Chapter 595: You’ll Only Disgrace Yourself More

No matter how many glances Meng Wen tossed at her, Ye Jian kept her eyes staring ahead and stood unmoving beside the instructor.


After the coach had shaken up the students in the whole class, then he took a look at the girl who stood proud like a pine tree amongst them, in front of all her classmates, he asked: “Ye Jian, do you dare to march alongside with true soldiers? Let your classmates know who are the ones actually being a burden? This is just my suggestion; you can choose to refuse it.”


His words stunned the whole class, how is this possible!

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Ye Ying started smiling; she’s now forced into a desperate situation! If she said she didn’t dare to, then that would imply that she’s only a burden for the whole class during the military Bootcamp, causing the students who defended her to lose face.    

If she said, she dared, hahaha, she’ll only disgrace herself even more!


She had never participated in any military training beforehand. After only half an hour of training, she dared to march alongside real soldiers; if she accepted the instructor’s proposal, then she’ll bite down more than she can chew!


An Jiaxin was enduring until she almost passed out from heatstroke, but after she had heard the coach’s words, beads of sweat were running down her flustered mind!


Ye Ying, you b*stard! You’re trying to grill Ye Jian alive on a fire!


While An Jiaxin was cussing Ye Ying inside her mind, she heard Ye Jian’s smooth and calming voice accepting the coach’s proposal.


“Coach, I do not have any problems with that. I will welcome the review at any time.” Underneath the sun, though Ye Jian’s face was overflowing with beauty, the expression in her pupils was unbridled laxness. She stood there straight as an arrow while oozing out an aura of unbending will, when the slanted sunshine beamed on her, the shadow made on the ground seemed like an unbending spear.


Though the coach’s proposal was a great one, it was also to probe her out; he wanted to see the actual appearance of this high school girl who oozed out a soldier’s temperament, a soldier’s power who also gave off a cold-blooded and chilly impression.

Yunnan province, as the first province to pioneer high school military training, not only would several leaders of the country attend the grand military review on October 7th, even the capital’s military area are sending their representatives over!


Since this holds much importance, they must select an elite student-soldier, flag-bearer, captain and speaker as these students will represent the essence of all the students on the day of the military review.


If Ye Jian was the right candidate, then she’ll take on both elite student-soldier and flag-bearer roles.


The coach’s inclinations aren’t something that can be understood by students who have yet to step out of school grounds. The moment they heard Ye Jian accept the coach’s proposal with a voice that made their hearts pound, the gazes thrown at Ye Jian all carried different intentions.


Shock, skepticism, worry, disapproval… all types of gazes landed on her, but all in all, they can be summarized in one way: Has Ye Jian gone crazy!? How can she accept such a proposal, it’s an option between a rock and a hard place, there’s no winning option out of it!


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The students who supported Ye Jian started becoming concerned, the class monitor, Lu Xin, walked over and shouted, “REPORT!”


The instructor, with his face bronzed from the sun, bellowed: “Speak.”


“Sir instructors, I don’t think this is fair, Ye Jian hadn’t even practiced for more than half an hour, how can she march alongside true soldiers? Also, just now, the instructor-…” Lu Xin stopped his tongue, what Ye Jian said early was coach, right? “Just now, the coach even said those ten students who had four days of practice are still unqualified with military standards, that’s why I think the coach’s proposal is not fair towards Ye Jian.”

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