Doragon the Half-Dragon II

Onii found his room number — 3D, which was located at the end of a massive hallway. After placing the dog tag on the sensor, the door clicked and slid open, revealing a needlessly large room. Similarly, the theme retained the traditional Eastern vibe with tatami mats as the flooring, which felt quite comfortable to walk on after taking off his shoes at the entrance.

“Anyone here?” Onii called out, wearing a pair of slippers that was prepared for him and stepped inside cautiously.


Mysterious noise filled the room.


A girl sat on the floor at the opposite end, bitting repeatedly on a lollipop with her sharp teeth. She was a mysterious young lady who had a pair of small horns sprouted from the sides of her jet-silver hair. After a closer inspection, Onii realized that her crimson red pupils were in fact, vertically-slitted and filled with a seductive look of delight as she indulged in her treat.

 After a closer inspection, Onii realized that her crimson red pupils were in fact, vertically-slitted and filled with a seductive look of delight as she indulged in her treat


Curled horns, canine fangs, vertically-slitted pupil, these were physical signs of a demi-human. Onii had not expected someone like her, especially since discrimination across different races were still rampant across the world.


The girl muttered as the chewing noise disappeared. Rising from the floor, she casually walked towards Onii. Then in a swift motion, she placed his index finger into her mouth. Onii could feel her warm tongue swirling around, coiling his finger repeatedly as if she was licking the same exact lollipop.

“Loyal… Ambitious… Introverted… with a tinge of mystery….” Doragon uttered with his finger still inside. She was not flustered at all and her action was similar to sampling sweets at the candy store. 

What’s wrong with this girl?

Onii pulled back, retracting his finger in which a white string of saliva left from her mouth. He did not even know how to properly react.

“Something wrong there?”

“You just put my finger in your mouth.” 

Onii furrowed his brows and wiped away the remaining saliva on the hems of his uniform.

 “I was tasting to make sure you are my roommate,” Doragon flashed a coquettish smile and paid no attention to his reaction. “You can’t be too careful these days, especially with technological magic.”

This girl is in a class of her own, Onii thought to himself. A legendary weirdo.

From past experiences in Adventurer’s Guild, Duality had met many interesting people who acted erratically from naked dancing under the moonlight to sacrificing everything for a cult. Those were the days that taught him how crazy (and stupid) people could be. 

Therefore, it was better to lighten the mood and figure out Doragon’s motives through non-confrontational talks.

“Where happened to your side of the room?”

It was as if an invisible line had cut across the middle. Onii’s luggage was already on the left side of the room, which was equipped with various modern furniture — wooding tables, sitting cushions, king-size bed, flat-screen television — while in stark contrast, there was only a futon bedding on the Doragon’s side.

“Simplicity is power.” 

She spun around in her excessive space like a ballerina dancer, gracing across the room with ease. Her utmost carefree manner almost convinced Onii about the feng shui she had.

“Excessive items are a complete waste of time and money.”

Onii questioned her priorities when he saw the huge glass container that was on her bed, overflowed with lollipops.

“So why did you invite me to Celestial Dragon?”

“Because I want to duel you.”

“Then was there a need for me to be your roommate?”

“I’m interested in you,” Doragon leaned in close, bridging into his personal space. “It’s only natural that I want the person I am interested in by my side. And it’ll be fun.”

Onii did not anticipate that answer. It was so straightforward that he found himself confused. Was that truly her intention?


“Yes! It will be so fun!” Doragon’s blood-red eyes flared like the morning star, radiating with the utmost passion while her body trembled in excitement. 

“Think about it — being able to fight against each other with everything you have, doesn’t that sound fun?”

At this point, Onii realized that he might actually have a bellicose nutcase for a roommate. But even so, her idea did sound enticing. In terms of personal growth and combat training, Onii wondered if he could truly go all out against her in a one-on-one. This demihuman did possess a mysterious vibe that was brimmed with power.

“You are quite interesting but I have not agreed to the duel.”

Curling her lips into a devious grin, the mysterious girl leaned even closer to Onii, faces inches away from touching each other. He could practically feel her breath. It seemed that she had no concept of personal space. 

“There’s a prize for winning.”

“That is?”

“If you win, you can do whatever you want with me.”

Onii was not sure if he had heard her right, so the girl repeated again, this time in a more flirtatious manner.

“That means you can have sex with me. Do whatever you like to my body and I’ll obey your every selfish request, no matter what. Doesn’t that make your heart beat in excitement?”

Onii scanned her body from head to toe. Her body was well-developed and toned, possibly from the years of training she went endured. Overall, she was quite attractive, especially with her beauty accentuated from her bold personality.

“What do you say, Onii?”

Doragon leaned in closer, purring seductively as she tugged on Onii’s tie, drawing him closer. The way the girl smiled with her teeth bared sent a slight chill down his spine. Because underneath that charismatic persona lies her true nature — a complete sadist.

