Chapter 448: Ten Million Spirit Stones

“It deserves to be called a class 6 sea beast.” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had a grave expression.

On the condition of the same class, sea beasts were stronger than land demonic beasts. A class 6 demonic beast’s strength would be comparable to a Battle Spirit Realm master that cultivated an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique. It meant to say that if the Battle Spirit Realm master didn’t cultivate an earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, it was impossible to fight against the class 6 demonic beast and would be immediately crushed, let alone fighting against a class 6 sea beast.

The class 6 Megalodon had a murderous aura that seemed to have materialized. The extent of the danger was more than ten times or a hundred times as compared to Bai Gula.

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“You have killed my son, Bai Gula. Time for you to die!”

The class 6 Megalodon didn’t turn into human form and simply opened its jaws to spit out a water sphere that was 1000-feet in size. The water sphere might seem to only be 1000-feet in size, but Li Fuchen felt like an entire lake’s water was compressed within the sphere. It was extremely dense and concentrated. The moment the water sphere appeared, the air seemed to be shivering and there were numerous electric arcs bursting on the surface of the water sphere. It was blasted at Li Fuchen with a speed that was almost instantaneous.

Li Fuchen rapidly retreated. While he was retreating, he executed the Green Sun Sword Intent. A giant sword qi pillar was launched at the oncoming water sphere.


Like a flame being extinguished, the water sphere instantly extinguished the sword qi pillar and continued its path towards Li Fuchen.

“So horrific power!” Li Fuchen was surprised.

His Green Sun Sword Intent was already at the trance stage and contained the fully developed Green Sun Sword Dao’s law. But it was actually extinguished immediately and couldn’t even withstand for a single moment.

Li Fuchen was retreating rapidly but was still not as fast as the water sphere.

It was fortunate that the East Unicorn Continent’s law also had restrictions on class 6 sea beasts’ attacks. As the water sphere entered the continent, the power started to diminish.

When it was close to Li Fuchen, the power of the water sphere was less than 10% of its original prowess.


Li Fuchen’s qi protection instantly crumbled and the remanent forces were poured onto Li Fuchen’s body.

Li Fuchen vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and flew back at a speed faster than his earlier retreat.

“With less than 10% power and it is already enough to injure me. If the attack was at 100%, I will definitely be blown up into pieces.” Li Fuchen realized that he was very lucky. If he had retreated one moment later, he wouldn’t just be lightly injured, he would at least be severely injured.

“Damn it.” The class 6 Megalodon roared with fury, causing layers huge waves 

With the restriction of the continent’s law, he wasn’t able to deal with Li Fuchen.

“Human, if you have the guts, come out and fight.” The class 6 Megalodon’s murderous aura was bursting out as he spoke.

“I will come out and fight, but not today.”

Li Fuchen left. He was already satisfied to witness the power of the class 6 sea beast.

“Human, I will kill you one day. Just you wait.” The class 6 Megalodon submerged back into the ocean with reluctance.

Now that the Green Sun Sword Intent was at the trance stage, the only thing Li Fuchen could do now was to comprehend the blazing flame pattern and the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern.

The blazing flame pattern was closely related to the power of the divine ability. By comprehending more of the blazing flame pattern, the divine ability would also be enhanced.

Currently, Li Fuchen’s strongest trump card was still the Heart of Blazing Flame and not the Green Sun Sword Intent.

After all, Li Fuchen had already comprehended the blazing flame pattern to the 70% mark and no longer the 55% mark like before.

As for the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern, it was closely related to the second layer of the seal.

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Once Li Fuchen undid the second seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword, the sword would be upgraded to the earth class peak-tier or even the heaven class low-tier. By then, he would surely learn an earth class peak-tier sword art or a heaven class low-tier sword art.

When that time came, Li Fuchen wouldn’t just be able to exceed levels in combat, he would be able to exceed the cultivation realm difference in combat.


Wind Snow Sect.

“Elder Mu, my White River Sect requires five pieces of earth class low-tier equipment. One battle saber, one spear, one artifact sword, and two artifact armors. Here are 350,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

In the Wind Snow Sect’s main hall, the White River Sect’s Supreme Grand Elder Xin Wuyuan handed a storage bag to Mu Hanxin respectfully.

