Chapter 443: Dragon Fire Bomb

Next, the Evil King, Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King were even more aggressive in their offense. As long as they could eliminate Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, the Hundred Sects Alliance would just be weak insects for them to crush.

13th time, 14th time, 15th time…

Unconsciously, the Evil King had already executed the Supreme Black Devil Thunder for 15 times and the devil thunder power in his body was also completely sapped.

The Evil King didn’t intend to use the rest of his devil thunder power as it was his foundation. Once the devil thunder power was depleted, in order to accumulate the devil thunder power again, he would have to start from the beginning and it would be ten times or a hundred times as difficult. He wouldn’t be able to return to his prime without one or two years.

Furthermore, even if he depleted the rest of his devil thunder power, Li Fuchen still had that healing cardinal artifact. It was obvious that Li Fuchen was still able to heal up a few more times and another one or two more attacks wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Li Fuchen’s healing ring was just going to last a few more times indeed. The green crystal on the ring had a much duller color.

But Li Fuchen was already very satisfied with it to last until now.

After losing the shackles from the Supreme Black Devil Thunder, Li Fuchen continued to approach the Blood Devil King.

Among the trio, the Blood Devil King was the weakest and the easiest to defeat

The Blood Devil King retreated far way as his subconsciousness told him that he must not fight in close combat with Li Fuchen.

However, Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent was extremely quick to attack. Thousands of sword lights blasted down and punctured the Blood Devil King in multiple parts of his body, hence, the Blood Devil King wasn’t able to bring out any speed.

“Devil Sun in the Sky!”

Even without the Supreme Black Devil Thunder, the Evil King was still the Evil King and his strength wasn’t inferior to Li Fuchen. Unless when Li Fuchen used the blazing flame divine ability.

The cloak shook and the Evil King appeared in front of Li Fuchen instantly. He then blasted a black sun at Li Fuchen.

“I have been waiting for you.”

When the Evil King appeared, Li Fuchen had already used the Flying Flame Nine Transformation to evade, leaving behind an afterimage.

The Evil King had reacted almost instantly but was ultimately not fast enough.

“Evil King, this a present that I have for you.”

On the left of the Evil King, Li Fuchen’s hand had an additional dark red metal bomb that he tossed at the Evil King.

By the time the Evil King reacted, the metal bomb was already 30 feet away from him.

The Evil King wasn’t a fool and knew this metal bomb wasn’t simple. He immediately activated the Phantom Cloak and intended to fly far away.


The metal bomb exploded with a blasting power that was superior to the Evil King’s Supreme Black Devil Thunder. A terrifying fire sphere rose into the sky and turned into a devastating fire dragon. The Evil King didn’t even have time to breathe and was severely injured in the blink of the eye. His flesh was cracking open and there were flames fuming. The Evil King might have immediately burst out with the devil thunder power to protect his body, but it was still a little too late.

“What is this?” The Evil King was a little stunned as he was in a daze after the blast.

The power of this metal bomb was obviously not less than the array pagoda on the Mystic Tools Sect’s dilapidated battleship.

The Evil King was stunned, so were the Petrified Queen and the Blood Devil King.

The power of this metal bomb was too overwhelming and could even severely injure the Evil King in an instant. If the bomb exploded beside the two of them, the Petrified Queen might be able to barely survive, but the Blood Devil King was definitely going to die. After all, no matter how much vitality he had, he would need to preserve a large portion of his body. If the body was exploded into pieces, no amount of vitality would be useful.

“This is indeed the near-class 6 firearm, Dragon Fire Bomb.”

This Dragon Fire Bomb was Li Fuchen’s strongest trump card.

In the East Unicorn Continent, the Thunderbolt Sect was the most incredible firearms maker. But in the Seven Color Continent, there were plenty of experts that produced incredible firearms. If the Thunderbolt Sect was brought to the Seven Color Continent, they wouldn’t even be on the market.

This Dragon Fire Bomb cost Li Fuchen 100,000 low-grade spirit stones and it was the only one he had. If it was used properly, it was enough to injure a regular 1st level Battle Spirit Realm master.

Taking advantage of the opponent’s weakness, Li Fuchen executed the High Heaven Sword Art’s third move, Soar Into the Sky, at the Evil King.


Blood splurted.

At the crucial moment, the Evil King shook his cloak and departed from where he was standing. It was a pity that the sword still managed to slash on half his body, turning his left arm into a blood mist.

“Not good.” The Petrified Queen and the Blood Devil King had both turned pale with fright while feeling the agony in their hearts.

The three of them had worked together but Li Fuchen had actually made a comeback.

“Evil King, don’t try to escape.”

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Li Fuchen pursued after the Evil King. If he could kill the Evil King, even if the rest were to work together, he would be able to defeat them.


The Evil King activated the Phantom Cloak and escaped far away.

The Evil King didn’t have the effort to think about the Extreme Yin Ancestor, the Blood Ancestor, and the others.


The Petrified Queen and the Blood Devil King didn’t dare to fight against Li Fuchen by themselves. They immediately issued the order to retreat.


Li Fuchen executed the Green Sun Sword Intent to the limit. Thousands of sword lights were shot out intensively as a huge number of class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts and a few class 5 demons were pierced through by the sword lights and exploding into blood mists.

“Sect Origin Swords.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t finished yet. 100,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi appeared beside him and were blasted at the Blood Devil King.

The Petrified Queen’s defense method was too tough and 100,000 Sect Origin Bronze Swords qi would definitely not be enough to kill her.

“Damn it.”

The Blood Devil King’s scalp was numbed. He turned around and executed the Blood Thunder Technique to blast open a few tens of thousands of Sect Origin Bronze Swords. But more sword qi enveloped him.

Pfff Pfff Pfff!

