Chapter 445: Yan Qingwu

The High Heaven Sword Art had reached the trance stage and the sword intent was comprehended, but the Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t make any progress.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist knew that the Green Sun Sword Intent was a little special as it was named after a sword intent. It was imaginable once the true Green Sun Sword Intent was comprehended, the power would be very dreadful.

Furthermore, the Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t have any moves and could be used for both offense and defense.

After comprehending the High Heaven Sword Intent, Li Fuchen was able to make the sword intent cover his entire body but the defense wasn’t very tough.

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This was mainly because the High Heaven Sword Intent was a pure offensive sword intent that was meant for the attack.

“Perhaps my Green Sun Sword Intent isn’t completely developed?” Li Fuchen thought of this possibility.

The power of the Green Sun Sword Intent was entirely up to the practitioner’s perception. The stronger the perception, the more terrifying the Green Sun Sword Intent could be comprehended. Even if the practitioner’s perception wasn’t exceptional, it was considered quite good to comprehend an earth class low-tier Green Sun Sword Intent.

Of course, the lowest prowess of the Green Sun Sword Intent was at the earth class low-tier. It was impossible to comprehend a mystic class peak-tier Green Sun Sword Intent.

When thinking until this point, Li Fuchen’s mind got lively.

He felt that he might have gone on the wrong path but there was a chance for him to correct it now.

His mind appeared with the Green Sun Sword intent’s cultivation drawings. Li Fuchen started from the first drawing and slowly sorted it out.

After sorting through, Li Fuchen was even more certain that his Green Sun Sword Intent wasn’t fully developed.

Perhaps his starting point was correct, but he took the wrong path afterwards.

The starting point would decide the final tier of the Green Sun Sword Intent.

If the starting point was low, the Green Sun Sword Intent would naturally end up as an earth class low-tier.

If the starting point was higher, the Green Sun Sword Intent would end up as an earth class mid-tier.

Li Fuchen’s starting point was undoubtedly very high, but it was a pity that he went on the wrong path and wasn’t able to end with perfection.

But this was mainly because he comprehended the Green Sun Sword Intent too quickly. With a longer time, his Green Sun Sword Intent would gradually be perfected but it would spend way more time.

Now that Li Fuchen’s perception was greatly improved, while he was able to realize his mistake in advance, he would definitely have the chance to perfect the Green Sun Sword Intent within a short time.

Perfecting the Green Sun Sword Intent wasn’t something that would happen overnight. However, there were daily changes during the comprehension of the blazing flame pattern.

Over this period of time, Li Fuchen had already comprehended 65% of the blazing flame pattern.

The blazing flame pattern had increasing difficulty to comprehend as it got further developed. It was impossible for Li Fuchen to comprehend it to the 65% mark in such a short time.

Who would know that Li Fuchen’s perception was also transforming every day? Even if his perception couldn’t keep up to the increasing difficulty of the blazing flame pattern, he wouldn’t be left behind.

Now that the blazing flame pattern was comprehended to the 65% mark, Li Fuchen’s Heart of Blazing Flame had been enhanced by one rank.

If he was to contest against the Evil King now, his Heart of Blazing Flame would be able to suppress the opponent’s Supreme Black Devil Thunder.

After the Hundred Sects Alliance obtained a great victory, they started to reclaim their lost territory.

In fact, the Hundred Sects Alliance didn’t have to reclaim the territories as the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions had withdrawn by their own accord.

What a joke. If they didn’t withdraw, Li Fuchen might start a massacre. If that happened, they wouldn’t even have the time to recuperate.

Right now, they could only drag for time.


The once Heaven Fiend Sect was now the Heaven Fiend Hall.

Due to the loss of the Evil Dao, the Heaven Fiend Hall was experiencing a storm within.

There were people who wanted to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance, like the Yan Clan. There were also people who didn’t want to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance, like the Heaven Fiend Hall Master Li Xietian and the others.

