Chapter 447: Class 6 Megalodon

Bai Gula was a prodigy of the Megalodon race and they were able to compete against the Sea Rat race’s influence in the coastal waters

After seeing Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist slaughtering its subordinate sea beasts, Bai Gula was infuriated but he couldn’t do anything. He was able to reach Li Fuchen’s location but if he was in a dehydrated condition, he wouldn’t be a match for Li Fuchen. Previously, he was able to defeat the Evil King because the Evil King overestimated his abilities and flew to the sea.

Just as Bai Gula wanted to provoke Li Fuchen, it suddenly saw Li Fuchen flying towards the sea.


With a change in physical form, Bai Gula turned into a sharkman that was over 20 feet in height.

“Water Control Technique!”

With a wave of Bai Gula’s right hand, the tide behind Li Fuchen had swiftly converged and formed a giant wall of water. The wall of water looked translucent and limpid but it was extremely concentrated.

“Let’s see if you can run now.” Bai Gula grinned.

The Water Control Technique was one of his innate abilities. If he desired, he could even make the seawater as tough as steel. If Li Fuchen wanted to break through the water wall, he wouldn’t be able to do it without some effort. During that moment, Bai Gula would have already killed Li Fuchen.

“If I wish to leave, do you think you can stop me?” Li Fuchen sneered.

“Courting death! Water control into arrows!”

The Water Control Technique was a universal innate ability and didn’t have a proper form. With the wave of Bai Gula’s hand, seawater formed into numerous water arrows that were shot at Li Fuchen. The number of arrows were at least over ten thousand and each arrow contained powerful force.

Back then, when he executed this move, the Evil King had fled desperately and even suffered minor injuries.

“Interesting, but it is a pity that isn’t enough.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t trying to boast but these water arrows wouldn’t even break his defense.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t so senseless to stay in a tangle with Bai Gula.

The High Heaven Sword Art was executed and the sword field expanded. In the next moment, the water arrows had a great decrease in speed as though it felt into the glue.

“What?” Bai Gula’s eyes contracted. Before he could do anything, the sword field had enveloped him.


Sword lights penetrated Bai Gula’s body and brought forth a huge splatter of blood.


Bai Gula panicked as Li Fuchen’s sword lights were too powerful. They didn’t just penetrate his body, the leftover sword qi was also mutilating his vitality.

A blood-colored light radiated as Bai Gula’s body appeared with a blood-colored halo while his eyes turned blood-red too.

Under the effects of the blood-colored halo, injuries were rapidly recovered and the sword qi in Bai Gula’s body had been dispersed.

Bloodlust could allow Bai Gula to rapidly recover and have a great enhancement in strength. But once the effects of the Bloodlust dissipated, he would be very weak for a period of time. The longer he utilized the Bloodlust, the longer he would be weak. Both factors were equally proportionate.


Turning into a stream of blood-colored light, Bai Gula rushed at Li Fuchen.

“Is that useful?”

With the swing of the sword, the blood-colored Bai Gula was immobilized as a school of fish-shaped sword lights pierced through Bai Gula’s body.

The severe sword intent was devastating Bai Gula’s vitality willfully. Not even the Bloodlust was able to dissipate it instantly.

After comprehending the High Heaven Sword Intent, Li Fuchen had a great enhancement in strength. Especially the High Heaven Sword Field that was simply meant for massacres. Let alone the fact that Bai Gula was weaker than Li Fuchen, even if Bai Gula had a stronger attack power than Li Fuchen, as long as Bai Gula was stunned by the High Heaven Sword Field for an instant, Li Fuchen would be able to pierce through Bai Gula’s body.

Unless Bai Gula’s defense was able to negate Li Fuchen’s attack but it was obviously impossible.

“Flee!” Bai Gula was afraid. He didn’t even bother to recover his damaged body and plunged into the seawater.

If he escaped into the seawater, even if Li Fuchen was stronger than him, it was still impossible to kill him.

“Just nice. I also wish to find out the true prowess of the Green Sun Sword Intent.”

If Li Fuchen wanted to kill Bai Gula, there were various ways to go about it. He could even kill Bai Gula with the High Heaven Sword Art, but Li Fuchen wanted to test the might of the Green Sun Sword Intent.

The Joint-Heaven Sword released resplendent green radiance before Li Fuchen brandished his sword at the seawater.

The dazzling green light was like the blazing sun. A green pillar of light that was over ten meters in thickness had suddenly shot out.

The seawater was instantly pierced through. The green pillar of light didn’t decrease in speed and engulfed Bai Gula.

Without any sound and presence, Bai Gula’s body was disintegrated. Not even a drop of blood was spilled.

This sword had turned Bai Gula into ashes and disintegrated him into nothingness.

This sword move was similar to the Green Sun Absolution but was several times stronger.

“It is deserved to be an earth class high-tier sword intent. Outstanding power.”

A few days ago, Li Fuchen had just cultivated the Green Sun Sword Intent to the trance stage. But he had been quietly comprehending it and had yet to practice it.

With the spirit soul at 70% pale purple, Li Fuchen could practice sword arts in his mind and the efficiency was much better than practicing sword arts in reality. Because there were plenty of factors that would disturb him in reality. But in his mind, a single thought would allow him to practice and verify the sword move multiple times. Of course, the prerequisites were to have a powerful spirit soul and sufficiently high perception, otherwise, one’s consciousness would be easily weakened.

Now that the Green Sun Sword Intent was at the trance stage and had comprehended the sword intent, a casual sword slash by Li Fucen would be several times stronger than his previous Green Sun Absolution. Furthermore, the qi consumption wasn’t as much and it contained the green sun sword dao’s laws. A single trace of sword qi would expand into a sword qi pillar. It was no longer like the Green Sun Absolute where Li Fuchen had to compress large amount of sword qi to form the sword qi pillar.

“You should change the location to fish. This place isn’t safe.”

After killing Bai Gula, Li Fuchen flew back to the short mountain and informed the fishermen.

“My lord, are you not leaving?” A young fisherman asked curiously.

Li Fuchen said, “I shall stay behind as I have something else to attend to.”

The Green Sun Sword Intent might be at the trance stage, but it wasn’t perfect yet.

After all, the Green Sun Sword Intent and High Heaven Sword Art were different. The latter had sword moves while the former relied completely on self-comprehension and would definitely have some flaws.

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Moreover, Li Fuchen wanted to know how powerful was a class 6 sea beast.

Bai Gula was a member of the Megalodon race and his status must be extraordinary. There might be a class 6 Megalodon that would come for revenge. Li Fuchen was situated on the shore and if he wasn’t able to defeat the class 6 Megalodon, he could escape at any time.

Once the fishermen left, Li Fuchen sat down and continued to comprehend the Green Sun Sword Intent.

As time elapsed, the blazing sun was leaning to the west.


The originally calm seawater had torrential waves again.

The scale of the waves were extremely horrific, as it felt like the entire ocean was shifting. A regular person would be stupefied by this sight and their limbs would probably go soft.

“Who is the one that killed my son, Bai Gula!”

A majestic murderous aura burst out of the sea and rustled in the entire place.


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A 10,000-feet long shark sea beast appeared on the surface of the sea. Its scarlet eyes were like two small lakes that were shooting out scarlet beams of light.

“Is he here?” Li Fuchen opened his eyes and looked at the shark sea beast.

“Are you the one?”

The shark sea beast locked its eyes onto Li Fuchen. The horrific and murderous aura seemed to materialize and made the air frozen. The waves were getting increasingly violent as there were tides that were as tall as 100 meters.

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