Chapter 596: Losing A Battle Of Spirits

Most of the people in the class agreed with Lu Xin’s words, the moment they still wanted to speak another word, they realized the coach’s stern expression had disappeared, and he was asking Ye Jian with a smile, “What do you think? Do you want to carry on?”


Those who can become coaches were all cunning as a fox and can play their cards well.


Ye Jian could see Political Commissar Yan’s silhouette behind her. hearing that, she moved two steps forward, and was in sight of everyone in the class, she laughed: “The sun seems quite strong right now, and everyone seemed to have gotten heated up because of me yet again, how about everyone go take a break.”


“For the sake of the class’ unity, and to not be a burden to the class during the grand military review, and also to make all of my classmates practice with a peaceful mind, instead of worrying how I would affect the class’ standing, why don’t everyone sit down and watch the valiant bearings of our instructors.”


Once she spoke up, words of agreement surged from behind her; it was more than sufficient to prove Ye Jian’s popularity in her class.

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Even the students who held an opinion against Ye Jian were unable to deny the fact that she was always a girl who was charitable towards her classmates. No matter who had problems with their homework, no matter what she was doing when they found her, even if she had her hands full with her work, she would still put it aside for the moment to explain everything to her classmates.


Her way of helping them was a silent nurturing kind, during crucial moments, even outsiders could realize that out of the 50-60 students, only 10 of them stood out with objections.


The coach looked at her and couldn’t help but to laugh; he replied: “Okay, we’ll listen to your arrangements this time around.” With that said, he turned around towards the stern-faced instructor: “Go round up the instructors of Grades 11 and 12, the students from each class will be taking a 15-minute break in place. Go.”


“Sir, yes, sir!” The instructor saluted, then jogged away with his fists held tightly against his waist


Two minutes later, the eight instructors of Grade 11 and seven instructors of Grade 12 have all arrived, under the sound of the commands, they formed an orderly line and stood in front of the students of Class One.


Under the instructor’s ‘Fall-in’ command, Ye Jian joined the unit of fifteen instructors with smooth and graceful movements.


Since the number calling had started, when it was sixteen’s turn, everyone heard Ye Jian’s voice that was vigorous like the rising sun, which also carried a sinking force call out her own number “SIXTEEN”!


Before it had started, a simple number call even displayed the impressive military might, a force that could shake trees pounded on everyone’s heart, causing everyone’s eyes to widen, making Ye Ying clench her fists firmly.


The instructor knew everything was going according to plan based on that voice alone; he roared, “ATTENTION!”


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The orderly sounds of whooshing were as if the wind itself was coming off of their camo-coloured uniforms, using the momentum of their indomitable spirits, these soldiers used their own military appearance and disposition to instantly quake the hearts of the students here.


Meanwhile, both of Ye Jian’s heels were together, and in line, her feet turned out to form an accurate angle of 30 degrees, her torso was upright, her stomach was tucked in, chest out, her shoulders spread out. The five fingers on both hands that were hanging naturally by her side were lightly curled together; her thumbs were pressing on her pointer finger’s second joint. Her head was upright; her neck was straight, her chin was slightly lowered, her eyes stared straight ahead like unsheathed swords.


Her eyes were doing the same thing as the other instructors, staring ahead, staring at where all the students in Group 1 were at, the closest people to her were Ye Ying, Meng Wen and the rest of the ten students. At that moment, they could feel the cold light coming out of Ye Jian’s stare materialize into a sharp physical object that scratched past their faces.


Cold, heavy and sharp…, it was but a stare, and it made them retract their necks as if by doing it a moment later, that materialized glare would fall on their necks, beheading them in an instant.


Such a feeling made their hearts pound with fear; they were extremely appalled, making them lose a battle of spirits before the war had even begun.

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