96–Fairy Tales

[Rewrite a fairy tale. Give it a new ending or make it modern or write as a poem.]

            I’m feeling lazy, so I’ll write a poem. I’ll call it…Tooth Fairy.


Living in a world far from our own

She takes what people mistake for bone

And makes out of those for herself a throne

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She waits for your calcium phosphate food grinders to fall out

Many a people feel one thing regarding her existence: doubt

When you don’t get money, she makes you deeply pout

Quite a gross thing if you ask me

I’d prefer a statue of a tree

But who are we to disagree?

I feel like this should be at least a little longer so I’ll write a fourth stanza

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Maybe something relating to the parties she throws—extravaganzas

About how she competes with another myth for the most popularity—Santa.

- my thoughts:
Yaharo~ Short chapter, I know... Been busy; sorry.
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