Chapter 591: Never-Ending Evil Schemes

The instructor had a deep impression of Ye Jian. A student standing in front of him was like a soldier; he never had such an impression before.

A student being a soldier, unless she’s a student from a military school.

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The noisy scene had been completely suppressed after the few instructors appeared, the instructor took a step forward, he exuded a cold military might and had a cold expression, his sharp gaze swept all the student’s faces. Those who were making noises gradually disappeared; the whole place became silent.

”You all said that the student who joined last would drag down the whole class, right? Who is the one who first said it? The person who first said it, please step forward,” The instructor spoke after controlling the scene, his gaze was calm, but none of the students dared to look at him, his silent military might have deterred all the students.

At the same time, Ye Ying, who was standing by the side, shivered.

She did not step forward; she did not dare to. Why, why does everything not go according to her plans? Why would something always come up? This officer does not know Ye Jian, all the students were arguing because of Ye Jian, but why is he calling for her and not Ye Jian?

Her bad premonition was getting stronger and stronger. Ye Ying closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath, she then resolutely walked out step by step, “Instructor, I’m the one who said it. It’s because Ye Jian had just joined the team today, I couldn’t help but observe it from the side when resting.”

Ye Ying had an admirable trait; she would take the initiative to admit her wrongs. Once she notices that something was wrong, she would immediately stand out and accept her mistakes, she would not deny it and try to act smart to evade it.

Ye Jian also admired her because of that, since not everyone dared to admit their wrongs.

The instructor did not immediately lose his temper, but he looked at her with grim eyes and asked in a deep voice: “What are the original words? Can you repeat it for me?” They were a group of students, not real soldiers under him. He can’t beat and scold them; he could only educate them.

How he would educate would depend on the source of this collective chaos.

”I did not say anything else, the instructor asked Ye Jian to step forward, I only said that her ‘at ease’ posture was not right, it was not as good looking as other students. I even mentioned we would have a marching performance, we’ll obtain marks based on ranks, if someone did not do properly, the whole class would be dragged down,” Ye Ying repeated her words, her panicking heartbeat gradually calmed down. She did not say anything else, even if it’s for the sake of the class.

She did not say anything wrong; the instructors could not pick any fault from her words.

It was tough for others to pick faults with Ye Ying’s words, she had a high IQ, but it was under the condition she did not clash with Ye Jian, once she tries to find fault with Ye Jian, the person who would be embarrassed in the end would be herself. Ye Ying’s biggest problem was that she was unable to endure!

Yao Jing’s IQ was not as high as Ye Ying’s, but she was able to endure; she could slowly figure it out, unlike Ye Ying, who would jump out over the most straightforward matters.

The instructor saw the instructor nodding his head after he finished questioning, it proved that it was as what Ye Ying had mentioned.

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” student, you have a good starting point, but you should not comment before being fully aware of the situation,” The instructor was a man, although he had a delicate mind, he couldn’t tell what Ye Yong was thinking. However, he criticized: “Even if you saw something wrong, you should first report it to the instructor and not directly bring up your unfounded conclusion and talk about the glory of the whole class.”

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