Li Xietian didn’t wish to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance because he was afraid of getting punished by the Hundred Sects Alliance.

They betrayed the Hundred Sects Alliance and surrendered to the Evil Dao. Normally, it would be a great sin.

But back then, they would either have to surrender or be exterminated. There wasn’t a third choice for them.

Even if the Hundred Sects Alliance wanted to punish them, they wouldn’t be sentenced to death.

Li Xietian was afraid of Li Fuchen.

He never would have expected that Li Fuchen would actually stand on the apex of the East Unicorn Continent and had nearly conquered the entire East Unicorn Continent.

At that time, he had tried to kill Li Fuchen multiple times and there a great grudge had been formed. Thus, he must not return to the Hundred Sects Alliance as it was the same as courting death.

But the Yan Clan wanted to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance. Because of the Yan Clan, many of the other clans in the Heaven Fiend Hall also had the same thought.

As compared to the Evil Dao, the Hundred Sects Alliance was too bright and there wasn’t a need to be fearful of everything. No one wished to live in fear and on the edge.

In the Heaven Fiend Hall’s main hall, Li Xietian said harshly, “Yan Beitian, we have betrayed the Hundred Sects Alliance. Do you think we will have better days if we return?”

Yan Clan Head, Yan Beitian said, “Having worse days is better than having no hope. Furthermore, we didn’t have a choice back then.”

“You really want to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance?” Li Xietian gave a deadly stare.

Yan Beitian replied, “Yes.”

Yan Beitian obviously knew why Li Xietian didn’t want to return to the Hundred Sects Alliance. It was a pity that the one who offended Li Fuchen was Li Xietian and not his Yan Clan.

“Make a move.”

Li Xietian gave an eye signal to the various Heaven Fiend Hall’s Supreme Elders. One of them was the no.1 expert of the Heaven Fiend Hall, Li Feipeng who was at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm.


When the qi presence of the Supreme Elders burst out, the entire Heaven Fiend Hall’s main hall was about to collapse.

Yan Beitian sneered and didn’t make a move. Beside him, the absolutely beautiful Yan Qingwu stood out.


Yan Qingwu drew her curved saber and casually slashed a few times.

In the air, black saber lights weaved a net that looked like black threads.


Li Xietian and the others didn’t even have time to scream before they were split into pieces.

“You progressed to the Reincarnation Realm?” Li Feipeng’s body was covered with black lines as he glared at Yan Qingwu.

She had concealed her strength too well. She was obviously at the Reincarnation Realm, but she had restrained her qi presence to the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Yan Qingwu didn’t speak and had an indifferent expression.

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Li Feipeng’s body split apart while he died with a remaining grievance.

“Qingwu, your strength improved again.” Yan Beitian looked at her familiar and unfamiliar daughter while sighing.

Since the Stars Ranking Tournament, he noticed that Yan Qingwu had changed. Afterwards, Yan Qingwu told him that she had progressed to the Reincarnation Realm and there wasn’t a need to consider Li Xietian’s thoughts.

Even though Yan Beitian wasn’t able to believe it emotionally, but his rationality told him that his daughter was no longer the same daughter.

It was fortunate that apart from becoming a little unfamiliar, nothing else changed.

“Qingwu, are you returning to the Hundred Sects Alliance with us?” Yan Beitian inquired.

Yan Qingwu shook her head, “No, I have something else to do.”

“Alright then, be careful.” Yan Beitian nodded.

“Father, don’t worry, I am still Yan Qingwu, your daughter. It is just that there is something else in my mind.” Yan Qingwu suddenly said.

“Okay.” Yan Beitian revealed a smile.

He believed that Yang Qingwu wasn’t deceiving him and he could feel her affection.

To be serious, he had always felt that Yan Qingwu’s affection towards him and the Yan Clan didn’t change, it was merely a change of method.

