the trance stage and would always be able to wrap around the Mountain Shaking Elephant and restraining him from using its pinnacle combat strength.

The Devil Pattern Tiger, Power Devil King, Horn Devil King, Ground Rat King, Winged Devil King, Green Devil King, and Grey Devil King were all extremely depressed.

Their opponents were all greatly armed with equipment and with the enhancements of the equipment, their strength were much stronger.

Taking a glance at the battlefield, Mu Hanxin sneered.

The current Hundred Sects Alliance was no longer the same as before.

These were all high-level Reincarnation Realm experts. Now that they obtained earth class low-tier weapons and armors, their overall strength had suddenly surpassed the Demonic Ten Regions and the Evil Dao. Even if the two opposing factions formed an alliance, the Hundred Sects Alliance had nothing to fear.

All these were changed brought forth by Li Fuchen.

To be honest, Mu Hanxin really wished to know where did Li Fuchen obtain all these earth class low-tier equipment as there was simply too many. They were enough to almost fully equip the high-level Reincarnation Realm experts of the Hundred Sects Alliance.

This wasn’t an increase of strength for a single person, it was the increase of strength for the whole faction.

Of course, he knew this was Li Fuchen’s secret and even if he died from holding back his curiosity, he must not casually ask.

Li Fuchen was still in a great battle with the Evil King, Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King.

Before he came, he had already made all the preparations. Originally, he didn’t have the intention to distribute the earth class low-tier equipment, but he ultimately did because he was afraid of mishaps.

In any case, he had plenty of earth class low-tier equipment, he was just releasing them earlier.

Seeing a great change in circumstances for the Hundred Sects Alliance, Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about that side.

The Evil King, Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King had also seen the situation of the battlefield. They noticed that the Hundred Sects Alliance were suppressing the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions. The trio looked at each other with dismay and unpleasant expressions.

This wasn’t just a simple change, it was a reverse of the situation.

The circumstances of the East Unicorn Continent and instantly reversed.

If they didn’t guess wrongly, it was all because of Li Fuchen.

“He must be killed!” The trio made the resolve at the same time.

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