“Alright. Once there is we have the equipment, I will inform you immediately. “Mu Hanxin’s face was beaming.

Those Hundred Sects Alliance’s experts who participated in the previous battle had all received one earth class low-tier weapon and one earth class low-tier armor. But no one would dislike having more earth class low-tier equipment. After defeating the Evil Dao and Demonic Ten Regions, Li Fuchen decided to set a fixed price for the earth class low-tier equipment. Earth class low-tier weapons cost 50,000 low-grade spirit stones while earth class low-tier armors cost 100,000 low-grade spirit stones.

The price was very shady. After all, in the Seven Color Continent, earth class low-tier weapons only cost less than 2000 low-grade spirit stones while earth class low-tier armors cost less than 5000 low-grade spirit stones. Li Fuchen had instantly flipped the price by over 20 times.

But this place was the East Unicorn Continent and earth class low-tier equipment were priceless. Let along 50,000 or 100,000 low-grade spirit stones, even if it was more expensive, people would still buy it, just in low quantity.

Even if you didn’t buy it, others would buy them. By then, the strength disparity would be so huge that it wouldn’t be easy to compensate.

Moreover, everyone had spirit stone veins. Even if they depleted all their spirit stones, they could continue excavating for more. At most, they just had to search for new spirit stone veins. The resources in the East Unicorn Continent might be scarce, but it wasn’t so scarce that spirit stone veins couldn’t be found.

Due to the great relationship with Li Fuchen, the Wind Snow Sect didn’t need to spend spirit stones to purchase earth class low-tier equipment. Li Fuchen promised that all the Wind Snow Sect’s experts above the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm would obtain one weapon and armor.

After sending Xin Wuyuan out, Li Fuchen returned.

“Alliance Leader!” Mu Hanxin quickly went over to welcome.

Li Fuchen nodded, “How is the sale of the earth class low-tier equipment?”

Mu Hanxin replied with excitement, “We have received more than 12 million low-grade spirit stones.”

“So much?” Li Fuchen was shocked.

Mu Hanxin commented, “It actually isn’t a lot. The Battle Spirit Clan spent 600,000 low-grade spirit stones to purchase earth class low-tier equipment, while the other sects spent a few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones. In addition, after the minor sects got back their independence from the major sects, they too purchased some earth class low-tier equipment.”
(TL note: I changed the Doulin Clan to Battle Spirit Clan as their main clan is Xiahou Clan, it would make more sense to give them a proper name as their specialty is their battle spirit bone frame)

During the prime of the Hundred Sects Alliance, there were over 90 factions. After the war, around 20 factions were eliminated. The rest had either surrendered to the Evil Dao or became vessels to the major sects and factions. Now that the war was over, all those surrendered factions had returned and the minor sects had gained back their independence. There should be around 70 factions in the Hundred Sects Alliance. On average of 200,000 low-grade spirit stones, 70 factions should give around 14 million low-grade spirit stones.

“What about mid-grade spirit stones?” Li Fuchen was rather expectant.

In the Seven Color Continent, a single mid-grade spirit stone could exchange for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones.

In order to encourage everyone, Li Fuchen decided that a single mid-grade spirit stone could replace 50,000 low-grade spirit stones. As such, one mid-grade spirit stone could purchase one earth class low-tier weapon.

Moreover, mid-grade spirit stones were seldom used as only Battle Spirit Realm masters would choose to use mid-grade spirit stones. It was too luxurious for Reincarnation Realm experts to use mid-grade spirit stones for cultivation.

Mu Hanxin said, “There isn’t a lot of mid-grade spirit stones, only a total of 105.”

“105, not bad.”

Li Fuchen laughed. In comparison to low-grade spirit stones, he valued mid-grade spirit stones more. After all, after having numerous low-grade spirit stones, it was just a number. However, mid-grade spirit stones were too rare. It was already good enough for a single spirit stone vein to excavate a few mid-grade spirit stones. After years of excavating, one spirit stone vein would only produce slightly more than ten mid-grade spirit stones, furthermore, it would take years as it was impossible to excavate all of them at once.

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