Chapter 597: You Will Never Be As Good As The Ye Jian Now

Even the instructor was shocked by Ye Jian’s aggressive look, let alone her classmates.

The moment Ye Jian squinted her eyes, the instructor realized that this girl… was the soldier who had killed someone on the front line and had blood on her hands!

Only soldiers who had blood on both their hands could have the sharp eyes of righteousness and baleful.

He was so shocked that he immediately commanded the soldiers to rest. Then he saw Ye Jian’s movements; she had maintained the most standard actions, she did precisely like the instructors, without any slight inconsistency!

The two simple commands made all the students relieved a sigh, and made other students from another class envy them. They did not even notice that there were instructors among them. The last slim figure was the same as them… but she was just a high school girl!

Ye Ying’s hands were clenched so tightly that her palms had already become pale. How could that be..? how could Ye Jian remain consistent movements as the instructors! How could she do it!

A strong sense of unwillingness shown in her eyes. It was the kind of reluctance that made her want to be Ye Jian herself, able to follow the instructors and being the center of attention of all the students.

Even Yao Jing, who was closest to the class, could not bear it anymore. Her eyes darkened.

This method did not embarrass Ye Jian! Her classmates were all looking up to her!

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She was unable to do anything right!

Yet, she dared to say that she knew Ye Jian best. Was this even called knowing her best? Was knowing her best meant sending her to the front. In front of all her classmates and made her the most prestigious person in the school?

Wang Dandan stared deadly at the scene, especially when Ye Jian marched together with the other fifteen instructors, her valiant effort was evident when she raised her hand, it surprised Wang Dandan, “Amazing, amazing! Too amazing! It is exactly the same, the same!”

Marching was a common thing for soldiers. It was generally used to ensure that the marching queues were tidy. With that, it was clear at a glance to see if anyone was walking too slow or taking too big or small steps, in the troop of 16 people.

Ye Jian, who was added to the group of boys soldiers, did not embarrass herself at all. Her posture was right, her arms and legs were well-coordinated, her marching was naturally smooth, and the accuracy of her pace and stride was as accurate as of the instructors. She was not half a millimeter behind, nor was she half a millimeter ahead.

Wang Dandan never had issues with Ye Jian. Also, she usually liked to read military reports, and she had always wanted to be a soldier.

At this moment, when she saw Ye Jian’s striking pose, just as what she imagined of a female soldier in her mind, she suddenly did not even bother if Yao Jing was standing beside her, she directly praised Ye Jian.

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“It is so fresh and exciting! Did you watch the TV series “Two Girls and Two Soldiers”? The one that won the first place of the National Excellent TV Series. Ye Jian is even cooler than Chen Xiaomei in the series!”

Upon hearing this, Yao Jing’s face became cold, “Dan Dan, if you still treat me as your good friend, then you better stop complimenting Ye Jian. I tell you, I hate her! It was she who embarrassed me a few days ago!”

She gritted her teeth as she said that. The coldness in her voice made Wang Dandan squint her eyes slightly. Yao Jing hated Ye Jian did not mean that Dan Dan had to hate her too anyway.

Moreover, Ye Jian had become an idol in Dan Dan’s heart.

“Okay, okay, I will not speak about her.” Wang Dandan smiled while blinking. Although she did not speak, her eyes continued to stare at Ye Jian brightly, as she sighed secretly in the heart that she wanted to be like Ye Jian when she became a soldier in the future!

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