“It’ll be my first time.”

“I’m surprised you are still a virgin.”

“Indeed. It’s an utter shame that no one at this academy has been able to defeat me in a duel. I am quite disappointed by the overwhelming amount of students who only focus themselves on magic and the superficial concept of Potential and Regular. Ah~ If only there was someone out there who actually knows how to actually fight.”

Letting out a long sigh as if she was a maiden struggling to find love, Doragon leaned into his ear and whispered in a dulcet voice.

“Onii, will you be the one to change that? I’ve seen your skills today and I know you’re strong. So will you be the one to satisfy me?”

At this point, it was easy to connect the dots. After all, it was laid out in plain words. It could be deduced that Doragon had seen his duel with Mich from today’s news and thus, want him to fulfill the empty void that she had in her heart. No, Onii was sure this was the reason for the roommate change.

Based on their entire interaction so far, Doragon did not seem like the type to plan ulterior motive or had anything to do with the Headmaster. This was simply her selfish desire, expressed to the fullest.

If that was the case, then it was better not to be involved at all.

“I am not interested in dueling with you.”

“What? You gay?~”

Onii rolled his eyes while she let go of him and laughed hysterically.

“Thank you for the offer but I already have someone special.”

The girl waved her hand nonchalantly. 

“I’m fine with polygamy as long my partner is strong. Harems are common in the animal kingdom.”

“I have no need for another lover,” Onii shook his head and replied in a confident voice. “After all, a sister’s all I need.”

Doragon furrowed her brows with a confused expression. But it did not matter. Onii did not want to have anything to do with this weirdo anymore.

“Thank you for inviting me to Celestial Dragon but I will have to decline your roommate request.” Onii nodded his head and turned on his heel. “Still, I think you should value your body more. You shouldn’t offer sex to a stranger just because they are strong.”

As Onii walked towards the door, the air seemed to vibrate for a split second. Suddenly, the girl was standing right in front of the entrance, blocking his exit.

“Now now, where do you think you are going?” She spoke in a low chilling voice, now filled with an unsettling intention. “After all, I did invite you to stay in the Celestial Dragon.”

The fact she had moved in lightning speed from the opposite wall to the door within a split second meant that she was a martial art user. In fact, this was similar to his move.

“Reproduction with the strongest is only expected. After all, a body is merely a vessel. It’s both a weapon and a tool.”

As Doragon continued, her facial expression changed into a more grim one. Her ambition for power seemed to be sparked by something.

“Have you heard of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Survival of the fittest — those who best adapt to their environment will survive.”

Those words with backed with an ironclad will.

“In this environment, the weak obey the strong. The words of the strong are the law. And I will rise through and become the strongest. If you can’t back up your words with action then you are as good as useless.”

Onii could tell from that sinister pair of eyes that she had killed before. And behind those pupils possibly lied something inhuman. Perhaps even overwhelmingly carnivorous and was contained inside, waiting to be released through violence.

“I see. You’re using me to become stronger.”

“That’s mostly correct,” Doragon nodded, “I’m also curious on why a swordsman like you enrolled into a Magic Academy. But we have time. In fact, the rest of the school year.”

A sweet smile bloomed on Doragon’s face, returning to her usual self.

“I like a smart boy so as your reward, I’ll save you from the trip downstairs and tell you that you won’t be able to transfer out of Celestial Dragon.”

“What do you mean?”

“My current ranking grants me various powers. It’s one of the many perks of being at the top. Amazing right?”

He bit his tongue bitterly. His position as the lowest Regular was indeed quite troubling because it had forced him into this helpless situation.

But what rank is she? 

An A-rank? No, an A-rank shouldn’t have this much power.

Is she perhaps a teacher or a special student who wield authority?

“Ho ho, I love the expression on your face. Challenge me to a duel if you are unsatisfied.”

“What will happen if I lose?”

Her expression turned into a predatory grin.

“Then you become my pet until I graduate. My little doggy who will do my personal biddings. That doesn’t sound bad right, especially if you’re a masochist.”

Onii let out a long sigh, realizing her true intent.

“I understand the reason for the roommate change now — you are holding me hostage until I accept the duel with you.

“That’s a maiden’s secret.” She giggled to herself, “But just letting you know, I am strong.”

That was not a bluff or a boast but an absolutely confident statement from someone who has defeated countless challengers in the past.

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“Just who are you exactly?”

“I am Doragon of the S-rank,” She waved her hair dramatically as if she was a grand performer. “Fourth Seat of Temple Academy and chief officer of the Disciplinary Committee.” 

Curling her lips into a grin, she let out a sadistic laugh that finally aligned with her true personality.

“And now, your roommate. So let’s get along for the rest of the year, Onii~”

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『 Amae (03/08/20): This takes me back to my undergraduate years, meeting my roommates for the first time and not expecting how it’s going to be. Literally a lottery.

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