Chapter 453: I Regret It

After that, Ning Meng Yao flashed her hand and the sword was now in her hand. With a sweep of her hand, the man landed heavily on the ground.

Ling Luo who originally thought he was successful opened his eyes wide when he saw it.

He was clear of Ning Meng Yao’s skills, it was impossible for her to do so. After all, the skills she knew was taught by him.

”You…… How is it possible?”

”Surprised? I’m actually quite surprised myself. Still, I already had all these even before meeting you,” Ning Meng Yao said calmly.

She encountered Ling Luo on the second year she crossed over. That year when she crossed over, she got to know Yu Feng and the Mei Ruo Lin. Later on, the two of them liked her and taught her martial arts, but she was unable to control herself well and her powers were sealed.

Ling Luo looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief, he had always felt sorry towards Ning Meng Yao as he was hiding many things from her, especially for having other women when their relationship was good.

He was different from her. When he crossed over, he was only a few years old. By the time he met her, he was already fourteen. Before he met her, his mother had already bestowed women to him. When he felt Ning Meng Yao would not be joining him, he indulged as he pleased.

Who knew that he would encounter Ning Meng Yao who had crossed over for a year. At that time, he was filled with a guilty conscience, he felt he had wronged Ning Meng Yao, that was why he tried to make up to her until Xiao Zi Xuan came along. He knew he was unable to hide it any longer and said.

He was actually feeling lucky at that time. With that in mind, he had changed his own beliefs and became a person of ancient times, he also felt Ning Meng Yao would definitely be the same and would accept a man having many wives and concubines.

Who knew that she was the same as before, just as proud and lofty, causing the two of them to separate.

When they met again, she was no longer his. Doesn’t that confirm the saying? The transformations of the world happens in an instant, just like their relationship.

”I always thought I hid many things from you, who knew that the person with the most secrets is you,” Ling Luo laughed with self-mockery.

He at that time never expected Ning Meng Yao would have such a strong power behind her. He had sent people to investigate Ning Meng Yao, but nothing came up. As for Tong Bao Zhai that slowly came into power, because of its relationship with Yu Lin Villa, which has many business geniuses, he never suspected Ning Meng Yao.

Who knew the most innocent person was the one hiding the most secrets.

”Everything I did, was originally so that I can walk shoulder to shoulder with you, I wanted to tell you about it during our wedding, but I never expected that you would be so impatient,” Ning Meng Yao mocked herself for the things she did in the past, she felt her actions were not worthwhile.

Ling Luo looked at Ning Meng Yao in disbelief, his expression was really stiff. What did she just say? She built Tong Bao Zhai for him?

Haha, indeed, the facts were the cruelest.

”Haha, it seems that I had always been in the wrong. But Yao’er, I really regret it,” Seeing Ning Meng Yao’s already changed face, Ling Luo suddenly regretted giving up on their relationship for the sake of pursuing power.

Ning Meng Yao looked calmly at Ling Luo: “It’s too late now.”

Ling Luo had a self-mocking smile as he laid on the ground without saying anything.

Indeed, just like what Yao’er said, it’s too late for regrets. He had done everything on himself, he could not blame anyone.

Ling Luo was already heavily injured by Nan Yu’s kick, while no longer having the will to live, his situation wasn’t very good. Ning Meng Yao felt complicated seeing Ling Luo acting that way, why did they turn out like this?

What was the cause of all this? She currently did not wish to pursue it, nor did she want to ask about it. Her main focus right now should be placed on her husband and child.

She sighed: “Clean up this place. As for Ling Luo, send him to Xiao Qi Feng and the others.”

Ling Luo’s rebellion was destined not to have a good ending.

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