Chapter 444: High Heaven Sword Intent

Demonic Ten Regions… Stone Region.

Apart from the Petrified Queen, the other demon sovereigns were also gathered in the Ten Thousand Snakes Stone Palace.

The Demonic Ten Regions suffer a miserable loss this time. It was true that only three of the ten demon sovereigns had perished and they had reserved most of their elite experts, but half of the class 5 demons and class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts had perished.

“This Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist is too powerful, we are not a match for him.”

The Mountain Shaking Elephant still had a lingering fear as he had nearly died on the battlefield. Had he not been prompt in making his decision to burn his essence blood to increase his combat strength, he wouldn’t be sitting here and talking.

“Do you even need to say it. That child’s future growth is simply unpredictable. It wouldn’t be excessive to say he is the no.1 prodigy in the 1000 years of East Unicorn Continent’s history. In just a few more years, I don’t know what he will grow in.” As compared to the Mountain Shaking Elephant, the Blood Devil King was more terrified. He had experienced a moment of life and death, had it not been for the Petrified Queen’s help, he would certainly have fallen.

“In my opinion, it is best for us to seek assistance from the northern sea’s Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Devil Island!” The Ground Rat King suddenly suggested.

Hearing the suggestion, everyone was stunned while having gloomy and uncertain expressions.

The experts among the demonic beasts and the demons weren’t just the ten of them. In fact, there were more terrifying demonic beasts and demons on the Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Devil Island. There were class 6 demonic beasts and class 6 demons as well. But since the East Unicorn Continent underwent a huge change, it restricted all class 6 demonic beasts and demons. Once they broke through to class 6, they would experience pressure from heaven and earth. Furthermore, the pressure would increase along time and might even shatter them. Hence, anyone who broke through to class 6 in the Demonic Ten Regions would immediately head for the Multitude Demon Island or the Disorder Devil Island.

But there was a small patch of sea in between the East Unicorn Continent and the islands and this small patch of sea was very dangerous.

The reason it was so dangerous was due to the sea beasts in the sea.

Sea beasts were actually demonic beasts too but they live in the ocean.

They were also demonic beasts, but the sea beasts wouldn’t give face to the demonic beasts on land and would still devour them. It was just like the demonic beasts on land… when there was no powerful demonic beast to govern the place, the demonic beasts would mutually kill one another and consumed each other’s demon core.

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Of course, if the sea beasts were ruthless to the demonic beasts, they were even more brutal against humans. As soon as they saw a human, they would pursue frenziedly.

“The Multitude Demon Island and the Disorder Demon Island aren’t so easy to go.” The Petrified Queen commented.

Unless it was a last resort, she truly didn’t want to hand her fate to the ocean.

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The Ground Rat King said, “Actually, the sea beasts can also be communicated with. My Ground Rat Region is near to the north sea and I have made a friend with a formidable class 5 peak-tier sea beast.”

“Oh? How is its strength and does it have any authority to speak in the north sea?” The Blood Devil King’s eyes lit up as he asked quickly.

Class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts had a vast difference in strength among themselves.

Excluding the mutated demonic beasts, the truly powerful class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts were the ones that comprehended their innate ability. The Mountain Shaking Elephant and the Devil Pattern Tiger could only be considered to be slightly formidable as they had yet to awaken true innate abilities. They had only awakened fledgling forms of innate abilities. 

The Mountain Shaking Elephant possessed the Demon King Mountain Pulling Elephant’s bloodline, it was much stronger. While the Devil Pattern Tiger had consumed a demon treasure, allowing it to possess both demon qi and demonic qi, hence, it was also slightly stronger.

But compared to the truly powerful class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts, they were still lacking a little.

The Petrified Queen was a truly powerful class 5 peak-tier demonic beast.

“This class 5 peak-tier sea beast is a member of the Sea Rat race and it had comprehended an innate ability called the Water Seismic Wave. In the sea, it would release seismic waves to attack the enemies. On land, the power might be a little weaker but is probably comparable to the Blood Devil King.” The Ground Rat King glanced at the Blood Devil King and stated.

“The Sea Rat race?” The Petrified Queen’s eyes brightened up.

She had heard of the Sea Rat race. It was a sea beast race that had massive numbers and were one of the sovereigns of the north sea’s coastal waters.

The Ground Rat King continued, “His status isn’t too inferior among the Sea Rat race. He is just like the Elephant King who also possess the bloodline of the Demon King. He promised that if we deliver 1000 storage bags and five million low-grade spirit stones, he will help us to cross the sea.”

“Five million low-grade spirit stones? What a big appetite.” The Mountain Shaking Elephant couldn’t help but say.

Martial artists required spirit stones to cultivate, so did the demonic beasts and demons.

Be it heaven and earth qi or the qi within the spirit stone, they actually contained the great dao’s laws. When martial artists absorbed the qi, they would also absorb the corresponding great dao’s laws and turn them into their own qi. The demonic beasts and demons would absorb the great dao’s laws and turn them into their demonic and demon qi.

Why would demonic beasts and demons also have an increase in strength after consuming humans?

The humans’ blood were able to refine the demonic beasts and demons’ blood and enhance their intelligence.

Five million low-grade spirit stones weren’t a small sum, after all, the Demonic Ten Regions didn’t have a huge territory in the East Unicorn Continent and they required the spirit stones for cultivation too. Their consumption rate of the spirit stones were almost ten times faster than what humans required.

“Five million it is! Since we will be able to continue excavating spirit stones in the future.” The Petrified Queen nodded in agreement.