Blood mists were exploding crazily while the Blood Devil King couldn’t even maintain his human form.

“Hurry up and run.”

The Petrified Queen executed the Petrify Technique to petrify half of the swords qi and urged the Blood Devil King to leave.


Leaving behind a blood shadow, the Blood Devil King scuttled with extreme speed.

“A pity.”

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase. Even with the Flying Flame Nine Transformation, it could only increase his speed for short distances. In terms of long-distance speed, he was still inferior to these people. After all, speed was related to cultivation and qi quality.

But with such a severe injury, it was impossible for the Blood Devil King to recover without a year or two.

Ultimately, half of the Evil Dao had perished and the Extreme Yin Ancestor had fallen.

The Blood Ancestor was lucky enough to survive and it was mainly due to his tenacious survivability. Even if the Blood Ancestor wasn’t superior to the Blood Devil King, he was still not that much weaker.

Similarly, half of the Demonic Ten Regions had been slaughtered. Among them, the Horn Devil King, the Green Devil King, and the Grey Devil King who were weaker had all fallen.

Of course, Li Fuchen took most of the credit for killing these elite experts.

Apart from the Evil King, the Petrified Queen, and the Blood Devil King, no one else was able to resist a sword slash from him. In a single sword slash, these people would basically lose all their combat strength. After getting swarmed by the Hundred Sects Alliance’s experts, they were easy pickings for the kill.

When the battle had ended, Su Yuanhe, Xiahou Wu, and Mu Hanxin took the lead to bow respectfully with the all the other Hundred Sects Alliance’s experts, “Alliance Leader has matchless strength and overwhelming martial strength. We pledge our lives to follow you.”

In this battle, the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions weren’t the only ones that were frightened, the Hundred Sects Alliance was also scared witless.

Li Fuchen’s combat strength was too heaven-defying and he had plenty of trump cards. Putting aside the fact that their strength were weaker than Li Fuchen, even if they were superior, they would still be apprehensive.

Even the Evil King was severely injured by Li Fuchen and had to flee so pathetically.

In their opinion, even if two Evil Kings were here, Li Fuchen would probably have methods to deal with them. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Li Fuchen would never reveal those methods.

Hence, they didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. They were afraid if they didn’t a proactive attitude, they would become the next Thunder God Sect or the Mystic Tools Sect.

“Everyone has their credits for this complete victory. I, Li Fuchen am not that kind of ruthless person. As long as everyone knows their places, I will not treat anyone unfairly.” Li Fuchen too a glance at Xiahou Wu as he was the one with the most thoughts among these people.

Xiahou Wu was shocked and quickly replied, “Alliance Leader doesn’t have to worry, my Doulin Clan will surely obey the Alliance Leader’s law.”

“That will be good.” Li Fuchen nodded.

He had never wanted to rule the entire East Unicorn Continent by himself. It was too tiring to do so, hence, it was enough just to restrain these people.

After all, his journey wasn’t going to be on the East Unicorn Continent.

The East Unicorn Continent was just his starting point.

After taking inventory of the rewards, everyone left the battlefield.

Before arriving, everyone was apprehensive. Before leaving, everyone was extremely contented.

This battle was too satisfying. The Hundred Sects Alliance had been extremely sullen for the past few years. They had lost more than half of their original hundred regions. Everyone was ashamed and didn’t dare to raise their heads.

They might have won the battle against the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions by relying on Li Fuchen instead of the Hundred Sects Alliance, but everyone did their part and even if they didn’t have credits they had done the hard work.

In the blink of the eye, one week had passed.

20% of the blue spirit soul in Li Fuchen’s mind had already evolved into the pale purple color.

Normally, once the spirit soul evolved, the speed of metamorphosis would be extremely fast. This time it was already considered slow.

As the spirit soul was changing in color, Li Fuchen’s perception had increased significantly.

The blazing flame pattern had been comprehended from 55% to 58%.

After awakening the first divine ability, the rest of the bone frame patterns would be much harder to comprehend.

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The main reason was that the extraordinary patterns would be closer to the great dao’s laws when getting closer to full comprehension.

If Li Fuchen’s perception didn’t increase by several times, the comprehension of the extraordinary pattern would need at least a few times more time or even several dozen times more time. After all, a human’s perception would have its limit and even if the pattern couldn’t be comprehended for the entire lifetime, it was very normal. It was the same logic as a normal martial artist, even if they lived for a few hundred years, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate a high classed martial art to the trance stage.

Li Fuchen’s original perception was already very heaven-defying, right now, it was just more heaven-defying.

Apart from the comprehension speed of the blazing flame pattern, Li Fuchen’s comprehension speed of the Green Sun Intent and the High Heaven Sword Art was also faster.

“The Dragon Fire Bomb had already been used. With my current strength, it will barely be enough for me to go against the Evil King again. It is a good idea to return to the Seven Color Continent to gather trump cards similar to the Dragon Fire Bomb. But in comparison, increasing my own strength is still the best way.”

A foreign object would ultimately be a foreign object. It might be able to help him now, but it wasn’t going to help him forever.

Comprehending an earth class mid-tier sword intent was harder than Li Fuchen imagined. After half a month, the High Heaven Sword Art was just one step away from the trance stage, but Li Fuchen was unable to take this one step. It seemed like something was restricting him.

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry either. He knew that an earth class mid-tier sword intent was no small matter.

If the earth class mid-tier sword intent only made contact with the sword dao’s laws, then the earth class mid-tier sword intent had already grasped a trace of the sword dao’s laws.

Once Li Fuchen comprehended an earth class mid-tier sword intent, even if he didn’t use the Heart of Blazing Flame, he would be able to fight with the Evil King and could continue in an extended fight.

If the Evil King didn’t execute his divine ability, he wouldn’t be a match for Li Fuchen.

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