Chapter 446: Bai Gula

After the tea party ended, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist rewarded the top ten prodigies with some elixirs. Before leaving, he had also given Su Muyu, Fan Qiansong, and Fan Qianyu a storage bag each. Apart from elixirs, there were also earth class equipment and other great items.

“It is time for me to venture the East Unicorn Continent.”

Li Fuchen didn’t visit many places in the East Unicorn Continent. In the past, he was too weak, but now that he had strength, he definitely wanted to roam around.

Li Fuchen speed was extremely fast and would only need a few days to travel from one region to another region. He required a few days because he would stay for a moment and admire the beautiful sceneries. Of course, he was merely making a fleeting glance in the passing. If he was to go to each of the scenic places, it would be impossible without three to five years. He didn’t have so much time to squander.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already visited dozens of regions.

During the venture, Li Fuchen realized that his mind and body were much more delighted and his breadth of mind was much wider. He felt that heaven and earth was never this vast before.

“A venture is also mental cultivation. During the path of martial dao, apart from cultivation, there must also be time to relax.”

Unwittingly, Li Fuchen arrived at the Demonic Ten Regions.

The Demonic Ten Regions were much more uncivilized than the human regions. It was very primitive but this kind of primitive was also a kind of beauty.

Li Fuchen sighed silently and felt that all living beings existed for a reason. The demonic beasts and demons might be savage, but it had also improved the humans. Without foreign enemies, humans would also have internal strife.

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Of course, everything must be within a controllable range.

Previously, the Demonic Ten Regions had gone out of control and jeopardized the humans.

Along the way, Li Fuchen didn’t kill plenty of demonic beasts and demons. To him, it would be fine to exterminate the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions. The rest wasn’t something he should worry about.

Of course, when Li Fuchen was unhappy he would conduct a massacre.

For instance, when he was in the Horn Devil Region, Li Fuchen saw prisons for humans and there were at least tens of millions of humans being imprisoned inside. No matter how foolish Li Fuchen was, he knew that the humans were actually rations for the demons and would be used for consumption at every turn.


Li Fuchen extended the ardent sun field power to the limit. Everything enemy within the range of the ardent sun field power would be immolated to death with the exception of class 5 demons.

The gates of the prisons were then melted by Li Fuchen’s ardent sun field power. Countless humans then walked out of the prisons while trembling with fear.

“You are all free.” Li Fuchen spoke loudly.

“Damn human. This is my Demonic Ten Regions’ territory!”

A few of the class 5 demons flew up to the sky. They did see Li Fuchen before, but even if the Demonic Ten Regions had lost, they believed that their territories should be very safe.


Without the need to draw his sword, Li Fuchen drew across with a single finger and burst out with High Heaven Sword Intent.

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The class 5 demons were immediately turned into blood mists by the sword qi.

“I am the Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen. The Demonic Ten Regions have been defeated. Everyone can be at ease and return home.” Li Fuchen’s voice echoed in everyone’s ear.

“Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen?”

These humans had been imprisoned for a long time, even the latest prisoners were captured before the Demonic Ten Regions were defeated. It wasn’t possible for them to know of the new Hundred Sects Alliance Leader, Li Fuchen.

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But they also knew that Li Fuchen was definitely an absolute expert. Otherwise, he would barge in the Horn Devil Region alone and slaughtered the demons like weaklings.

“I know who is he. He is the humans’ absolute prodigy, Li Fuchen.”

Finally, there was someone who heard of Li Fuchen’s name, but they didn’t know that Li Fuchen was so formidable.

After visiting every region, Li Fuchen would definitely free the humans that were imprisoned. He had killed so much that the Demonic Ten Regions were scared witless and this was when Li Fuchen had yet to conduct mass extermination yet.

There was something that Li Fuchen felt strange… All the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions had vanished.

Li Fuchen guessed that they must be seeking for reinforcements or have concealed themselves.

This venture had taken Li Fuchen for three months. Half of the time was wasted in the Demonic Ten Regions.

During the later period, the Hundred Sects Alliance didn’t even need orders from Li Fuchen as they started sending people into the Demonic Ten Regions to search for human prisons. They would also conduct massacres until the Demonic Ten Regions were flowing with rivers of blood. If the Demonic Ten Regions’ sovereigns still weren’t going to appear, the Demonic Ten Regions might turn into history.

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at the borders of the northern sea and was also within the vicinity of the shores of the western sea.

There were also countless humans living here. A few hundred miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, there were multiple cities.

This place was the junction between the Evil Dao and the Demonic Ten Regions. Due to the prowess of the Evil Dao, the Demonic Ten Regions didn’t wish to offend then, thus, these humans were able to survive.

The Evil Dao might be devoid of all humanity but they wouldn’t recklessly slaughter humans. Apart from the Blood Ancestor as he refined blood corpses and would have to frequently slaughter humans to produce the Multitude Blood Pearls. But normally, he would only do so in places with more population. This place had a scarce population of humans and if he slaughtered all of them here, this place would become the land of the dead.

Of course, even if they were scarce, Li Fuchen estimated around ten million humans in this place.

The humans multiplied very quickly and if a married couple was willing, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to have four to five children. Those who weren’t willing to reproduce were mainly because they couldn’t afford to feed the children.

On a bare and short mountain, Li Fuchen was sitting cross-legged and comprehending the Green Sun Sword Intent.

In front of him was the white beach and surging sea waves. In the sky above, there was a blazing sun that was emitting boundless light and heat.

Within these three months, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was already 70% pale purple. His exceptional perception had finally allowed him to correct the Green Sun Sword Intent.

