Chapter 448: No Return

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed: “Impossible.”

”Do you know why the General’s Residence closed all doors and refused to receive guests? It’s because other than this courtyard, everywhere else in the General’s Residence contains poison,” Ning Meng Yao stated the reason seeing Xiao Yi Lin filled with disbelief.

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed drastically, they had actually poisoned the entire residence.

Such a piece of information caused Xiao Yi Lin to increase his speed, but every time before he could touch Ning Meng Yao, he would be obstructed by Nan Yu, he did not even have the time to withdraw.

”Duke Xiao, do you know what we prepared for you?” Ning Meng Yao stood by the side and blocked Xiao Yi Lin: “It’s Gu worms, lots and lots of Gu worms, do you know how it feels like with so many worms crawling on your body? It would definitely feel very peculiar, right?”

Xiao Yi Lin glanced at Ning meng Yao, seeing she was not lying, he immediately tried to escape.

”You only intend to leave right now? Don’t you think it’s too late?” Ning Meng Yao snorted.

There were also sounds coming from the outside, and also miserable screams.

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed drastically, he knew the people he brought over were goners.

Qiao Tian Chang walked in, he was immediately relieved seeing Ning Meng Yao perfectly fine and standing by the side.

”Catch him alive,” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Xiao Yi Lin with a bloodthirsty look, people who dare to attack the General’s Residence must die.

Xiao Yi Lin knew he must not be captured today and he dashed out. Outside, he was met with the sight of bones and little worms.

The worms were originally the size of a mung bean, but after devouring the flesh of the few people outside, they had grown to the side of a thumb, the bones and the black worms look really disgusting.

Nan Yu urged the Gu worms to attack Xiao Yi Lin, there were many worms, no matter how Xiao Yi Lin tried to leave, he could do nothing to those worms, if it wasn’t for Nan Yu suppressing the Gu worms at the last minute, he would already be meeting the same ending as those secret soldiers.

Nan Yu looked at Xiao Yi Lin who was lying on the ground, he retracted all the Gu worms.

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression was very ugly when he saw the scene: “You’re from Miaojiang.”

Nan Yu didn’t even bother talking to Xiao Yi Lin.

”Take him to the dungeon. You are here to capture Yao Yao today, that proves that it’s almost time for Ling Marquis Residence’s rebellion,” Qiao Tian Chang looked outside and seemed to be thinking of something.

It seems that because of this incident, the people from Ling Residence could no longer wait.

Whether that evidence was real or fake, they would sooner or later find out.

They should feel like they were unable to wait until Xiao Qi Tian’s weddings, that’s why they decided to take action in advance.

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed, he wanted to speak but was dragged away by Nan Yu.

After the matter was handled, Qiao Tian Chang brought Ning Meng Yao to the front yard. It had been cleared and not a single corpse remained.

After seeing the situation at that side and clicking her tongue, Ning Meng Yao shook her head and said: “Really cruel, not a single person is able to return.”

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”You damn girl, you don’t even think about who we’re doing it for, to actually make cynical remarks over here, be careful that we beat you up.”

Old Man Hei almost jumped up after hearing such cynical remarks after being busy in the middle of the night.

After rolling her eyes at Old Man Hei: “Grandpa Hei, remember to clear the poison in the residence tomorrow. Since this matter is settled, then let’s all go back to sleep, it’s late at night.”

Old Man Hei gritted his teeth in anger seeing Ning Meng Yao acting as if it had nothing to do with her while acting lofty.

”You damn girl, I’ll……”

Without waiting for Old Man Hei to finish speaking, Qiao Tian Chang already brought everyone and left, not leaving Old Man Hei any face.

The old man was so angry with the couple that his eyelids twitched, could the two of them care about that old man’s feelings?

The next day, Qiao Tian Chang headed to the imperial palace after settling everything at home, he informed Xiao Qi Feng what happened last night.

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”It seems that they’re unable to hold back any longer,” Xiao Qi Feng sneered.

”It seems so, but we can seize this opportunity to see how many people in the imperial court have unfaithful intentions,” They could seize this opportunity to clean up those people, it was a great opportunity.

Xiao Qi Feng nodded his head: “I also think so, some people do not know their own place.”

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