Chapter 445: Residing In Xiao Residence

Xiao Yi Lin’s expression changed, he still wanted to talk, but he saw Xiao Qi Feng looking towards him, there was coldness and warning in his eyes.

After the imperial court was dismissed, Chen Feng went to find Qiao Tian Chang: “General, let’s discuss what we should do next.”

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”Let’s go to the General’s Residence.”


After the two of them left, Marquis Ling and Xiao Yi Lin walked out: “It seems that someone doesn’t want us to be at ease.”

”Yup,” Xiao Yi Lin calmly looked to the front, he had some thoughts in his heart, how did Xiao Qi Feng and the others manage to investigate those things, or someone deliberately did it?

”We should discuss the countermeasures,” Only they knew if those items were real or not.

The two of them left one after another, they did not seem to be heading the same way, but they were actually heading to Xiao Residence.

Chen Feng followed Qiao Tian Chang to the General’s Residence, Ning Meng Yao was sunbathing with her servant girl in the courtyard, her belly was bulging, her face was much rounder than when they first met, she seemed to be covered in a motherly radiance. 

“Greetings madam.”

Although he was regarded as the Prime Minister of an empire, his authority and position were much inferior compared to Qiao Tian Chang, he still had that self-knowledge.

”Tian Chang, this is?” She knew that person, he was in White Mountain Village before to handle those bandits.

”Left Senior Minister Chen Feng.”

Ning Meng Yao froze, she never expected that he was a Prime Minister: “Greetings Left Senior Minister, you all have a chat, I’m going to take a rest.”

”Go ahead, be careful,” Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head, he watched as Ning Meng Yao returned to the house before turning his head to look at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at Qiao Tian Chang and furrowed his brows tightly: “General, what do you think about the matters today?”

”You think that it’s fake?”

”No. Seeing how the General, Prince Xiao and the Emperor are acting, it should most likely be true,” Chen Feng shook his head, if that evidence were fake, Xiao Qi Feng would not bring it up in the court.

Not only so, from Marquis Ling and Duke Xiao’s reactions, it seemed real, they were just twisting words and forcing logic.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded his head: “It’s indeed true, Marquis Ling took the secret token and went to find that army. What Prince Xiao said was also true, he headed to Ling Empire during the New Year and has arrived at an agreement with Nangong Yue, the both of them plans to take action during Prince Xiao’s wedding.”

At that time, everyone’s focus would be placed on the wedding banquet, who would focus on this matter?

Chen Feng looked at Qiao Tian Chang in shock: “Since you already know, why do you still allow them to do as they please?”

It seemed like they had already known long ago, but he still did not understand why they would allow the two families to remain.

”Why? It’s to catch them in one fell swoop, furthermore, it would give us a reason to send an army to Ling Empire. Isn’t it a good thing?” Towards the other unambitious empires, they could coexist peacefully, but not for Ling Empire.

Ling Empire had schemed against them over and over again, there was no way they would just let it go.

Chen Feng carefully gave some thoughts, he felt it would work out: “In that case, what should we do next?”


When the two of them were still discussing, Qing Xuan came in: “General, madam asked me to pass you this, it’s the latest news we received.”

Qiao Tian Chang accepted it and began reading, he sneered after reading it: “Nangong Yue is really not afraid of dying.”

”What do you mean?” Chen Feng was feeling doubtful and asked.

”The Prince of Ling Empire, Nangong Yue arrived at Xiao Empire a few days ago, he’s currently residing in Xiao Residence,” It was no wonder why Xiao Yi Lin would dare directly confront Xiao Qi Feng in the royal court, it seems that he had decided to cooperate with Nangong Yue.

It was also good, they could be eliminated together, saving from others prancing around when the time comes.

Chen Feng’s expression changed: “Duke Xiao is so daring?”

”Why won’t he dare?”

”We must immediately report this matter to the Emperor so he could be prepared.”

Qiao Tian Chang passed his token to Qing Xuan: “Take my token to the imperial palace to meet the Emperor, pass this to the Emperor, he will know what it means.”


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After Qing Xuan left, Chen Feng said angrily: “General, we must not let them off.”

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