After correcting the Green Sun Sword Intent, it was actually an earth class high-tier sword art. In terms of pure lethal power, it was even above the High Heaven Sword Art.

But Li Fuchen was aware that the sub-perfection stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent wasn’t superior to the trance stage of the High Heaven Sword Art.

The battle between martial artists wasn’t just decided by whose attack was stronger, there were also other factors.

The High Heaven Sword Art’s lethality wasn’t better than the Green Sun Sword Intent, but the High Heaven Sword Field could suppress the enemy. As long as the opponent couldn’t resist the High Heaven Sword Field, Li Fuchen would be able to dictate his opponent’s life. This was something that the Green Sun Sword Intent was far inferior.

Therefore, in order to make the Green Sun Sword Intent a true trump card, Li Fuchen had to comprehend the sword intent.

Before the comprehending the sword intent, the Green Sun Sword intent contained a rather disorganized sword dao and was without a core. After comprehending the sword intent, the sword dao would form a closed-loop and would be integrated.

It was a pity that even if the 70% pale purple spirit soul, it was still a difficult task to cultivate the Green Sun Sword Intent to the trance stage.

Earth class high-tier sword arts were considered the top sword arts in the Seven Color Continent. As for earth class peak-tier sword arts, only the monarchs’ sects had them.

Seated on the short mountain, Li Fuchen’s body was emitting green light. It looked as though he was a green blazing sun and was correlating with the blazing sun in the distant skies.

Apart from the correction of the Green Sun Sword Intent, during these three months, Li Fuchen had also comprehended the blazing flame pattern to the 70% mark.

After reaching the 70% mark, even Li Fuchen had a hard time comprehending it further.

It was fortunate that when Li Fuchen comprehended more of the blazing flame pattern, he felt that his comprehension of the Green Sun Sword Intent got deeper too.

The Green Sun Sword Intent didn’t just contain the laws of sword dao, it also contained the laws of blazing flame.

Or perhaps, it should be considered the laws of Blazing Flame Sword Dao.

Days passed by and Li Fuchen just sat on the short mountain.

Be it the violent winds, heavy rain, lightning flashes or thunder rolls, they were unable to waver Li Fuchen’s body.

There were times when Li Fuchen burst out with green light that would even scatter the dark clouds. He looked just like a blazing sun that was rising from the ground.

But in the end, the green light had gradually become reserved inside Li Fuchen’s body and there were no anomalies released anymore.


It was unknown when there was a huge sea wave. The surging tidal wave was like tens of thousands of cavalry, while there were spindrifts that were dozens of meters tall.

“Hurry up and run, the sea beasts are here!”

On the beach, some of the fishermen were scuttling frenziedly.

These fishermen might be Qi Training Realm martial artists while some of them were Origin Return Realm martial artists, but they were still not faster than the tide. All of them were drawn into the sea.

“Haha! Young ones! Kill over and capture more humans.”

In the tide, a giant shark appeared.

This shark was massive as the length of its body was at least 2000 feet and was even several times bigger than the East Unicorn Continent’s largest Mountain Shaking Elephant. When it floated to the surface of the sea, it was like a long and narrow island. It had a pair of gigantic eyes that were releasing cold and cruel radiance.

“Yes, Lord Bai!”

Sea beasts emerged one after the other. These sea beasts were all massive in size. With the same class and tier, they were at least two times as big as the demonic beasts on land.

The large size meant they were harder to kill too.

The sea beasts’ targets weren’t the fishermen as these quantities weren’t enough to fill up the gaps in their teeth. Their targets were the human cities that were a few hundred miles away.

“En? Sea beasts.”

The foot of the short mountain had already been flooded by the tide. Li Fuchen had awakened from his cultivation state.

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes at this scene.

This was actually his first time encountering sea beasts.

The sea beasts were considered the natural stronghold between continents. The countless sea beasts were enough to terrify any human, thus, no one dared to cross the seas.

After releasing the ardent sun field power, Li Fuchen burned groups of sea beasts.

The sea beasts didn’t like fire and were all howling and wailing as they died group after group from the flames.

“We are rescued.”

Most of the fishermen climbed onto the short mountain and were looking at the sea beasts on the beach with lingering fear.

“Many thanks for my lord’s for saving us.” The leader of the fishermen knelt on one knee and thanked with gratitude.

Li Fuchen asked, “Do the sea beasts come onto shores often?”

As compared to the demonic beasts on land, the sea beasts were undoubtedly more dangerous. Once the countless sea beasts come onto the shore, it was simply like a calamity and not even Li Fuchen could stop them. 

One of the fishermen nodded, “The sea beasts are like demonic beasts, they enjoy consuming humans. But not all sea beasts can come onto the shore. Only sea beasts below class 5 can enter the East Unicorn Continent as they please. As for class 5 sea beasts, once they come onto the shore, they would dehydrate. The further they walked inland, the dehydration would become increasingly severe until death. We do not know the reason for this too.”

“I see.” Li Fuchen nodded.

The East Unicorn Continent obviously has its own laws and would banish any class 6 demonic beasts, while those who didn’t leave would have to face death. As for the sea beasts, the continent had stricter laws and wouldn’t even allow class 5 sea beasts to move freely on the continent.

“My lord, there is a Great Demon that is a class 5 peak-tier sea beast, Megalodon, called Bai Gula. It is extremely powerful and it is rumored that not even the Evil King could defeat it.” One of the fishermen stated.

“Is it that incredible? I would like to face him.”

Li Fuchen took a step forward and appeared above the tide.

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