As for the matter of 1000 storage bags, it was very easy as they had killed more than a thousand Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. Almost all Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists would carry one storage bag.

At the same time, the Evil King and the Blood Ancestor were also discussing this matter too.

After a period of recuperation, the Evil King had recovered some of the injury from his severed left arm. Of course, if he wanted it to be fully regenerated, it was impossible with a year or two. He wasn’t Li Fuchen and didn’t have any healing cardinal artifact nor so many earth class elixirs.

The Blood Ancestor had also suffered a serious injury as he had burned his essence blood in order to escape at the crucial moment.

“Evil King, that child is an anomaly. We are unable to conquer the East Unicorn Continent by ourselves. We have to contact the Evil Ancestor Island and ask the Evil Ancestors to send out a batch of experts.” The Evil Ancestors that the Blood Ancestor mentioned were naturally Battle Spirit Realm’s evil dao masters. After the continent changed, it was no longer suitable for Battle Spirit Realm masters to inhabit this place. The surviving evil dao masters had taken a group of people to leave the East Unicorn Continent. In the western sea, they had found an island where they built a home.

The Battle Spirit Realm masters had a lifespan of 500 years and after many years of reproduction, there were plenty of inhabitants on the Evil Ancestor Island. There might just be powerful Reincarnation Realm experts that were superior to the Evil King.

But to be honest, the Evil King and the Blood Ancestor had never been to the Evil Ancestor Island. They had only seen visitors from the Evil Ancestor Island and had obtained some resources from them. They had also found out from the visitors that there were surviving evil dao masters on the Evil Ancestor Island and there wasn’t just one.

The Evil King stayed silent for a moment before saying, “Let’s discuss this again after my injuries are almost fully recovered.”

The Evil King was an ambitious person. Even if the Evil Ancestor Island sent assistance, he still wished to be standing from a higher position and didn’t wish to be ordered by someone else.

Therefore, he would only seek assistance from the Evil Ancestor Island after his injuries were almost fully recovered.

The Blood Ancestor nodded as he naturally knew what the Evil King was thinking. Of course, he was only making a suggestion, it was still unknown if the Evil Ancestor Island would send someone over. After all, there was a small patch of coastal waters that separated the Evil Ancestor Island and the East Unicorn Continent. It wasn’t that easy to survive the journey across the coastal waters.

When the blue spirit soul had transformed 40% into the pale purple color, Li Fuchen had finally comprehended the High Heaven Sword Art to the trance stage.

“High Heaven’s Sword.”

Above the sea of clouds, Li Fuchen soared into the sky and brandished his sword.

This sword was extremely terrifying.

When the sword was brandished, a surging sword dao extended out. With the sword dao’s support, the sword had almost ignored the spatial zone and distance. There was a dazzling blue light’s flash and there was a cavity in the sea of clouds. It happened so quickly as though the cavity was already there.

“So valiant High Heaven Sword Intent!” Li Fuchen was overwhelmed.

The sword intent was concretized by sword dao. The stronger the sword intent, the stronger the sword dao contained within.

A heaven class sword intent would even be able to interfere with the revolution of heaven and earth.

The High Heaven Sword Intent wasn’t considered powerful on its own. In that instant earlier, Li Fuchen could obviously feel the High Heaven Sword Field was released and had suppressed the void.

“Only a sword field that contains the sword dao is considered a true sword field!”

Li Fuchen had a feeling even if he encountered an enemy stronger than him, as long as the enemy wasn’t able to deal with the High Heaven Sword Field, Li Fuchen would be able to slaughter his enemy. Unless his enemy’s defense had reached a stage where Li Fuchen couldn’t penetrate it.

Of course, this was an earth class mid-tier sword intent. If it was an earth class low-tier sword intent, it wouldn’t even be in the discussion.

Just like the Evil King’s field power that wasn’t able to affect Li Fuchen.

But this was mainly because Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique and martial arts were of the earth class mid-tier. Even if he didn’t cultivate them to the highest rank or stage, the field power produced was still significant and could negate the opponent’s field power.

“Earth class intents can separate from martial arts and exist alone. I wonder why is it so?”

Li Fuchen pointed out his right index and middle fingers while drawing across.

Pfff Chi!

A formless and invisible sword intent burst forth. In the midst of the crossing, it was constantly absorbing heaven and earth qi to strengthen itself before splitting the sea of clouds into two and cleaving down onto the ground and opening up a huge gap. Inside the gap, the sword intent had yet to dissipate and was still emitting fearsome and severe qi presence.

“So it turns out to be so.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

After cultivating the High Heaven Sword Art to the trance stage, Li Fuchen’s body was branded with the High Heaven Sword Intent. Even if he lost his memory, he wouldn’t forget how to use the High Heaven Sword Art as it had become a part of his instincts.

Mystic class sword arts weren’t able to achieve this. It was mainly because mystic class sword intents contained a weak sword dao and weren’t enough to brand into the body.

“The part of martial dao is truly amazing. Perhaps, there would be a day when I comprehended a complete law and it would be the day I can alter the world!” 

Li Fuchen thought of the Hundred Battle Region’s Hundred Battlefield.

The Hundred Battlefield was so dangerous due to the aftermatch produced by the battles between the Battle Spirit Realm masters. The battlefield was filled with intents that were in a tangle, forming various treacherous states, causing the laws of the Hundred Battlefield to change.

This was a kind of chain of effect that no one was able to achieve alone.

Of course, as time elapsed, everything would revert to normal, unless the intent had reached the state of eternity.

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