Chapter 592: Open Your Eyes Widely And See

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”You all are a collective body, one person cannot represent the glory of a collective body. You might feel anxious for the class by what you said and saw, but, have you ever thought of the outcome?”

This kind of criticism was considered extremely light, it was no different from eating while giving instructions in the army.

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But to Ye Ying, as long as it’s because of Ye Jian, any form of criticism was considered and great humiliation for her, she was unable to accept it.


Her eyes became red and she immediately said: “Sorry, I was too anxious, I never thought of the outcome.”


”Don’t repeat it in the future, return to your team,” The instructor saw she had a good attitude when admitting her wrongs, she took the initiative to stand out, he didn’t have a bad impression of Ye Ying. He knew about the student with a ‘heart disease’ in the first class.


Ye Ying lowered her head and wiped her tears after returning to the team, she bit her lower lip as she tried to keep her spirits up. She would not admit defeat, she would absolutely not admit her wrongs to that damn girl, Ye Jian. She must endure it!


Ye Jian was not astonished by her actions, a smart person would immediately find what’s beneficial to them once they knew they were in the wrong. It was something ye Ying was good at.

The current Ye Ying was not worth her taking action, what about Ye Ying in the future? She would just wait and see.

The instructor instructed Ye Jian to stand by his side, he then blew the whistle at the whole class, he yelled: “Everyone! Listen to my command, align to the right!”

Under the fierce gazes of the four instructors, there was also Luo Ran pressed to the ground by the instructor and unable to move as an example, the students who almost got into a fight settled down, they lined up towards the right side. Although it did not look like a straight line when looked vertically and horizontally, they were still standing in a line.

”I’m able to understand that you all wish to obtain a ranking, everyone wants to obtain it, even us instructors want it! However, by dividing your collective body for the sake of ranking, it’s not trying to gain rankings, it’s obviously giving up on yourselves.”


”You all said the student who came last would drag you down. Come, instructor, call out those boys and girls who had the strongest opinions, I want to check on their results.”

”The student who first suggested it also stands out, since you can tell what is a good ‘at ease’ position, you must definitely do it well, join in.”

The army talks about true abilities, you can be haughty if you’re capable, but if you make a lot of noise without any capability, you would be kept on a tight leash! The army cannot be bothered about how you were before joining the army, the first thing you must do when joining the army is to be obedient!

If you’re not capable and not obedient, they would refine your skin and bones and make an honest person out of you!

They are unable to conduct brutal training to students, but they can make you open your eyes widely to see who is the one dragging the whole class down.

A total of ten people, six boys, and four girls stood out. Ye Ying stood under the scorching sun, compared to the other three girls who were feeling embarrassed and afraid, her body was quite straight.

Although she did not train every day with the whole class, she still participated in the marching early in the morning! Compared to that damn girl who had only trained for less than half an hour, heh, she did not believe she could win her!

Be back would naturally be straight due to her confidence, she even reminded the girl next to her with nestled shoulders: “I’m not afraid, why are you afraid? She has not even trained for a day, you have been training for four and a half days!”

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