Chapter 593: Only Fan the Fire 

The girl did not reply; she wasn’t afraid that she was marching badly instead… she had only mumbled a couple of words, how the heck did the instructor manage to hear her and call out her name! What if they wrote down ‘not cooperative’ in her file, then what should she do?

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“It’s over, if you personally acted over stuff like these, then Ye Jian would not be able to leave unscathed.” Wang Dandan, who had a decent relationship with Yao Jing, whispered. her eyes glimmered with a regretful expression of not being able to watch a spectacular show that she was looking forward to, “Ye Ying is still quite green, though she’s smart in the head, but why is she not able to capitalize on her opportunities?”

They were in Eighth class of Grade 11; the classes were divided by 123,321, both Sixth class and First class were coincidentally assigned to the same team, as to events happening in First class, Sixth class were the ones who knew the most. 


Yao Jing was quite interested at first, some of Ye Ying’s tricks were quite hard to guard against, this time, her skills were quite brilliant, and turned Ye Jian into the target of public criticism in a moment, however…, when she discovered Ye Ying was moving closer towards Ye Jian, Yao Jing knew that she had just ruined her move.


If it were her, then by the time the students were arguing amongst themselves, she would become the mediator, and while meditating, she will add fuel to the fire, escalating the whole situation.


Making it so that the students who held an observing attitude would be fanned to join the faction for Ye Jian to be removed from the military Bootcamp, then make some other boys fight each other, hehe! No matter how powerful Ye Jian’s patron in the military was, she won’t be able to participate in the military Bootcamp!

Making it so that the whole class was split apart because of her and her alone, to the point that they were exchanging fists, no matter how impressive that person is, the instructors wouldn’t bat another eyelid at her ever again!

The previous four days of training had gone by without a hitch, but the moment she was here, something had happened, no matter how justified her reasons were, they would still get ignored.

“Ye Ying wasn’t able to restrain herself, the moment anything starts to escalate, she’ll turn into a coward, getting ideas from her was still okay, other than that, don’t expect too much.” Yao Jing watched as Ye Ying walked out, then watched her stand at attention, stand at ease and saluted with a boy by her side. 

With a gentle harrumph, she continued: “What a pity, she has the looks and also the brains, but she wasn’t nurtured since little. She’s shrewd and has the ability for it; what she’s lacking is the temperament.”

Yao Jing’s parents were government officials, even both of her paternal and maternal grandfathers were government officials. After being nurtured from a young age, her knowledge and methods were more formidable than Ye Ying who has been tarried by Sun Dongqing. Let’s say that Ye Ying also had a family background like hers instead of being under the care of Sun Dongqing; then, her methods would fare better than Yao Jing.

“If she was that impressive, would you still walk with her?” Wang Dandan giggled, though she didn’t have parents who were government officials, her family was even more well-off than Yao Jing’s, therefore her princess-like attitude wouldn’t be lesser than Yao Jing’s. She watched as Ye Ying marched decently also though she hadn’t practiced previously, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s not without reason that Yang Heng likes her, she does have the ability.”

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Yao Jing arched the corner of her lips and blandly said: “I didn’t say she wasn’t; she’s just slightly inferior when compared to the three of us. However, Yang Heng always liked smart girls who had good grades; Ye Ying was definitely his cup of tea.”

However, what she couldn’t wrap her head around was: Ye Jian and Yang Heng weren’t affiliated in the least, they didn’t even know each other! Why would Yang Heng beat up Luo Ran because of her!


“She only knows how to light a fire, but she doesn’t know how to add fuel to the fire, Ye Ying only wanted to chew up Ye Jian who had strong bones, the only thing that would come of it was having her teeth chipped.” Wang Dandan was also the smart one. Otherwise, there was no way she would be able to hang around Yao Jing, from the corner of her eyes, she noticed the class’ instructor was coming over, she subtly tugged at Yao Jing whose face darkened while pondering about something, “The instructor is coming.”

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