Chapter 590: Ye Ying, You Have No Value For Her To Take Action

How to sort it out? She would naturally sort it out the way it should be sorted out.

Ye Jian slightly curled her lips when facing Ye Ying’s unbearable arrogance; there was indifference in between her brows as if she was getting prepared for a battle. Where her eyebrows had a seductive arc, it also displayed an impressive sharpness. 

”Do you know why I did not step out to stop them?” She looked at Ye Ying who was waiting for her to be out of luck, her smile was bright and threatening, “It’s because, the troublemaker is not me, it’s you.”

The army focuses on a team, a collective body; they cannot be divided or destroyed. However, Ye Ying had committed such a colossal mistake, but she was too self-opinionated. This Ye Ying is too inexperienced! So inexperienced that she did not wish to take action against her right now.

It was because she had no value for her to take action!

Ye Ying’s haughty expression was revealed a slight panic, she wanted to ask clearly, but she saw Ye Jian walking to the instructor’s side and said something, the instructor had nodded his head, he who had never smiled when he was giving out training not only curled his lips, he was smiling at Ye Jian.

The initially slight panic became more severe, not only did she start panicking, she even had a bad omen. Ye Jian, what is this damn girl trying to do? She had been in the army for less than two hours, how did she make the stern instructor smile?

Perhaps it was due to the hot weather, causing the boys and girls to be filled with anger. Ye Ying lit the fuse and ignited the flames in everyone’s hearts; they did not stop even when the instructor blew his whistle.

Although the other students from the other classes were ordered by their instructors to rest where they were, the curious ones still came over to join in the excitement.

Luo Ran was one of them, when he heard they were arguing because of Ye Ying, he also started to yell, “She has bad intentions to drag the whole class down. You bunch of fools have all been fooled by her!”

”Taking leave is equivalent to getting zero marks for military training. Ye Ying from your class has heart disease, she originally wanted to take leave, but she still came over because she was afraid that the marks from the military training would drag her down.”

”All of you bunch of fools, Ye Jian will also earn points when she joins in, she intentionally joined to pull down your rankings, understand! Bunch of fools!”

The political instructor directly waved his hand when he saw it; an unfamiliar instructor walked over; he did not say anything, and directly pressed Luo Ran to the ground.

He pressed the back of his head with one hand, from a direct perspective, Luo Ran’s facial features contorted while being pushed by the instructor.

”Hm-hm hm……” He still wanted to struggle, but he was unable to make any noise; his whole body was being pressed down and was unable to move!

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When that instructor took action, the other instructors separated the two groups of arguing students; he stared at the students who had no team spirit and directly explained over some disagreements, “Fools, what he said is true, you all are fools!”


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Ye Ying felt gleeful inside; even the instructor had said so, Ye Jian, you……

Before joy could be seen on her face, she heard another instructor yell: “It seems that teaching you all every day has been for naught! We tell you all about having team spirit every day. Everyone is tied to the same rope! Whoever intends to cut this rope is your true enemy!”


The joy completely vanished in an instant, why does she feel that the ‘true enemy’ the instructor said was referring to her?

Ye Jian shot a glance at her, she followed the instructor and walked towards the political instructor. Ye Ying had caused this matter, but for the sake of the entire group, she had to face it.

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