Chapter 594: Absolutely Not The Fault Of One Person

The disputes between the First class had stopped. The instructors of each class had returned to their respective classes to continue the military classes for the afternoon. As usual, they were exercises based around ‘formation commands,’ after the whistle, ‘stand at ease,’ ‘stand at attention,’ were carried out rhythmically and singularly.

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Sweat had already drenched their caps; even their collars and backs were wet. Even their waists that were strained by belts got covered in sweat.

The few students who stepped forward from First class completed everything in order, from ‘stand at attention,’ ‘stand at ease,’ ‘salute’ to forward march, goose step march and double forward march, with an ‘at ease’ command from the coach, the ten people who were flushed from being under the sun all let loose a long sigh of relief.

Fortunately, all kept up with no mistakes.


“Though there were differences in strides, being able to act uniformly was still quite good. The formation swerves around during forward march and goose step march; you still need to work on it.” The coach nodded his head ever so slightly; he was still quite satisfied over the results these ten students have displayed.

“Your results are quite good considering you’re still students since you’re able to keep up with the formation. However, if I were to grade you all as soldiers, then all of you still have a long way to go.”

After hearing that, Ye Ying’s tense expression loosened up quite a bit, as long as they passed, then Ye Jian… with even a slight mistake will not be able to continue partaking in the military Bootcamp! And everyone in their class will know her attendance was purely an obstacle for the whole class!

By learning from her prior mistakes, no matter how badly Ye Ying wanted to speak up, she still endured it. If she said another word, then it would arouse suspicions from the instructors, making them suspect she did everything to chase Ye Jian away. That’s why she purposely stood up and said those words for the sake of the class.

This way, Ye Ying had made the right decision; if she spoke in other words, the coaches wouldn’t even be suspicious. Instead, they will become sure of it!

A male student realized that he had passed the mark, after a breath of relief, he immediately said: “Instructor, we’re students, not soldiers. That’s why you can’t describe us as extremely lacking; that seems biased.”

“The inadequate areas are more than ordinary, didn’t the Instructors request you all to say ‘Report’ if you have something to ask?” It was an unwise decision to hold a conversation with a coach that thinks of them.

“Solely based on this, I can also give you a failing grade. It doesn’t matter to me even if you do not accept this. While you are in the Bootcamp, you must accept anything I say while you wear these military uniforms!” His last sentence wasn’t inferior to a sudden clap of thunder, instantly scaring this boy who started acting cheeky just because he believed he had passed to the point that his shoulders were trembling. 

His stern gaze swept across all of the students involved in the disturbance, the coach’s face was even darker than before, “You can’t even take care of your own affairs, and you dare stand up and point fingers at the affairs of others. Let’s say your class received the last place, and all of your marks were graded the lowest, I can tell you this, it is not one person’s fault!”

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Ye Jian hadn’t opened her mouth during the entirety of the scolding; she watched as the coach scolded her classmates who were quite involved in the disturbance till they were unable to raise their lowered heads.

Although she could understand why they would start a fight because of Ye Ying’s words, understanding was just understanding. If they wanted her to stand up and put in the right word for them, Ye Jian hooked her lips upwards, a chilled and distant glint in her eyes… that was impossible.


These students held an opinion against her since the start of school when Ye Ying said, ‘This is unfair,’ especially the girl amongst them called Meng Wen, who immediately stood up and opposed the moment Ye Ying finished speaking.


Meng Wen could never speak more than a couple of sentences with her; however, usually, when the teacher had called on Ye Jian’s name once more than the rest, Meng Wen would stand up and raise her objections to the teacher.

She doesn’t have qualms with being competitive in academics. However, she shouldn’t have raised a fuss at such a time.

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