Chapter 446: Don’t Harm Her

”I’ll naturally not let them off,” How could they let those people off?

After discussing the whole afternoon, the two of them decided to work together.

When they began investigating Xiao Residence, Xiao Yi Lin looked at Nangong Yue: “It’s better to move our operations ahead.”

”Why?” Nangong Yue frowned, Xiao Qi Tian’s wedding was the best timing, the timing was not right if they took action right now, the risk factor would increase.

Marquis Ling had a gloomy expression, he had a weary gaze when he looked at Nangong Yue: “If we do not move ahead, I’m afraid that our two residences would be eliminated by the Emperor before Prince Xiao’s wedding.”

”What happened?” Nangong Yue still did not know what happened today, he frowned as he looked at the two of them.

”Someone leaked what Ling Marquis Residence and Xiao Residence did in the dark to the Emperor, even if we’re fine right now, he has sent the Left Senior Minister and Qiao Tian Chang to investigate us. Based on Qiao Tian Chang’s current power, it’s only a matter of time for him to find out,” They believed they could delay for some time if it was only Qiao Tian Chang alone, but with Tong Bao Zhai supporting him, everyone knew that Tong Bao Zhai had the largest information network other than doing business since they were specialized in selling information.

Xiao Yi Lin nodded his head: “The Marquis is right, if we do not take action, we will not have any opportunity to take action when they begin investigating.”

Nangong Yue stared at the two of them: “Who is the one who leaked these things to Xiao Qi Feng?”

”No idea.”

Nangong Yue was pacing back and forth, should he wait until then to take action or seek an opportunity to take action right now?

Seeing Nangong Yue furrowing his brows and pondering, the two of them did not interrupt him, their idea was to take action right now.

Nangong Yue knew what they were implying, after some thought, he made a decision: “In that case, I will first send a letter back, we’ll begin taking action when the time comes.”

The message would take three days to send out using a messenger pigeon, and another three days to return. They only had to obstruct Qiao Tian Chang and the others for six days.

Marquis Ling pondered for a moment, he said: “Then I should bring that army over.”

Duke Xiao looked at Marquis Ling, he was feeling surprised, he never expected that he had actually found that army.

”I’ll be in charge of abducting Ning Meng Yao,” Xiao Yi Lin said coldly.

Just in case, Ning Meng Yao would also be considered a bargaining chip if she was in their hands.

Their gazes landed on Xiao Yi Lin at the same time, they immediately raised their eyebrows seeing his serious expression and was not making a joke.

”The guards in the General’s Residence are very tight. Are you sure you’re able to do it?” Marquis Ling did not think it was a good idea since Xiao Yi Lin had barged into the General’s Residence and was finally heavily injured.

Xiao Yi Lin naturally noticed the doubts in Marquis Ling’s eyes: “I never said I’ll go alone.”

Marquis Ling was speechless.

After finishing with the discussion, Marquis Ling quietly left Xiao Residence, but he did not know someone was following behind him.

Nangong Yue looked at Xiao Yi Lin: “You can abduct Ning Meng Yao, but it’s best not to harm her, nobody can think of having a good life if the people in Tong Bao Zhai goes crazy.”

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He did not wish to face Tong Bao Zhai after handling Xiao Qi Feng, it was not something good.

Xiao Yi Lin looked at Nangong Yue: “There’s no need for you to bring it up, I know what to do.”

No matter what, she is Ya’er’s daughter, how could he harm her?

”Want to abduct me? I’ll let them come but never to return,” Ning Meng Yao heard her spy’s report and snorted.

It was currently inconvenient for her to move, but she was not disabled.

”If they dare to come, this old man will let them die miserably,” Old Man Hei was instantly enraged when he heard some people wanted to make use of Ning Meng Yao.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head: “Grandpa Hei, prepare more poisons, but we must prepare some antidotes for our people.”

Old Man Hei was actually not the most proficient in medicine but in poison making, Qing Shuang was able to create those strange poisons due to Old Man Hei passing down the teachings.

”We can also prepare some Gu worms,” Nan Yu who was quiet at the corner suddenly said.

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Qing Shuang’s eyes brightened up: “That’s right, Nan Yu has many Gu worms in his hands.”

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