“Li Fuchen, I don’t know if you encounter a great fated opportunity like my daughter.” Yan Beitian thought about Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s growth trajectory was too strange and was just like Yan Qingwu.

Eternal Spring Region, Two Seasons Mountain

The Eternal Spring Region was said to be the most beautiful region on the East Unicorn Continent. The mountains here were undoubtedly the most beautiful mountains in East Unicorn Continent.

The Two Seasons Mountain might not be the mountain where the Eternal Spring Valley was located, but it was still a protected mountain and the Eternal Spring Valley didn’t allow anyone to damage it.

Today, a tea party was being hosted on the Two Seasons Mountain.

The host of the tea party was Li Fuchen, in addition, Su Muyu, Fan Qiansong, Fan Qianyu, and some of the heavenly prodigies that Li Fuchen knew were also here. There were also plenty of prodigies that Li Fuchen didn’t know too.

Li Fuchen was now the Alliance Leader of the Hundred Sects Alliance and was the most fearsome heavenly prodigy in history. Everyone wanted to pay their respects to him and Li Fuchen wasn’t indifferent and heartless. Be it Su Muyu, Fan Qiansong, and Fan Qianyu, they were all his friends and he should still meet with them to interact with one another. In passing, he wanted to support some of these prodigies too and allow them to quickly become the pillars of the East Unicorn Continent.

Li Fuchen wasn’t kind, but he felt it was a pity.

These heavenly prodigies were all considered first-rate prodigies in the Seven Color Continent’s Violet Flower Kingdom. But because of the scarce resources in the East Unicorn Continent, they would need to put in ten times or several tens of times more diligence in order to have any achievement. Since Li Fuchen had the capability, he didn’t mind helping them.

“It is truly my honor for everyone to participate in this tea party. These are earth class mental elixirs and should be useful to everyone. In addition, those who are in the top ten positions of the tea party’s spar will be rewarded with some earth class elixirs by me.”

At the tea party, Li Fuchen waved his hand and everyone had one translucent and limpid elixir in front of them.

After smelling the fragrance from the elixir, the prodigies were shocked and delighted.

This was an earth class mental elixir and was enough for their mental state to improve within a short amount of time. With the improvement in mental state, they would naturally be able to increase their cultivation much faster.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that this mental elixir was enough for them to save a few years of cultivation time.

After hearing there were more rewards for getting the top ten positions, everyone got lively.

The tea party started and everyone started to drink the tea and observe the sparring matches.

At Li Fuchen’s pavilion, Fan Qiansong laughed and said, “Li Fuchen, you are now the Alliance Leader of the Hundred Sects Alliance. Isn’t it boring to hang out with us?”

Li Fuchen replied, “This world is very big and I am merely walking ahead by a little.”

He was merely at the Reincarnation Realm now, after the Reincarnation Realm, there was the Battle Spirit Realm, and the Primary Sea Realm. There were higher realms beyond the Primary Sea Realm. From the words of the Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit, there were also Saints who were obviously far superior to the Primary Sea Realm monarchs.

In the eyes of these experts, there was probably no difference between Li Fuchen and the others, as all of them were still weak.

Su Muyu said, “It is a pity that the East Unicorn Continent restricts us. I heard that once a martial artist progresses to the Battle Spirit Realm, they would be banished from the East Unicorn Continent.”

“That’s right. I read it from an ancient text and in the surrounding islands of the East Unicorn Continent, there are actually Battle Spirit Realm martial artists living out there. But they don’t have any method to enter the East Unicorn Continent.” Fan Qianyu nodded.

Li Fuchen said, “Those are still very far from us. It is useless to talk about it now.”

After visiting the Seven Color Continent, how could Li Fuchen not know that different continents had different restrictions? The Seven Color Continent already existed Primary Sea Realm monarchs, let alone Battle Spirit Realm masters. Perhaps, a world-changing event occurred on the East Unicorn Continent, causing the continent’s laws to change.

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