Chapter 449: There’s Still Ning Meng Yao

It seems he had been benevolent for too long, those people had forgotten his means, it’s the right time to remind them without spending any money.

”Are the people ready?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Xiao Qi Feng.

”Of course, there are some people that I’ve long wanted to replace,” There were too many people in the imperial court taking advantage of their seniority, it would cause great dissatisfaction changing them all in one fell swoop, they could just seize this opportunity to replace them.

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”Then just let Marquis Ling and the others continue being arrogant,” Qiao Tian Chang said.

Xiao Qi Feng found it funny as he looked at Qiao Tian Chang: “I really wish to see Marquis Ling’s expression, what kind of expression do you think he will have when he finds out the secret order is fake?”

Qiao Tian Chang also smiled. What kind of expression? He felt it would really be amusing.

Three days later, an urgent report was suddenly brought up during the imperial court, Ling Empire soldiers are at the borders.

”Do you think we should go to war or request for peace?”

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”Naturally to war.”

”It’s better to request for peace.”

Those who supported going to war were the military leaders, those who supported peace were the civil court officials.

Qiao Tian Chang sneered as he looked at the people calling for peace, there was anger on his face: “They are already at our doorstep and you all are actually requesting for peace?”

”That’s right, have our practice for such a long time been for naught?” After Qiao Tian Chang spoke up, the military leaders spoke one after another, they were feeling dissatisfied with the civil court officials.

Right Senior Minister Wei looked around and immediately spoke up: “Your majesty, this humble servant feels that if we fight, it would be a waste of manpower and resources. Not only so, Xiao Empire suffered heavy losses a few years ago, I’m afraid……”

He did not say the last sentence, but the crowd understood what Right Senior Minister Wei meant.

Xiao Qi Feng ignored Right Senior Minister Wei, he looked at Chen Feng: “What does the Left Senior Minister think?”

Chen Feng walked out: “This humble servant feels we can fight, if we request for peace, it might not satisfy the other party, it would instead make the other party feel even more arrogant, at the same time, each empire would look at our Xiao Empire with contempt.”

”I second it,” The Emperor’s loyal faction stepped out and agreed to go to war.

”If we fight, who do you all think is the most suitable?”

”I’m willing to take the lead,” It was another General who was very close to Qiao Tian Chang, he knew his wife was already pregnant, that was why he spoke first.

Qiao Tian Chang naturally understood what he was thinking, he immediately spoke up: “I’ll allow Lei An and Lin Zi You to follow along.”

”Good, in that case, General Liu, hear my order, you’ll be bestowed as Marshal, Lin Zi You will be the Military Counselor, Lei An would be the Vanguard General and you all will depart today.”

”We heed your call.”

In this matter, with Right Senior Minister Wei as the lead, as well as those civil court officials were in difficult positions in the imperial court, the crowd was not happy with their opinion.

That night, Qiao Tian Chang summoned Lin Zi You and Lei An, he instructed them to cooperate with General Liu.

”Boss, don’t worry, we fought alongside Old Liu before, it’s not a problem,” Lei An patted his chest and reassured him.

Qiao Tian Chang was at ease and nodded his head: “This time, Qi Tian and I will be in charge of the military expenses, go fight at ease, if we do not have enough, there’s still your sister-in-law.

”We’re at ease with boss telling us so.”

Sending out soldiers and killing enemies were not the most frightening during a war, it’s having not enough resources, the people responsible for the funds were Qiao Tian Chang and Xiao Qi Tian, there was no need for them to worry since they still had a rich sister-in-law present, it would not be a problem when the time comes.

The next day, Lin Zi You, Lei An, and General Liu brought 300,000 soldiers towards the borders, Xiao Qi Feng stood on the capital’s city walls to send them off.

Marquis Ling’s eyes were filled with coldness when he saw the soldiers leaving, although Qiao Tian Chang did not leave, it would not affect anything.

Ling Luo looked at Marquis Ling: “Father, I feel something is not right in this matter,” Ling Luo furrowed his brows and said when Marquis Ling was instructing Ling Luo to do something.

He was sensitive to a coming crisis, he felt this matter was not good and something would happen.

”What could happen? Most of Xiao Qi Feng’s forces are definitely on the battlefield. As for our side, he does not have the time and energy,” Although Xiao Qi Tian had been doing business and earning money, the national treasury would definitely not be full, as long as a problem occurs in the military expenses, it would not be certain when the war would end.

Ling Luo looked at his own father: “Father, have you forgotten, They still have Ning Meng Yao.”

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