Chapter 450: Leave Together

Marquis Ling could not react in time, he then frowned: “How is it possible for her to take out so much money?”

”Father, don’t look down on her. Lin Zi You and Lei An are Qiao Tian Chang’s subordinates. The Marshal is Qiao Tian Chang’s good friend, it’s impossible for him to allow anything to happen to them. As long as Qiao Tian Chang opens his mouth, she would definitely help,” What was that little bit of money considered to Ning Meng Yao and Tong Bao Zhai?

It was not even considered a drop in the ocean, a little drop of money from her vault was enough for hundreds of thousands of soldiers to eat their fill.

Marquis Ling frowned, he then said: “In that case, we must increase our speed in taking action,” As long as they successfully attack this place, the borders were naturally not a problem.

Ling Luo wanted to continue talking but was interrupted by Marquis Ling, asking him to get prepared.

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After he left, Nangong Yue arrived at Marquis Ling’s study: “Something happened to Xiao Yi Lin.”

”What?” Marquis Ling looked at Nangong Yue and frowned.

”He went to abduct Ning Meng Yao a few days ago and never returned. This only proves a problem, our plans failed and he was captured by Qiao Tian Chang and the others,” Nangong Yue sat by the side and said coldly to Marquis Ling.

He felt disdainful towards Xiao Yi Lin, he couldn’t even handle a small matter properly, what’s the point of letting him remain?

Xiao Zi Xuan heard the news from the secret soldier, she let out a mad laughter: “It’s good that it’s messy, Ling Luo and the others are really indulging in their fantasy.”

”The Duke had previously gone to abduct Ning Meng Yao and has not returned to his residence, he might already be captured by Qiao Tian Chang’s soldiers,” The secret guard continued reporting his findings.

The news startled Xiao Zi Xuan, when she reacted, her laughter was more maniacal.

That’s great, it was his retribution.

”Good, it’s really great, you continue keeping an eye on Marquis Ling and the others,” Xiao Zi Xuan knew that if Ling Residence really rebelled, she would definitely be implicated in the end, but she was already like this and also did not wish to live, it would have been better off dying. There was no justice if Xiao Residence and Ling Residence were not buried alongside her.

The secret soldier, seeing Xiao Zi Xuan’s sorrowful and dispirited look, went silent for a moment and suddenly said: “Princess, allow this subordinate to take you to leave this place.”

Xiao Zi Xuan shook her head: “I’m not leaving, I still want to watch Ling Luo and the others die in front of me.”

”But Princess, you will also be implicated,” The secret soldier did not display any expression on his face, but he was feeling worried.

Xiao Zi Xuan looked at the soldier and suddenly smiled: “Shadow, how long have you been with me?”

”Fifteen years,” Xiao Yi Lin had already assigned him to Xiao Zi Xuan when she was three-years-old, he had always been protecting Xiao Zi Xuan since that day, watching Xiao Zi Xuan grow up.

In those fifteen years, although Xiao Zi Xuan was capricious and cruel at times, he found it right and proper, it was all those people’s fault, causing her to become like this.

Xiao Zi Xuan ending up like this right now, wasn’t it because of Ling Residence and Xiao Residence?

”It has been fifteen years, how time flies, why don’t you just leave,” Xiao Zi Xuan suddenly looked at the soldier and said solemnly.

Everyone else had betrayed her, only he was by her side, no matter what request she made, he would unconditionally fulfill her orders.

”This subordinate wishes to bring Princess along.”

”I’m not leaving.”

”Then this subordinate will also not leave,” Worst come to worst, he would just die, with his identity, he was destined to die sooner or later, it was impossible for him to leave Xiao Zi Xuan’s side.


”If the Princess wishes to see them die, you could also watch after this subordinate brings you away. The Emperor and Qiao Tian Chang are not simple people, the two residences would definitely fall, I’ll bring you along to watch when they’re beheaded,” The soldier looked at Xiao Zi Xuan and tried to convince her.

However, Xiao Zi Xuan still shook her head: “Shadow, look at me right now, what’s the meaning of me continuing living?” Xiao Zi Xuan said with self-mockery.

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The soldier looked at Xiao Zi Xuan: “This subordinate will find a way to treat you, living is much better than anything else.”

It was not known how the soldier managed to coax Xiao Zi Xuan into agreeing to leave in the end.

When they left, he took along all of Xiao Zi Xuan’s money as well as the valuable items, not only so, he even prepared a good wheelchair for Xiao Zi Xuan.

The news of Xiao Zi Xuan’s disappearance was not known to anyone.

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